Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hi! This will be my last post. I don't feel comfortable anymore. One boy asked me about my backpain. How did he know about it? So far, only three ex students know about my blog but I don't think the two girls. They can keep a BIG SECRET. Only one person....hiiii. Never mind, so all of you bye!bye! and take care.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hi, don't want to say any comments about my family gathering. Just want to make my parents happy to see his children caring to each other, especially my father. Well, he is the only child in his family that's why he always told me that I must love my siblings. Don't fight them. They are my closed family. Yes, I will remember it. As the youngest one, I must respect them no matter who they are. Hii.... next week no more open house, no more free satay (more tasty than the ones we paid), no more chicken rendang (although some of the chickens were a bit hard), no more soto (I wonder why I don't like to eat it anymore), etc, etc, etc..... I have to wait for another year to have this wonderful meals again. About my birthday, thank you to the students who wished me, especially 3A (they sang me a birthday song when I entered the class). Of course Puan Soon who was not at school but never forgot to wish me. Thank you to my only niece (Jijah)who sent me SMS, wishing me Happy Birthday and my chubby sister, Kak Lang. Oh ya, to my husband and my son, thanks for the birthday kiss and the cake. Oh my God, it was like I won a Grammy Award trophy. There is another boy in my school who shares the same date. I don't know his name but he is Form 5. So, Happy Birthday to the 23 September borners. Hiii..makin tua le

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lu, apahal?

Yahoo...I managed to cook fried mee last Saturday and it was a success. Thanks to my sifu, Kak Nani (love you). This Saturday, a family gathering at our house. No open house this year. Just for my parents, siblings, my in-laws, nephews, nieces and my vogue grandma, Che Iyah. Alamak, I forgot this name in my list. My Ustazah mengaji, Jameah @ Cik Pon. I will call her tomorrow. The menu, hot fried chicken, beef curry (my dearest kak lang will help me), sambal udang petai (gua masak lu makan) and fried cabbage+carrot. My best friend, Farain sponsored a big water melon while my mom, karipap pusing. Toche! Toche! The drink, of course "ekor ayam jantan" (cocktail le). AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Actually, today was the most dreadful day in my life. All about my son. I was so sad that I cried in my car, in front of my parents and at home. Luckily, I did not cry during my PSS meeting at PKG. I knew how to control my emotion but it was like a bomb waiting to explode in my chest. I AM NOT A GOOD MOTHER. It is so sad to accept that fact but that it is. I don't know.. I really need support from someone but...hiii. I really don't know what to do. Good, bad, stupid or smart...he is still my boy. I won't leave him. God will help me to go through with all this. He is so young. He will become somebody, who knows....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi! Someone from Home Tuition Care had called me last Wednesday. Settled my son's tuition problem. Many Malay students want to become Resource Centre Prefects. No Chinese and no Indians. There are a few Chinese girls in 3B that I like especially Pang Jia Yee but she never asked. Miss Tan did ask me to give her the chance. May be I will ask her later. Photographers, I have Yong Kah Yin and Woan Shin to help me but I need one boy to help me. The problem is the only boy who is interested to become a photographer is the one who has disciplined problem. Actually I didn't want him to become the photographer but I tested his skill already and it's not bad. He told me that he came to the library a few times but I was not around. My instinct said I cannot trust this boy but my brain said he's good at taking photo, so I need his help. Hiii...I don't trust my instinct anymore. Last time I always listened to my instinct. Never mind la..as long as he does a good work...no problem.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Need a TUTOR to teach our seven year old boy

Subjects: B Melayu, B.Inggeris, Science and Mathematics

Time: 3.30 p.m until 5.30 p.m (Saturday and Sunday)

Area : Pulau Sebang (near Tampin)

Language spoken: Preferred English but B. Melayu still ok lah

Must have own transport.

If you are interested, do contact us 013-6528823

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hi! I am back. I had extra class with my students yesterday. They were ok and I think a few of them can get A (Foo, Chan, Abilashini and Yap). The rest, I think they can get B. Only 12 students turned up including Mr Cool, Ng Kok Soon. It's better like that so I could focus more on them. That Chan pot, pet, pot, pet non-stop talking. He's so cute but when he starts speaking, he's worse than a woman. But his English, superb. I love reading his essay. It's from his heart. I really, really hope he can get A in PMR. 29 September will be Pn. Soon's retirement day. She's like my backbone. I know some of the teachers don't like her but she knows very well on how I work. I don't feel any pressure when I do my PSS work. Gave her keropok (from Trengganu) for the first time as it will be her last month in my school. Every year I will lose someone special. Have to accept it. Need to be pysically and mentally strong. Now, about my husband. Last Thursday, we went to our neighbour's house. His wife cooked mee curry for the guests. At home, my husband asked me to learn cooking fried mee. He already knew that my fried mee was terrible and I feel miserable thinking of it, even my son didn't want to eat it. I was so angry that I reminded him that before we got married, I had told him that I was not good at cooking. He said that it was just a small matter, he would help me to cook. Hiii...after 15 years now, he is asking me to learn how to cook fried mee. May be, I will ask kak Nani to give me the recipe on how to cook fried mee. Simple but tasty. I am not good on handy work but I will try again, again and again until I am satisfied. So, my husband will become my experiment to taste my wonderful fried mee. Oh ya about my birthday, there are two students in this school share the same date with me. They are Steven and Pavitra. Steven is the real Libra. Happy go lucky type whereas Pavitra is more to Virgo, sensitive and decent. I am the combination of both of them. May be three of us will celebrate it at the canteen (or only Steven and I because I don't think that girl wants to celebrate it with us, not her style).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

Hi! One more week to go before we can celebrate our Hari Raya...best. What is so special about Hari Raya...well, I love the food. Rendang, nasi dagang, lontong, mee curry....syoknya raya. Yah, the food. If small kids they just think of the ang pow they will get. I thought to buy kebaya nyonya this year. It has been months I haven't worn my kebaya. Just want to look pretty in the raya morning. My husband didn't like my idea. Hiii..this guy said that he preferred me not to wear any thing. He's still the same guy that I have married for 15 years. Always said the same thing. May be when I am 60 years old, he will look at me differently but I hope not. I almost finish my school work. My kuih raya tunjuk-tunjuk are ready. So lazy to bake cookies this year. Bought some for my mother and my mother in law. This Sunday we'll go back to Kelantan. Please pray for our safe journey. Bye and take care.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lailatul Qadar

Hi! Today I feel better. Last night I slept at 12 o'clock (finished my SAP) and got up at 4.15 to prepare some food for sahur. I was like zombie at school. Really sleepy. What is our topic tonight, oh ya Lailatul Qadar. Before that, I must get back my old self. I hate my bad temper. I made a big mistake to my new friend this month. I apologised to her already but I felt so embarrased. I don't like my attitude. I should change. I was not the cool person like before. I felt terrible. So, this Ramadhan I will try to change. Better silent than say something that can hurt someone's feeling. It is so easy to hurt people with my words but I felt so bad after that. Now about Lailatul Qadar. How to say this? I had that experience when I was in my third year. The night, I forgot (May be 23 or 25 Ramadhan). Our hostel was U shape. My room was the last one whereas the study room was the first room. I went to the study room at 12 something, alone. Need to study for the exam. When I reached that room, I saw a few students studying. Then. the girls said something that it might be lailatul Qadar night. I just didn't bother. I didn't think I could get it because I was not that good. Wearing jeans all the time, just did the compulsory ones only (praying and fasting). They left me alone. I continued studying. After one hour or two, suddenly I felt that the room was full with people. I turned around but nobody there. I heard the sound of buzzing. So noisy. I was so scared that I ran away. From the study room , I ran like a crazy woman to my room. I did hit a few doors while running. Now, my hands are getting cold. It is atill a trauma to me when I remember it. I reached my room. Straightaway I went to my bed, shivering. I took my blanket and covered my body. Every body was sleeping. Then, I felt to urinate. I didn't want to go to the toilet because I was so scared that the water will be frozen. I couldn't bear it anymore, I just prayed to God. If the water was frozen, I would be dead. I was so happy to find out it was not frozen. When I washed my hands, I told myself it was a waste if I just slept. So, I took my ablution (air sembahyang) and performed solat hajat. After praying, I tried to wake up my room mates. I wanted to ask them to perform solat on that barokah night but nobody got up. I couldn't sleep so I read Quran until Suboh prayer. Then, I slept. When they performed their Suboh prayer, I told them it was lailatul Qadar that night. One girl said," Oghe mace kak lela mano boleh dapat lailatul Qadar." I just kept quiet. May be God wanted to show them, after Suboh the sky was so bright and cool at the same time. It was like the sky was open for the angels to go back. When the girls came back to the room, they said, "betullah, malam tadi malam lailatul Qadar." I just thank to God for letting me to go through with it although I will get cold feet when I remember that night. Until today, I don't know why God chose me to have that experience. May be I was so sure that I wouldn't get Lailatul Qadar and because of that I got it. Do you want to know my three wishes? They're dot...dot...dot.... sorry, my secret with my God, Allah. I think the buzzing sound that I heard was zikr from the angels. Just believe in God. Bye...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Really, really crazy. This SAP system really. really hansap (correct or not my spelling, who cares?). Hiii...just think of the never-ending work really makes me want to vomit. After the English Course, Minggu PSS and Khemah Membaca. Last week PMR Trial. Now,preparation for the PSS penggredan. So far, I am satisfied with my work but I am totally exhausted. Early this month, I lost a good friend, Kg. Baru teacher, Cikgu Muazir. I went to visit him at Hospital Selayang last month (during my English course). My husband took me there. He still could smile at me. I had the feeling it would be his last smile. I knew him in 2009 and he was also a PSS teacher like me. It was so sad when you think of someone who was good to you and suddenly he was not there anymore. My father is also not that well. I am so scared of losing him. Some of the students think I am a very tough woman. This afternoon one Indian boy asked me to help him. A few Indian boys wanted to hit him. I had to show my face at the corridor then they left him alone. I am scared, yalah but I had to help him. I think students' discipline is getting worse. Need a very stict principal to control the school.........

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Come...fall in love

Hi! It has been so long not to update my blog. Lots of work to do but I enjoy my work. I am watching Dilwale Duhaniya le Jayenge. I have watched it so many times but who cares. I love the story so much. Every time I watch the movie, I will cry. Ha! Ha! Ha! A bit jiwang right. During my English Course last time, the facilitator did ask me how many times I have fallen in love. I told him three. Who are they? Sorry, I won't share it with you. Only God knows the answer. Tell you the truth, the feeling of in love is so beautiful. I am like on the top of the world when I am in love. I can do anything. It is like someone is standing behind me and said "You can do it. Don't worry. I'll help you". I am not scared to move forward because I know that person will support me. Beautiful right.....My husband, yah..he's one of them. He is my guardian angel. He is the most wonderful person that I have fallen in love. Oh ya, Mr Tan did tell me that CCT's drama will be on air this Tuesday. I am happy to hear that. I want to watch but the problem is, it is a fasting month and I have to sleep early. I told my mother about his drama. She wanted to watch but when i said it's Chinese drama, she just said, "Apo tak berlakon drama Melayu". Hiiii....I don't know. It's hard for me to say this but someone had told me something about him last year that made me not to trust him. But all the best to him. Bye..happy fasting to all muslims and take care.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hi! Just want to share Ahmad's mid-year exam result. He got 1A (science), 1B (English)and 2C (Maths and BM). I was surprised because I never thought he could get A for any subjects. He never passed when he was in kindergarten. He even got 0 for certain subjects (If I am not mistaken, it was Pendidikan Moral). I was so happy showing my son's report card to other mothers. I know his result was not as good as their children's result but this is Ahmad. The one that the teachers' said should join Pendidikan Khas. A few teachers (his teachers) were so mean to me early this year. They asked me so many things about Ahmad. I did not cry in front of them but I did cry when I was in my car. It was really a great pressure to me. I wanted to proof to them that my son was not stupid as what they think. People should not judge his IQ by listening to his speech only(stammer and "pelat")but they should hear his answer. Then, we know this boy can think very smart. Thank you God for listening to my pray. Now, about my backpain. It's quite ok. Less painful. My father massaged me using his bamboo twice(he heated the bamboo first). Fuhh..it was like someone burned your back but I still felt the pain after the massages. Then, my husband took me to the hot spring at Chengkau. After bathing, suddenly I could not lift my right hand. Slowly, my husband massaged my back, especially my shoulder. It was like magic. I was ok since then. I felt great. I was so grateful to the owner of the hot spring. Only God can reward his kindness to allow us to bathe there without paying anything.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Attention to all wives!

Hi! I just want to share my opinion to all the married ladies out there. This is about Kelab Taat Suami. The President said that we must serve our husband like a first class hooker. I read many bad comments about it. They did not agree with it. They gave one Rasul's sunnah but I think they did not understand the sunnah. They were so narrow minded. Guys are different. They want their wives to cover the aurat but at the same time they look at the sexy women. What they say is different with what they think or want. It is very good to cover our aurat but please don't wear your jubah or long maxi at home. Be different or act different at home. Remember one story, a woman could enter paradise all because she must get her husband's permission first before doing something, always waited for her husband with her sexy dress and had a cane in her hand. A cane if she did something wrong so her husband could punish her and about the sexy dress, you know the reason for it. They should use this story to advise the wives out there. Even Fadzilah Kamsah (the famous motivator) said something about bathing together and our Ustazah Bahiyah said about cakar harimau massage. We should implement them. A man not only want a beautiful woman in his life, they want someone who can satisfy them. That's the most important thing. If not, Prince Charles wouldn't divorce Princess Diana, a very beautiful and young woman. He dumped Diana and replaced her with his first lover, the old Camilla(Now, she is his wife). So, please ladies, it's ok to become a good wife outside but at home, you must be a "naughty" wife. May God bless all of us. Bye!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lots of things to tell you.....

Hi! Just returned from Beijing last Tuesday. My first impression, I hate China. All because of the toilets. So smelly. Luckily,my husband carried an empty bottle anywhere we went. I could not enjoy the beauty of the palace because I didn't have enough sleep. I was like uggh, what's so special about China. The next day, it was like I woke up from my sleep and I had a very clear picture about the place and the people. Well, the people are not bad. Some of them are very handsome and pretty especially the Muslim ones. I really admired their skin, very fair and smooth. They have a stern look but when we smiled, they would smile back at us. Not like our Malaysian Chinese, many of them look so arrogant. I don't know, may be I met most of the people in China the good ones. They loved my son. He got a jade as a gift from one of the managers there. Now about shopping experience. If you want to buy things, better buy from the street hawkers. Although they keep forcing you to buy their things, it's still ok. If you know how to bargain, you can buy many things from them. A few of them are very old but vey honest. They will return the balance although you don't have the heart to take the money. You will think the things that the old hawkers sell are very cheap. When you go shopping at the market make sure you really, really lower the price. It's like they give you 70% discount or more. I also got bad news there. I went to have a free foot massage and this person (they call him professor) told me something about my backpain. He said that I will get stroke one day and asked me to have a treatment there. I asked him why my fingers were numbed sometimes. He just answered, that's the early symptom. He told me that my back had a bloodclot already and it was bad. Last time an old woman told me that I will become paralysed one day and now "stroke". I was sad but the boy who massaged me was very naughty. Not only massaged my feet, he also massaged my head, my shoulder and my back. I had to close my hands to my body so that he could not touch the front side. He told me that he could massage me better without my tudung. I told him that I couldn't take it off. My husband said,"Apasal dia urut awak lebih-lebih". May be that boy heard what the professor had said and he tried to help me. Think positive ok! I think I will come back to China....I don't know when. My husband is worried about me and he doesn't mind to take me there again to have that treatment. I am scared. I cannot imagine what will happen to me in the future but for the time being, just stay cool and be happy. It's like everything will be ok. InsyaAllah. One more thing. It's about Nur kasih the movie. I haven't watched it and I don't want to watch it. It's sad ending and I don't think I can accept it. Bye and take care ok.....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day

Hi! My lucky day today. Got a present from Pn. Soon. I don't think that I deserve to get it this year but as old people said,"rezeki jgn. ditolak, bala jangan dicari". Thank you so much...it's so lovely. Lisa, our SMKTI Sweetheart, thanks for the Happy Teachers' Day cake. I love it, so did the teachers. It was so damn good. I had to read her card in front of all teachers, all because of Pn. Soon left her glasses in her room. No problem babe. I thought she had forgotten her teachers here but she is still our sweet Lisa Teo. Farain, Azizi, Hidayat and Azizi came to school today. So proud to see all of them. But there's someone in my mind, CCT. He didn't wish me this year. May be he's so busy with his work as a supervisor. I don't know what is in his mind. Mr Tan kept asking me to advise him. I think it's ok if he wants to work, he's not a study type. But when I think it over, he is just wasting his time by working. He should take any course that he likes, let say "ICT". Just take that course. Get a degree or at least diploma first. He will get a better payment. As a SPM holder, he will only get around RM1000 ( I think that's the maximum he can get). I don't know but I don't like people to bully him or use him. I know he enjoys doing his work but please think of the payment. He should think of the long term. Haiii....he will grow up one day, hopefully.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bacalah, bacalah mari membaca

Hi! I think someone unwanted reading my blog but it's ok. I have problem with my eyes,not only long-sighted but also short-sighted now. I just realized it last Saturday. Need to check my glasses. Yalah, at this age you will face this kind of problem. I love eating now. I ate a lot at the canteen. After eating the rice with all the lauk, I would order something else. Not to mention, the food inside my fridge. I love eating cakes and last time I bought durian cheese cake at Secret Recipe. Yummee, yummee, yummee...lucky my metabolism is still high, if not I will become fat. When I told my pupils that I am 41, they did not believe it. They said I looked like 30 something. Ouch, that's old. My beloved husband said I look like 25. Love you hubby. Muaah. I always want to look young in front of my husband. He always makes me happy. Not that he's a joker( he is not good at it) but he always be by my side. I am not good at certain things but he always helps me out. He completes my life.... he makes my life perfect. We are different but our difference make us a perfect couple. May be after 15 years of marriage, both of us can accept as who we are. I will cover his weakness and he will cover mine. We help each other. I am so grateful to God for giving me a very good husband. God did say,"If you are a good woman, you deserve to get a good husband. If you are bad, you will get that type of person to share your life!" I think I sound like a marriage counsellor now. So....bye

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hi! Don't know how to start. It has been so long.......so many unexpected things happened. My life is not same like before but I am so happy with my life now. I got back my old self. It some sort "Nobody can stop me. I will do anything that I think it is right". I don't know how I managed to do it but I am really proud of myself now.Puan Soon becomes my menthor. She really supports my work. A lot of work waiting at school but I am happy. Always think positive and be helpful. I love all the pupils at school. Taiko or not, they are my friends. I have Koo Siang Lam who really cares about me. He always said," Cakap siapa kacau lu, saya kasi hantam". The Choral Speaking team that I coached got the third place in the district. It's really a hard work to teach them pronunciation. 35 pupils with different races and attitudes. The boys wanted it to be like this while the girls wanted it to be like that, fuuuuih. The Malay girls didn't want to stand next to the Chinese girls (I really, really scolded the girls, what's wrong with them?) Got gatal sms from a very old man. He taught my uncle who has already retired. Can you imagine how old he is. I never replied his message and never answered his calls. My husband was so angry at him......but now everything is ok. My problem now is my darling, Ahmad. I went to see the headmistress last Friday. She praised my son. I told her that I am so proud of my son. He has problem with his speech (stammer/gagap and pelat) but that never stop him to throw out his voice in his class or anywhere. I pray to God that one day my son can speak well but if he still has that problem, who cares....he is still my son. He is not the only one in this world who has that problem. Bye.......

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So damn tired. Tired! Tired! Tired and tired. Don't know how to say it but I am so tired. My colleagues are the best. They worked hard to fulfill someone's crazy idea. But I have to admit that I got benefit from this project. The BBM room is superb. Bilik APD, library and Bilik Gerakan have airconds. Not forget to mention the sliding windows. Soon, we will have new curtains and skirtings for the library, Pusat Akses and Makmal komputer. Toche! Toche! Toche! I love my 3A librarians (Shin, Ying, Tan, Steven and one more girl- sorry I forget her name), they were so cool. Felt to hug all of them (including Steven) today. I didn't make the wrong choice. They did not mind when Pn.Soon scolded them this morning. Pn. Rohana was absent, so they wanted to go to the library to help me but this nyonya said that they must stay in their class. Ada ka patut? But these girls answered her back. Aiyaa, these girls are very smart. She should not worry about them. She should thank them for being so helpful. If there's a teacher in their class, I will make sure they do not miss their p&p. A few 2A librarians did help me. Oh yes. I did ask all the 5PA macho boys to help Pn. Zana to put tikar getah at BBM room and arrange the things like cupboards, books, old machine, computer, etc. They were so good especially Wong. I will give him a treat later (that's my promise). Thanks for the wonderful work...I really appreciate it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi!sorry for being a bit emotional yesterday. May be because of the hormone changes...Lots of work to do. At school, at home...sometimes I feel to run away from all these but hey this is my challenge. Must face it only I have to take a deep breath when something unexpected happened. Fuuuh!!!lucky I have Christopher, Zainul and Haq to help me at the library.They were my ex pupils.Christopher helped me a lot. He painted the wall. He didn't want to take his lunch although I forced him to. He just want to make sure he finished his work first. Who said teachers and pupils cannot be friends. I don't like the gap. Yes, pupils must respect us but treat them like our own families. Share their jokes and problems. May be share their secret...Yesterday, someone tapped me on the shoulder at Giant. Only one person dared to do that. Yaah, Wang Siow Sing. While waiting for his STPM result, he worked there with his friend. He told me that he will come back to SMKTI when he has become an engineer. Fuiyooo...Last week Mr Tan asked me about Chong Chan Tung. I told him that I had no idea. Then he started pop pep pop pep, yalah he has a colourful life in KL......really enjoys himself there...No comment! Actually I do not keep his phone number. Someone told me something........bla!bla!bla! It's ok lah. As long as he can take a good care of himself. I will be very busy with my work, just stay cool ok!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A tribute to Dato Yaacob Ideris

Hi! Someone sent me a message about Dato Yaacob's death (car accident yesterday). He was my principal at my former school. He's the best. He loved his pupils like his own children. When I was in Form 5, he made sure there's a show to entertain us. His style opened my eyes to study for my SPM (although I just had 5 and a half months to study). I didn't feel any pressure. Just want to study and give my first grade result to my beloved parents. I knew some of my friends didn't like to see my changes but this was about my family, my parents. I still had hu ha hu ha time with them but I knew my limit. First grade was my priority. Before the school closed, all of us had satay. He just wanted us to be happy. My last day at school, Jepun and I ran to see him. I thanked him for every thing he had done. He just said," dah jangan nakal-nakal lagi" and smiled. We shouted happily after he left us. Then, after a few years I had problem with my posting. I aimed to go to Sarawak but my mother didn't allow me. She was not well at that time. So, my parents and I went to Education Ministry at Damansara to see anyone to help me. We were sitting at one place didn't know what to do and suddenly I saw him. I called him,"Cikgu". He looked at me and smiled."Buat apa dekat sini?" I told him my problem. Then, he asked me to follow him. We went to his room and he kept all my letters. Before I left, he asked me to send his regard to all my friends. I closed his door and I saw a label on it, KETUA PENGARAH SEKOLAH-SEKOLAH ASRAMA PENUH. I was impressed. No wonder he's not a principal anymore. Then, I got the offer to teach at SMK Sains Selangor Cheras. My first school and all because of his help. Thank you and al fatihah for you, Sir. May your soul among the good ones. Oh my God! I want to cry again.......