Saturday, October 31, 2009

PSS Course

Yucks, another course but this time we will not have it at PKG Tampin. It will be at Everly Resort Hotel, Malacca. High class la babe. The sad story is I will have to leave my chubby son for three days. I told him last night about it and he wanted to cry. Wah, he really loves me or he doesn't have someone to be bullied anymore. Anyway, I really don't like this course as there will be talk, talk and talk. I think I should buy a few magazines and sweets just to stand by if I feel sleepy. Actually, this is my second blog. I forget the password for the first blog. I think I should have my own blog now so I can write anything, not like PSS blog. I have to check my language as it is formal. Sometimes, I got jealous when I read my students' blog, especially Lisa's. She just expressed whatever she wanted to say. Well, I have to stop now.