Saturday, December 26, 2009

Red Ribbon Pirate Gangster

On the way to go to Jaya Jusco today, I heard one familiar song "Wild Boys" (sung by Duran-Duran). I had a group when I was in boarding school, so we always sang that song just to boost our spirit. We called our group "Red Ribbon Pirate Gangster". I didn't remember how that name came out only that we chose red because it means bravery. It's cool. We were very close. The big problem was not all students like us especially the prefects. I really hate prefects at that time. Almost every Sunday, my group (but not all) would get dc(detention class). The prefects would ask us either washing the toilets or the kolah mandi (not a swimming pool). I didn't know why they liked to write our names. Then, the hostels changed the rules. If you made mistakes for three times that week, the other week you had to wear school uniform for the whole week, days and nights. I was lucky for the first one, many students were in the list but not me, fuuih. Haiii, for the second one.....I was the only one in the list. I repeat, THE ONLY ONE. I couldn't go to the dining hall to have dinner. The boys would know the victim of that week. That week, the warden did not announce it during the assembly, may be Cikgu Nordin pitied me. So, he just asked the prefect to inform me that he wanted to see me after assembly in his room. It's ok. He didn't cane me, he just asked me not to break the rules next time. He was not only a warden, he was also my scout teacher. He asked me whether I was tired of being naughty. I said yes. He just smiled but I still could not escape from the punishment. So, that week, my group helped to buy something for me (maggie mee la) if not mati kelaparan lah hamba. Only one night, the menu was nasi tomato. I couldn't resist it. Jep (she is a doctor and now she is in USA) and Jana (May Bank accountant) helped me out. They put on their school uniform and together we went to the hall happily. So many sweet and bitter time ok.

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