Friday, April 30, 2010

My Ahmad

Today I took Ahmad to his school and fetched him. Asked his teacher about his performance at school. She told me that Ahmad didn't want to finish his work at school. When she asked him to write on the whiteboard, he refused. His teacher thought he didn't know how to write and I was the one who did his homework. I told her that Ahmad was different at home. I know Ahmad is a shy boy. When he sang infront of me, I asked him to do it in his class. He replied,"Ahmad malu." It's so difficult to explain. When I studied at kindergarten and primary school, I was like that. I was shy and quiet . I was not like what I am now. I still remember when I was in Standard 5 my mum took me, my second cousin, my brother and my sister to see this alim atuk (he had passed away) somewhere in Rembau. I forgot his name. He would touch our heads and read his pray. When it came to my turn, after finished reciting his pray, he looked at my mother and smiled. He said,"budak ni boleh tahan, mulut dia bising." Haiii...I was puzzled. How come this Atuk judged me like that. Now, I am like what he said. Back to my son. I think I will do something for him. If he is ok with my plan, I think he will change. takes time.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MISS THIS BLOG......'s so difficult to forget this blog. I miss it so much. I do have another blog but the excitement to express something is not same. It's like talking to a tree. So, I am back. Tomorrow, I don't have to go to school. Pn Soon had approved my cuti rehat. I really need a break. I can relax, watch tv, cook something special for my family, fuiyooo syoknye! The pity thing is all my friends will have makan besar (pot luck) at the staff room tomorrow. Chitra said that she will send something for me at home. No need laa, it's ok. I don't mind. All of them can eat the secret recipe cheese cake, the batik cake, the bihun and Geeta's vege food for me. But deep inside aa......uwaaaaaa!!!!Happy belated birthday to all my birthday friends including Geeta (April) and Mr Tan (January). I sang that song for both of them after meeting this evening but Ah Tan asked me to sing that song every time he's in the library. NO WAY!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi! This week was really bad. Yesterday, I nearly had an accident again. I didn't know how my foot slipped from the brake pedal and the worst was I couldn't find it. Lucky, I used the steering to control my car. Really, really lucky!!! It's like mati hidup semula. This will be my last post. The ones who read this blog, thank you so much. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad news. I don't feel the satisfaction of writing so I need another blog to express my views . I don't think it will be suitable for all. So, that's it.....bye! Take care.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lousy customers!

Business is not good this year. Only a few ordered photos. They want to buy dvd (Pesta Ponggal / Pesta Tahun Baru Cina movie). The problem is Ainul and Yusrizal don't know how to do it. Haiiii...and then apple for teachers' day. Only a few ordered the apples. They said,"mahal lah". Use your brain laa. It's not Chinese New Year that you can buy a box of oranges in a very good price. RM1.50 is cheap what. The cost of an average apple is around 70 cents, we will wrap it (the plastic), tie it up (the ribbon), write the message ( the A4 paper) and deliver it (the sweat) to the teacher or friend. They should consider all these. At least, for one apple the PSS can get 50 cents profit. If I want to think of the profit only, I will just paste the message on the apple (like "of Bunga Telur and Bally shoes" Form 1 short story). I should follow my instinct. Sell cup cake. Christopher volunteered to bake the cakes but I don't want to burden him. One more thing, Pn. Rohana didn't allow us to use ERT room, so where to do it. My parents' house, the students will feel shy. I think I will learn how to bake the cake first from my sister, so next year I will ask a few librarians to come to my house and we will do it together or the easy way, just order the cakes from any bakery and take the commission. The price......the students will still say "mahal lah". If you want something cheap. DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Behind the skirting....

I don't know how to tell about this one. A boy did something bad in the library during his class. His teacher saw what he did and she was very angry. Then when I came back, she told me about it. I was so mad. I wanted to tell Miss Tan but she asked me to give that boy one more chance. I kept looking at him. I think he knew that I know what he did. He looked down. Rasa bersalah lah tu. Haiii...if he wants to do it, do it at home. Don't do it here and don't use your friend's tut. Is he gay? He will infuence his innocent friends to do it. It's so terrible.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Today I helped Kak Tengku giving her ideas on how to upgrade her Bilik Gerakan. Cikgu Aziz did not satisfy with her room and said bad things to her. When she told me the story yesterday, she cried because she was so sad. I went to see him today to inform that the librarians(except Form 5) will help the teachers to clean up Bilik Gerakan, Pusat Akses and Perpustakaan this Wednesday. He knew that I did not like his way, scolding my friends but he said that sometimes we have to use harsh words to make the teachers wake up and do their duty. No comment! Now about my son, Ahmad. I don't think Ahmad is a slow learner but we must know how to make him understand. Like Maths, he solved the questions so fast because of his understanding. Only his writing, now I teach him the simple way on how to write G, d, m, N, n. He knows how to write the letters but "tak cantik". Last time, I taught him the letters r, h, T, I and y. He's ok with me. I did raise my voice sometimes(like teaching my Remove students) and at first he didn't like it but my opera voice made him to understand it faster. I don't want to compare him with his friends. May be some of his friends can read now. Who cares? When he was 1 year and 8 months old, a neurologist specialist(Hospital Seremban) did check his IQ. She asked Ahmad to draw circle and vertical line. He did both. She told me that he was like a 4 year old kid. I want Ahmad to enjoy his life as a kid. He is just 6 years old (Even, Albert Einstein was considered a fool at school). Let him play more, study less. The time will come when he really needs to focus on his study and I will make sure of that. But if he is still not doing well in his study, I won't blame him. May be he has a special gift.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Haiiii....yesterday, Lisa sent me a message about Adi. She's really angry with this boy and many teachers at school don't like him. He is sarcastic and arrogant. He likes to give bad comments about something. What Lisa said is true, he has to change. He told me that he was bullied at his former school that's why he left that school. May be because of his big mouth, the students didn't like it so they hit him. He helps me a lot at school, I really appreciate it but I think I cannot accept his attitude. He doesn't want to accept my advice. He said if the teachers do not satisfy with him, meet him face to face not through me. Now, let him do his work and he still can ask me if he has any problems but to be nice to this boy is zero. Sometimes I don't understand with this student. If he thinks he is so good at computer or technical things, he should think that they are other people who are better than him. No need to be arrogant, it's nothing to be proud of.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is my life now!

Sometimes, I don't feel to go to work. Have to face the same things, the same persons, the same place and the same food! I told my mum last time that I want to retire early but she said no. I don't know. I love teaching but I need something new. Oh ya about facebook. The students said that I should have my own facebook. I don't want to. Last year my old schoolmates, especially my group RRPG tried to find me. They thought I was still in Perak. All of them wanted to see me. One of them called the operator to get help. They were shocked to find out that I am here. Haii...I have my family now. My father, mum, son and hubby are my friends. I am used to that situation. After getting married, my world is with my husband. My friends did call me during my early year of marriage(they were single at that time) but when they wanted to see me, my husband said "no". Only last year, my husband gave me a chance to see my group. I was happy but I don't think we can be like what we were before. I feel weird if I walk without my husband(except at school). Last year, I went out with my colleagues(Chitra, Farain, Kak Ani and GSTT teachers) but only for three, four hours. I cannot leave my family for too long. May be that's why I don't need facebook. Blog is different. It's like I am talking with someone. I feel relax. Some of the things that I wrote in my blog (especially my teenage life), my family doesn't know about it. I don't know how to tell them. That's why, the comments that I got, I never reply. I just need someone to share it, not to discuss.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last night I watched football with my husband, N.Sembilan (Hobin Jang Hobin) vs Kedah. I was so excited that I sent sms to a few persons to make sure they support my team. Haiii....while watching the match, my eldest sister had a fight with her daughter. I couldn't focus on what I was watching because my ears wanted to hear what was it about. When I went to the bathroom, I heard my neighbour pom pang pom pang with his son(another fight). I really lost interest to watch it. I gave you one formula of my situation last night:

My sister's fight + football match + My neighbour's fight = Mambang mabuk minum brandi!
(taken from Pendekar Bujang Lapok's quotation)

Betul-betul kacau. Next time, if they want to fight, choose the correct time! Nasib baik HJH monang! Hidup Nogori!

Thank you God

We went to Mahkota Parade today. Need to buy a few woman's stuff. I know my husband and I had to be thrifty because of our new house. No more new clothes, new shoes, bla, bla, bla.....but last Thursday, I got a cheque babe (I paid extra for my income tax). Ok lah . It means I can go shopping, so that's what I did today. Sometimes, I think I am the most lucky person when it comes to my wish. Except to have babies, that's special case. I can accept it. The rest, just make a wish and I will get it. I am really grateful to God for everything that I have. My colleague, Kak Ta was worried thinking of her umrah. I told her that I miss Mecca so much. She asked me whether I was tested by God there. I told her that my first umrah, I got high fever. A very high fever. I couldn't get up. My mother was so worried and sad because we had to leave Mecca on the next day. I just thought of death. I didn't think of anything else but when my mum wiped my body with zam zam water, kept saying that I would get well and we would leave Mecca together, I was so touched. I remembered my promise to take care of my parents. Then, I don't know how I could get up and went to Masjidil Haram on the next day. My husband went to do his tawaf widak and left me alone (I got my period at that time). I was not scared at all because I know God would protect me. Then, I went to one place which I could see Kaabah from there. Suddenly I felt to throw up. A few Badwi women came to help me. One of them put her cloth so that my clothes would not get dirty. Another person rubbed my back. I did not know them but after that I felt quite ok and they kissed my cheek before they left. The second umrah was the best. I got everything that I want but my son, Ahmad, he always made me angry and sad. I just kept quiet or cried. I thought he didn't love me any more and I just prayed to God for his safety and his health. When we reached Malaysia, that night I got back my son. He hugged and kissed me. I told Kak Ta, I really miss Mecca and one day I will go there again to perform Hajj or may be one day I will live there. May God fulfil my wish. Amin!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad experience!

I did go to TBS when I studied form 6 but only for 2 months or 3 months, I don't remember. I was in 6 Rendah Sains 1( the first Science class la). It was in 1988. Waah so long. I just went there because my parents asked me too. It was a very social school. I got culture shock there. I did not wear tudung and hid my glasses inside my pocket(could not afford contact lenses at that time). Haiii...I didn't have many friends in my class, but I had many friends in 6 Sastera. They would wait for me and we would have breakfast together at the canteen. The boys were so rough, I mean the Malay boys. I was a bit scared of them but at school, the lower six boys would not dare to disturb me. The upper six boys took care of me. All because of my brother(now he's a judge). They knew my brother, so I was safe. There was one scary incident. One lower 6 boy told me that he would wait for me after school (the tongong one). I told him that my father would fetch me but what happened was my father didn't come. I didn't like to ride a bus, so I just walked with a friend. This tongong boy came with his group and started teasing me. He wanted to carry my bag. He tried to pull my bag but I didn't let it. We were like tarik tali. Nobody helped me at that time even my friend, she also scared to help me. Then, this group blocked my way. It means I had to follow their way. I was so lucky when we reached the recreational park, a few abang form 6 were already there. So, all the tongong boys left me and my friend. Haii...then when I got the offer to go to UIAM, I accepted it with all my heart as long as I could leave this school.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sampainya hatimu!!!

Yesterday my husband told me that my school got the second place in Kejohanan Olahraga. I was so happy.Waaaah! This morning I saw Farain and told her the good news. I told her that we beat TBS. My husband's school, SMK Dato Taha got the third place. "Eh, betulke?", she kept asking me and I said "yalah, my husband told me." During recess, I saw Uges and pretended to scold him. I said, "See, because of the 5 medals that our school got, we have to become the host next year." He looked at me with his tired face and said, "Teacher, we just got 1 gold medal."
Hairan bin Ajaib. I asked him again,"We got the second place right and we beat TBS this time". He looked at me and showed his 8 fingers to me. Haaa! Alamak, aku tertipu. I don't know whether Farain has told other teachers about this one, but until now I haven't called Farain to tell her the truth. Sorry le, my husband just made up the story to tease me. Haiii, I know my school is not good compare to his school but this is the school I like most. The students are naughty and their results also are not that good. As long as they do not burden their parents when they finish schooling...... it's ok with me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi! It's about Adi, my new librarian. Ok, he's Dr Hamdan's son. He's not like other students. He has his own principle and view. Not many teachers like him even Pn. Soon did scold him once. People will think that his father is a doctor that's why he's like that. At first, I had the same thought then....He is very independent. He's not the pampered type. I think I have to accept him as he is. We cannot change him. I know not all people can accept him but WE NEED THIS KIND OF STUDENT. He is damn good at computer. Computer is like his twin. I don't know other subjects. I never ask him.

Monday, April 5, 2010

H1N1 vaccine

So frustrated. The health minister asked us to go to any 104 Health Centres that provide H1N1 vaccine but he didn't give the list. I had to find it myself. Got the list already and I called the one who's incharged. The problem is the vaccine is only for 18-65 years old. It means my parents and my son cannot be vaccinated. I asked her if they do it at any private hospital, will they get the vaccine? Her answer is NO. That is the rule, only 18-65 years old. If the health centre gives it to someone not from the age range, may be that person will get health complication. Risky babe.....

Further information:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did not go to school this morning. Had to take a leave, Ahmad had fever. Now, he's ok but I still have to check his temperature. I have headache, may be I didn't have a good sleep last night. Every four hours I had to check him. I am so scared of H1N1. My son had asthma and pneumonia last time. H1N1 is the killer disease. Just pray that anyone I know and love won't get it. Take care.........

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ahmad's performance and my father's birthday

Both of them are more important than my life (my father and Ahmad). My father is the most caring dad. He's my protector. He never hit me. Even when my mother tried to hit me, I would hide behind him. When I argued with my mum, he would become the middleman. I did get a bad result once when I was in primary school, I didn't show my mum the report card because I was so scared. Scolding and nagging, no problem but caning(the belt or the twig) fuihh....When she was not at home, I showed it to my father. He was angry but he asked me to do well next time. No pressure at all. Now, he is 76 years old. He still helps me when I have problem. Took my son to school and fetched him, took me to the clinic when my husband's not around, checked me in my room if I was not well. He is like my right wing and my mother is my left wing. That's why I call them, my angel. I cannot be like what I am now without them. May God bless my angel.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ahmad and Jawi

Hi! Just taught my son reading and Maths. Ahmad, he is good at Maths but he doesn't like Jawi. The problem is I'm not good at it too. Mathematics and language, I have no problem. I can read Jawi but the written one is not good compare to my husband. The biggest problem is he doesn't want to learn Muqaddam. Before this, I thought to send him to learn piano with Yap Ying Hui's mother but my husband said no. All because he doesn't want to "mengaji'. He doesn't want Ustaz Hasnizi to teach him. May be that Ustaz is too fierce!!!Haiii...Ahmad is more like me. Sometimes, I prefer if he is like my husband. Ahmad is like my reflection. My husband asked me to show a good example to him but how? Speak softly, walk slowly, don't laugh too loud..... haii.... I don't want my boy to become "akua"(I learned it from my Remove students)....daaaa.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ahmad, Ahmad....

My son cut his own hair! Yesterday my husband bought scissors for him. He wanted to learn from Hakimi (the boy next door) on how to make a kite. Yalah, then he did something else. I don't know what his teachers will say but he is still a child, what do we expect! Lucky he just cut his hair not his tut........