Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Guardian Angel

I knew my husband when we studied together at UIAM, Gombak (Diploma of Education). Unlike other male students, he never disturbed me. He just looked at me doing nothing. I was just broke off with my boy friend ( we had been friends since 1984 until 1993, but we never went out together only sending letters, phones or he would visit me at UIAM, PJ. He studied at UKM, taking his ICT course while I studied at UIAM taking Business Administration). I wanted to be like Rabiatul Adawiyah, stayed single but my Mom kept asking me to find someone who could take care of me. I don't like guys who like to disturb girls. Easy to say, gatal lah. So, my husband was the best candidate. I asked my friend to tell him that there's someone admired him (asked him to guess who). My husband didn't guess, he just asked whether his admirer was from Kelantan or Trengganu. My friend said none. She told me his answer. Ok, I didn't mind (had to find another candidate). The next day, early morning, my husband went to see my friend. He said that he wanted to guess. Straightaway, he mentioned my name. My friend just smiled. Aiyoo that guy aa, he didn't mind that I was from Negeri Sembilan as long as he got me. Kah! Kah! Kah! I did ask my husband later why he never tried to tackle me. His answer really made me shocked. When he looked at me, he was so sure that I had a boy friend already so he did not want to waste his time. Haiii, I thought he didn't like to tackle girls. Tak pe lah, dah jadi suami. A few years later, on the way to Mecca, I fell asleep. I dreamed someone kissing me on the cheek (not my husband, I don't know who). I kept thinking of that mysterious man until last year, I performed Sembahyang Istikharah. After praying, I tried to sleep. I nearly had a dream but suddenly my husband's foot hit my foot. I was awake and my son started calling papa, papa, papa in a very sad voice. I thought I would get the sign by dreaming. Tak jadi mimpi nampaknya. Then, this year, one week before I went back to Kelantan, I went to a salon. While waiting for my turn, I took a magazine. I read one article about Bahasa Alam. It was like this. Although you have performed solat Istikharah, your mind is on the person that you like most. Of course, you will dream of him and you will blame God when it does not turn out well. But, it is not by dreaming only. You have to open your heart and your mind, then listen. For example, you want to open a business. So, you will perform this solat. After praying, suddenly you feel that you want to turn on a radio. At that time the DJ is interviewing a successful businessman. This is the sign. It means positive. Like my case, the sign was when my son crying for my husband. Haiii, I was so stupid trying to find a soulmate( that mysterious man) but my soulmate is actually my dearest husband. For the first time, I told my husband, " Saya cintakan awak". He kissed my cheek and hugged me. Soooo romantic.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Red Ribbon Pirate Gangster

On the way to go to Jaya Jusco today, I heard one familiar song "Wild Boys" (sung by Duran-Duran). I had a group when I was in boarding school, so we always sang that song just to boost our spirit. We called our group "Red Ribbon Pirate Gangster". I didn't remember how that name came out only that we chose red because it means bravery. It's cool. We were very close. The big problem was not all students like us especially the prefects. I really hate prefects at that time. Almost every Sunday, my group (but not all) would get dc(detention class). The prefects would ask us either washing the toilets or the kolah mandi (not a swimming pool). I didn't know why they liked to write our names. Then, the hostels changed the rules. If you made mistakes for three times that week, the other week you had to wear school uniform for the whole week, days and nights. I was lucky for the first one, many students were in the list but not me, fuuih. Haiii, for the second one.....I was the only one in the list. I repeat, THE ONLY ONE. I couldn't go to the dining hall to have dinner. The boys would know the victim of that week. That week, the warden did not announce it during the assembly, may be Cikgu Nordin pitied me. So, he just asked the prefect to inform me that he wanted to see me after assembly in his room. It's ok. He didn't cane me, he just asked me not to break the rules next time. He was not only a warden, he was also my scout teacher. He asked me whether I was tired of being naughty. I said yes. He just smiled but I still could not escape from the punishment. So, that week, my group helped to buy something for me (maggie mee la) if not mati kelaparan lah hamba. Only one night, the menu was nasi tomato. I couldn't resist it. Jep (she is a doctor and now she is in USA) and Jana (May Bank accountant) helped me out. They put on their school uniform and together we went to the hall happily. So many sweet and bitter time ok.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baca aje lah

I went back to Kelantan last week, well guess what? My mother-in-law gave me a present for our new house ( 74 pieces Pie Rat dinner set and 3 casserole sets, ye lah menantu kesayangan jgn. mare). I was so happy. I did not have to spend money to buy those things. I felt like kissing her but that's too much so I just thanked her with a very wide smile. My husband and I did buy a few things but for the first time I did not buy tudung or silk material. It was a big sacrifice. There are two persons that I miss and worry, Chik (my husband's grandma) and Asri (His uncle's son). They are close to my heart. I told Chik that she has to get out of her stuffy room sometimes (they closed all her windows). She needs fresh air but the problem is who wants to take her out. She couldn't walk anymore. Even my husband didn't feel anything. I know she's old but she has feeling. Kissing her two hands and her forehead, I just prayed to God for her health. Asri, a six year old boy was supposed to be mine (his father wanted me to take his son when Asri was born). He has problem with his birth certificate. It's a long story but I don't like the way his step mother treated that boy. He is naughty but caining is not the solution. When I was there, he came to play with Ahmad. When I asked him to do something, he did it and when I asked Ahmad to do something, he did it for Ahmad. I asked him to call me Mama although he should call me Kak Nor. His father told my husband that he's going to send Asri to a private school next year. Can you imagine a seven year old boy lives in a hostel? His father is very rich but that son has no affection from a mother. Ok no more sad story. Today I went to school to see my 3A's result. Not bad. 3 students got A, 16 students got B, 11 students got C and 3 students got D. Boleh la, I know their level. Only this year I taught them English. Their Form 2 result was so terrible. Only a few got C, many got D and half of the class failed. I am proud of them. Well done!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Malaysia vs Laos

Don't forget to watch football at 8 pm on tv2..............I've been waiting to watch this match since yesterday, thanks for giving the fans the chance. Hope Malaysia will win it. Yes! Yes! Go Malaysia go.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I just want to congratulate someone for his exam result. The result was not that good but if we flashed back his performance in his old school, he did it well. He got B for his Maths (I'm impressed because he always failed that subject before) and he passed his BM. I don't look at "kedudukan dalam kelas" because it's not fair for students who are in a good class. I prefer to look at the grades. Hey, he is so lucky. He has a good memory and very good at technical . Only if he can fully use of his abilities, I am very sure he can be somebody one day. So, all the best to be the best!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Relax, take a deep breath

Had an appointment with my doctor today. He wanted to give me two jabs but I was not ready. There are many things I have to do this month. Must spend RM1600 on new books or whatever next week (no problem but the school should inform me earlier), the cpu is still with the agent(do they need a long time to change the motherboard?), buy things for the new house aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...................stay cool ok. He gave me a letter already to pass it to Pn. Soon.
I need to discuss a few things with her. Take a long leave will give problem to the librarians. So far I can depend on Christopher, the Chew brothers, Uges and Hizryl ( Dr Hamdan's son. He is good at computer and pa system, only that he talks a lot and very frank). They have to be independent. They cannot depend on the teachers. I told Chew already that if he has any problems just see Pn. Soon or if he still cannot solve it then he can come to my house (the last solution). Whatever it is, I want the Form 5 librarians to focus on their SPM, it is more important!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A real gentleman

Malay guys! Mat Rempit, Peragut, Mat Fit(drug addict), Money boy, all the bad remarks are for them. I am Malay (not completely Malay) but I don't know why they choose this kind of life. It is so hard to find good Malay guys out there. When I was 21 years old (if I am not mistaken) I met a very honest Malay guy. The story begins like this. I was having my semester break so I just stayed at home. My mother was worried about my elder sister in Perak. Her husband had to attend a course and she was alone with her two children. My mother asked me to go there to accompany her. I had fever at that time but I didn't want to argue with her so I just agreed. The next day I went to Pudu to buy a ticket. So, I got the ticket but the bus departed around 4 pm. It means I reached Ipoh around 10 pm. Actually, my sister just moved out to another house. I just knew the address only so what should I do. Get a taxi! Yes. There were a few taxi drivers and I asked any of them to take me to my sister's house. I told them the address. While they were yelling, asking who could take me there, suddenly came a young guy. He told me that he knew the place. Ok, great! I asked him to find a phone booth for me because I needed to call my mother( haiiii at that time no mobile phone babe). He waited in the taxi while I was making the call. Then our journey started. He told me that he wanted to go to his friend's house. I was so shocked and I asked why. You can't believe his answer. "Sebenarnya saya tak tahu jalan ke rumah kakak awak." What! He had to lie because he wanted to save me from bad drivers. I didn't trust him. I kept holding the back door. "You try to do something bad, I will jump". My heart cried for help. As he could read my thought, he said, "Jangan takutla. Saya memang nak bawa awak ke sana". He told me that he was a politeknik student and this was his part time job. After hearing that, I felt a bit relieved. When he reached his friend's house, he asked me to wait in the taxi. After a few minutes he came and smiling he said that he knew the way. I did not smile back. I was scared. At last, we stopped in front of someone's house. He asked me to stay in the taxi. He honked first just to make sure it was my sister's house. My sister came out and I told him "ya, tu kakak saya". I was so damn happy that I forgot to thank him (he didn't ask me to pay double). He was really a good guy. If we have one million guys like him, we don't have to worry about our safety (especially girls/women). I hope that guy has a very good job and a very happy family. He deserves it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our examination

Examination........why do we have to sit for an exam? Just want to know whether we are among the excellent students or the weak ones. That's it! You just memorize the answer and of course you will pass. If you do not read, you will fail. During my study at university, I seldom attended my classes. My friend would sign for me ( I taught her my signature). Attendance was very important. Only during exam or test I would attend. Then all my friends would look at me and said"Engkau sama kelas dgn.aku ye. Tak pernah nampak pun." I managed to pass all papers except one, Financial Management 1. As usual I did not attend his classes, I thought I could pass but this lecturer was different. He made sure the students used his way to show the working. I got the correct answer but my working was different. So, he knew I did not attend his classes, apa lagi fail lah. It's ok. But what I want to emphasize here is some of the students are not like me. They are not good at memorizing. They do read but they cannot remember. I think they are special because they have different talents. These students are good at technical. I am not good at it. Somebody must show me how to do it first (at least twice) and then I have to practise it. It's so difficult for me. So, I think our examination system at school is not fair to this kind of students. It's really a waste if we just ignore them. Students like me just know the theory but students like them know how to apply it!!! Who's the best?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seize the day

I love my life as a one-month-housewife. I don't have to go to work but I still get my salary. That's good about being a teacher. Relax, at the end of the month, just go to the bank to withdraw your money. Jangan mare. Stay at home. Watching tv, playing with my son, teaching him, fighting with him and the best part do the cooking. Pehhh. Ok lah. Don't worry, you won't get food poisoning. I went to Tampin pasar tani today for the second time this year. I was always not here during the school break (sokmo kelek Kelate, ambo ni oge Nik Aziz). I like Kelantan. The food is cheap and very yummee. The people, ok. They like to call me oge luar and my husband's grandma calls me Mek. I do not mind ( but sometimes I did feel like I was an alien). When I was doing my shopping, my husband became my spokesperson. If they knew that I was oge luar, they would charge me higher. My husband also begged me not to kecek kelate, he said that I sound like oge Siam. Oh whatever! I don't think for this break we can go back to Kelantan. My husband has to invigilate SPM exam and my appointment......I don't know whether I have made a right decision. I still want to try it. I know the risk. I really pray to God. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen to me. My husband told me that his friend's wife is paralysed because of this treatment. It's scary. When I start my treatment, I don't think I will use this blog. I don't feel to share my happiness, my pain, my worry or anything with someone. I just want to keep it to myself.