Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hi! Just want to share Ahmad's mid-year exam result. He got 1A (science), 1B (English)and 2C (Maths and BM). I was surprised because I never thought he could get A for any subjects. He never passed when he was in kindergarten. He even got 0 for certain subjects (If I am not mistaken, it was Pendidikan Moral). I was so happy showing my son's report card to other mothers. I know his result was not as good as their children's result but this is Ahmad. The one that the teachers' said should join Pendidikan Khas. A few teachers (his teachers) were so mean to me early this year. They asked me so many things about Ahmad. I did not cry in front of them but I did cry when I was in my car. It was really a great pressure to me. I wanted to proof to them that my son was not stupid as what they think. People should not judge his IQ by listening to his speech only(stammer and "pelat")but they should hear his answer. Then, we know this boy can think very smart. Thank you God for listening to my pray. Now, about my backpain. It's quite ok. Less painful. My father massaged me using his bamboo twice(he heated the bamboo first). was like someone burned your back but I still felt the pain after the massages. Then, my husband took me to the hot spring at Chengkau. After bathing, suddenly I could not lift my right hand. Slowly, my husband massaged my back, especially my shoulder. It was like magic. I was ok since then. I felt great. I was so grateful to the owner of the hot spring. Only God can reward his kindness to allow us to bathe there without paying anything.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Attention to all wives!

Hi! I just want to share my opinion to all the married ladies out there. This is about Kelab Taat Suami. The President said that we must serve our husband like a first class hooker. I read many bad comments about it. They did not agree with it. They gave one Rasul's sunnah but I think they did not understand the sunnah. They were so narrow minded. Guys are different. They want their wives to cover the aurat but at the same time they look at the sexy women. What they say is different with what they think or want. It is very good to cover our aurat but please don't wear your jubah or long maxi at home. Be different or act different at home. Remember one story, a woman could enter paradise all because she must get her husband's permission first before doing something, always waited for her husband with her sexy dress and had a cane in her hand. A cane if she did something wrong so her husband could punish her and about the sexy dress, you know the reason for it. They should use this story to advise the wives out there. Even Fadzilah Kamsah (the famous motivator) said something about bathing together and our Ustazah Bahiyah said about cakar harimau massage. We should implement them. A man not only want a beautiful woman in his life, they want someone who can satisfy them. That's the most important thing. If not, Prince Charles wouldn't divorce Princess Diana, a very beautiful and young woman. He dumped Diana and replaced her with his first lover, the old Camilla(Now, she is his wife). So, please ladies, it's ok to become a good wife outside but at home, you must be a "naughty" wife. May God bless all of us. Bye!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lots of things to tell you.....

Hi! Just returned from Beijing last Tuesday. My first impression, I hate China. All because of the toilets. So smelly. Luckily,my husband carried an empty bottle anywhere we went. I could not enjoy the beauty of the palace because I didn't have enough sleep. I was like uggh, what's so special about China. The next day, it was like I woke up from my sleep and I had a very clear picture about the place and the people. Well, the people are not bad. Some of them are very handsome and pretty especially the Muslim ones. I really admired their skin, very fair and smooth. They have a stern look but when we smiled, they would smile back at us. Not like our Malaysian Chinese, many of them look so arrogant. I don't know, may be I met most of the people in China the good ones. They loved my son. He got a jade as a gift from one of the managers there. Now about shopping experience. If you want to buy things, better buy from the street hawkers. Although they keep forcing you to buy their things, it's still ok. If you know how to bargain, you can buy many things from them. A few of them are very old but vey honest. They will return the balance although you don't have the heart to take the money. You will think the things that the old hawkers sell are very cheap. When you go shopping at the market make sure you really, really lower the price. It's like they give you 70% discount or more. I also got bad news there. I went to have a free foot massage and this person (they call him professor) told me something about my backpain. He said that I will get stroke one day and asked me to have a treatment there. I asked him why my fingers were numbed sometimes. He just answered, that's the early symptom. He told me that my back had a bloodclot already and it was bad. Last time an old woman told me that I will become paralysed one day and now "stroke". I was sad but the boy who massaged me was very naughty. Not only massaged my feet, he also massaged my head, my shoulder and my back. I had to close my hands to my body so that he could not touch the front side. He told me that he could massage me better without my tudung. I told him that I couldn't take it off. My husband said,"Apasal dia urut awak lebih-lebih". May be that boy heard what the professor had said and he tried to help me. Think positive ok! I think I will come back to China....I don't know when. My husband is worried about me and he doesn't mind to take me there again to have that treatment. I am scared. I cannot imagine what will happen to me in the future but for the time being, just stay cool and be happy. It's like everything will be ok. InsyaAllah. One more thing. It's about Nur kasih the movie. I haven't watched it and I don't want to watch it. It's sad ending and I don't think I can accept it. Bye and take care ok.....