Friday, April 2, 2010

Ahmad and Jawi

Hi! Just taught my son reading and Maths. Ahmad, he is good at Maths but he doesn't like Jawi. The problem is I'm not good at it too. Mathematics and language, I have no problem. I can read Jawi but the written one is not good compare to my husband. The biggest problem is he doesn't want to learn Muqaddam. Before this, I thought to send him to learn piano with Yap Ying Hui's mother but my husband said no. All because he doesn't want to "mengaji'. He doesn't want Ustaz Hasnizi to teach him. May be that Ustaz is too fierce!!!Haiii...Ahmad is more like me. Sometimes, I prefer if he is like my husband. Ahmad is like my reflection. My husband asked me to show a good example to him but how? Speak softly, walk slowly, don't laugh too loud..... haii.... I don't want my boy to become "akua"(I learned it from my Remove students)....daaaa.

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