Thursday, September 30, 2010

New life

Hi....I really miss my blog. I have a different lifestyle now. 50% career woman and 50% housewife. Last time I had a maid to help me, now on my own. Lucky, my husband helped me a lot. Especially the launder part. Cooking, no problem but now I am busy checking my students' paper so goreng-goreng ajelah ye. Neighbours, only 3 persons are nice to me. The imam's wife (kak Midah), Prem (he just finished his UPSR) and Nyonya grandma (behind my house/ not in the same taman). Really 1 Malaysia. Nyonya grandma was so nice. She reminded me of Chik in Kelantan. She's from Malacca so that's why she could speak B.Melayu very well. I told her that I was scared living in this place. She asked me not to worry. It takes time to adapt to a new place. She told me about her children and her chickens. I just chat with her as the rest of her family, just pretend that my family does not exist. Is it because of our house or is it because we are Malay? Haiii...never mind. Jamuan Hari Raya, I had it on the third hari raya. More than 100 guests came. I just invited my relatives and the neighbours. My friends, may be at the end of October, I will invite them. Everybody is busy so that will be the correct time. Jamuan for my librarians, cancel. But I don't have the heart not to give my Form 5 librarians a treat. So, all the 18 librarians plus Ngai will have their nasi ayam at the canteen during recess tomorrow. Just want them to be happy. It's their last year here....There's someone that I am worried. He's doing his SPM trial now. Just hope he will do it well.