Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

Hi! One more week to go before we can celebrate our Hari Raya...best. What is so special about Hari Raya...well, I love the food. Rendang, nasi dagang, lontong, mee curry....syoknya raya. Yah, the food. If small kids they just think of the ang pow they will get. I thought to buy kebaya nyonya this year. It has been months I haven't worn my kebaya. Just want to look pretty in the raya morning. My husband didn't like my idea. Hiii..this guy said that he preferred me not to wear any thing. He's still the same guy that I have married for 15 years. Always said the same thing. May be when I am 60 years old, he will look at me differently but I hope not. I almost finish my school work. My kuih raya tunjuk-tunjuk are ready. So lazy to bake cookies this year. Bought some for my mother and my mother in law. This Sunday we'll go back to Kelantan. Please pray for our safe journey. Bye and take care.


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