Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marriage knot

Marriage knot. People nowadays think that this knot is not valuable anymore. If you don't like your couple or if there's no more understanding between both of you, divorce is the answer. So easy right. They never think of their children. But if you are not safe with your couple. He likes to beat you and your children, divorce is the best solution to escape from that beast. Sometimes I did have an argument with my husband but when I looked at my son, I just dropped my ego and would approach him first( pegi minta maaf le). I didn't want to think whose fault but just be humbled to my husband. Tak salah kan. Because after that, he also would apologise to me. Only, he didn't want to make the first move. Man's ego. My husband has his weakness and I am also not a perfect human being. Just be tolerate. He thought he couldn't be a good husband and a good father but I think I am the most lucky woman because I have the best husband by my side.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hi...the library computer is ok now. Ain helped me to fix it during the holidays (menyesal aku panggil dia mangkuk). My 3B class, not bad. Only 9 pupils failed (out of 35). The 5 stubborn Malay boys, 2 Indian boys (they were so weak, I couldn't help them)and 2 Chinese (pity Law Kai Yang. I really, really hope he could pass but he had problem on essay writing). The rest, no problem. Poon Khai Wei got C. Hai, he should listen to me. He didn't want to answer Section C (The phantom la). If not he could get B. The Malay boys couldn't accept me to teach them English (I did help them by translating the words but they just didn't want to learn). They prefer if I spoke B. Melayu with them. Next year I will teach 3B and 3C. Matila....No more Remove class. That Ah Tan will teach 3A and 3D. Ok no more story about school. Now, about my problem. Not everybody knows about this but I think it's ok to share with you. So far, three teachers had become my victims. First, Kak Jah. I went to see her at "bengkel KHB". After that I went to the canteen. I put my black handbag on the table and then I put another black handbag on it. Can you imagine..I carried two handbags from that bengkel to the canteen. Lucky nobody saw it. So, I returned the handbag to kak jah. She just laughed when I apologised. Second, Yati. I went to Bilik BBM with her. After explaining to her then I left. She came to the library and told me that she had lost her handbag. I told her that I didn't know and asked her to find it again in her room. Then, she came back and said that she still couldn't find her bag. All of a sudden, that lady screamed, "Hah, ni handbag saya." I was shocked. It means before I left her BBM room, I took her handbag and carried it to the library. I didn't realise it. The last victim(hopefully), Chiang. This is the worst. After checking the PMR result, I went home. I was so happy that I called Chitra to inform her the good news. Then I noticed that my jeans pocket was fulled of something. So, I took it out. It was a Nissan car key. I called school and asked kak sham who had lost a car key. I was so embarrassed that I went back to school to return it to Chiang. She's not angry. She just laughed. Luckily, she knew about my story with the handbag. She didn't expect me to take her key because we just chat only for a while in Bilik Gerakan. Haii...why did she put her key on the table. She's worried of losing her key because it is her new car key(Grand Livina). Instead of scolding me, she thanked me for returning it. Poor Chiang. She went home at 2.00 pm. Her daughter had to eat maggie while waiting for her mom to bring food home. I felt terrible. My husband asked me to be careful next time. He was angry at first but then he's ok. The problem is I didn't realise when did I take the things. I am not absent minded. I have a very good memory. May be, I have problem with one part of my brain. Nasib! Nasib!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Haiiii...so bored to think of my beloved school. Don't know. The enthusiastic is not there anymore. Lost my passion of working. No idea to do my PSS short term and long term planning. No more creative ideas. Puan Soon will get mad if she finds out about this. I really become like an old teacher waiting to retire. I still have two weeks to think of it. Need to wake up my brain. What should I do next year? Next week I will go to school to check the computer. Last time, I couldn't check it because it was raining. Bought the computer in 2008 but it always gives me problem. Changed the motherboard this year, still not that ok. Suddenly I would lose the things that I typed and pictures like graphics would come out. Had to shut it down and the next day the computer would be ok. Komputer mabuk!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A conversation with my son last Monday:

Ahmad: Mama, Ahmad tak pegi China boleh?
Mama: Why?
Ahmad: Sejuk sangat la, Mama. Ahmad batuk.
Mama: Habis. Mama nak pergi China......
Ahmad: Tak pe lah. Kita pegi China.

Haiiii...have to postpone my trip (so sad), all because of my son. I must listen to him. I cannot lie to him about the weather. He had heard my conversation with the sales girl at Travel Store, Jaya Jusco. Tak apelah. We can go there but only in August. The problem is next year we will celebrate Hari Raya in that month. Haiii...just wait for the right time to go there. So, my target for our vacation next year is INDONESIA. Indon pun Indon le...There's only one Muslim Travel agency at Tampin and the sad thing is we cannot depend on their service. I did go to that place but the door was locked. Both travel agencies that I had contacted are in Malacca. One travel agency has a website but it's not complete. No promotion about their packages. So, when I wanted to know what trip they will have other than China, I couldn't get the information. I didn't want to call them because they had told me that they would contact me this January to reconfirm about my booking. So, I tried to find another travel agency but that one has no website. Just leave the phone number for us to contact. I called this agency and the staff said that she would contact me later to tell me about the date for Indonesia trip. She didn't specify the place (was it Bandung, Padang, Bukit Tinggi or whatever) and not even the cost. So, what we have to do is...we will go to see that agent to get more information about it. Really burden the customers. Haii...if I have my own travel agency.....this kind of people, they don't know how to do business. MANGKUK!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forgive me, Ahmad

Hi! Busy with my life as a sifu(to my son), a gardener ( planted a few fruit trees and vegetables at our backyard) and a housewife. Ok lah. One good news. I have no more coughing. May be because of the gardening. No more coughing syrup or flu tablets. I am completely fine but I still have to be careful. I will bring my own drink anywhere I go. No more cold drinks. The temptation is there but when I think of the suffering, better to drink warm water or mineral water. Ahmad can read now but he still has another problem. He always takes off his shorts/pants before peeing and he will leave them outside the toilet. I have to teach him on how to pee with the shorts on. I had made a big mistake by pampering my son too much last time. Need to teach him to be independent. I had to be firm with him for certain things. I want to make sure he can survive if I am not around. He must know how to solve problems, he must know how to make decisions, easy to say "HE MUST KNOW HOW TO THINK". He cannot depend on people to decide his life. I explained to him the reason for every task I asked him to do. I never thought of this before. I forgot the age gap. I am 40 and my son is only 6. Another 20 years, I will be 60 and he will be 26. Pity him to have an old mother like me. I am so lucky my son wants to learn. It broke my heart to watch him working so hard to read the difficult words many times. He will have his reading twice everyday, morning (after gardening) and night. May be next week, I will start teaching him Maths. He also enjoys gardening but last time he pulled out my husband's dukong plant. He thought it was a wild plant. You should see my husband's face. Kah! Kah! Kah!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi! We went to Malacca to buy a few things for our Beijing trip. I had already checked the weather temperature. It will be -1 to 11 degree celcius in March. Haiii...lots of preparation to make. I am just worried about our health there, especially Ahmad. It's too cold. Not only Ahmad, I am also not that ok. I still have my cough and flu. I think I have to eat back telur ayam kampung plus honey. I don't know, after moving out, I just lost my appetite to eat those stuff. Right now, I just depend on dates juice (jus kurma). I know it's not enough. Last time, I must have these two things in my daily life, telur ayam kampung and chicken essence brand. May be I was too excited of living in a new place that I forgot to take care of my health. Ahmad, he's ok now. No more coughing, the main problem now is ME! This Thursday, I will become the duty teacher. It means I have to go to school. Sooooo boring. It will be chemistry paper (my favourite subject), only for F5 Science. Can relax a bit. Need to check the library's computer. Before the school closed, I thought I could ask Hyril to check it but I didn't want to disturb him. I did ask Ain, the technician to check but she liked to give excuses. Mangkuk betul. Habis camno. May be I will send the cpu to PC World again......haiiii don't know lah. SOMEONE HELPS ME PLEASE!!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello....it's a new me

I use back my old number. So far, that girl did not call or send me sms anymore, I think it's ok now. Not that I do not like her but it's too much. She's too obsessed. I think she hates me now but hopefully she'll be ok. Last night I watched Dalil Cinta. It's about a young wife who was very lazy to clean up the house and she did not know how to cook. The husband loved the wife so much that he could accept her as what she was. But tiap-tiap hari makan maggie mana boleh tahan beb....then the war began. I don't know but she reminded me of someone.....whoelse it's me but I was better than her, at least I knew how to make simple dishes. Pity my husband...he always bought me breakfast and we always ate outside when we were in Perak. I don't know, may be I was used to that way of life (since at boarding school until I finished my degree, everything was ready for me). I just ate. Someone would do my laundry, no need to wash my clothes (keluar duit aje). One more thing, I had a maid since I was small until I studied at university. Then, I learned from my friends in Perak a few recipes and I did change a bit. After that, I stayed with my parents. No great changes. Had a maid to do the work. Only when my husband bought this house, I fell in love with it. The house is new and beautiful that I don't want to see any rubbish on the floor. About the kitchen, it's such a waste if I did not use the big oven, the stove and anything. Haii...I have changed and I love it. It's a new me. Now, I am crazy about gardening. I am not good but I will learn...

Friday, November 26, 2010

So busy since last Sunday. Had visitors from Kelantan, my parents-in-law. They went back this morning. So far, I have no problems with them. They are like my parents especially Abah, he's so cool and fun.They are always nice to me. We took them to Malacca, Putrajaya and Nilai 3. I cooked fried rice, mixed vegetables, sup tulang, seafood tom yam, kueh udang, steamed siakap, daging goreng berlada, bla,bla, bla. Fuiyoo, couldn't imagine I could serve them all the dishes. I think they loved all the food that I cooked (they added rice that's the proof). Ma wanted to help me but I didn't allow her as she's not well. She just watched me and we did share our stories. I missed her company. This holiday, we just stay at home. Need to teach Ahmad. Today, he told me that he wanted to become a doctor like Abang Abu and angah. That's why he pushed himself to study. Last time he wanted to become a magician. Ok lah better than kak ta's son (ultraman). Ahmad didn't like my job. He pretended to vomit when I asked him to become a teacher. Sampainya hatimu. This afternoon I had a chat with Nyonya Grandma. She asked me to call her bibik. Her grandchildren greeted me so well but when they found out I was a teacher they went inside. Her grandson looked like baby robin. Lucky, they did not study at Taman Indah. I think this is the best place for me to live, I feel safe and peaceful. Bibik's family could accept me now. I don't like my husband's idea to build a wall around our house. I did invite bibik and her family to come to my house and she loved to. She never comes to this taman before. Oh ya, I would like to wish all the best to all Form Five pupils that I know. I know it's late but better than never.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Had to change my phone number. That girl called me and sent me sms day and night. It was still ok but when she forced me to wish her that, to wish her this I couldn't take it anymore. Only two teachers knew about my number, not even the school. May be next year I will use the old number back. Next, my dearest Chitra will transfer to malacca next year. I was so sad that I cried when I hugged her. She's like a big sister to me. She shared my laugh and my tears. I will miss her a lot. Lastly, the same thing happened again but this time another monkey. It happened on a day before hari raya haji. I stayed at my parents' house helping my mother cooking.He wanted to learn English (SPM candidate) and I was excited to teach him. Ya lah anak saudara katakan. I told him that I wanted to bathe first. Before taking my bath, I heard sound at the door. I jumped into the bathtub, pray to God he couldn't see me. After putting on my t-shirt in my room suddenly, I had bad feeling.I peeped at the key hole. Then, that boy pulled the curtain and his eye was looking at my eye through the key hole. I was so shocked that I asked him what he was doing. He just answered,"nak tanya mak su pasal kertas ni". I was so scared that I sat while praying. I didn't want him to see my legs. Until I heard my mother's voice why was he studying in the dark, I felt so relieved. I went to my mother's room telling her about him but as usual my mother asked me to keep quiet and don't tell my brother. She still wanted me to teach that boy. I did teach him but I didn't look at his face. I don't know. That night I told my husband and just like last time he kept quiet. The next day, while we were having dinner at my parents'house, my husband treated him nicely. Asked him to add more soup. It was hurt because I wanted to throw that soup bowl at the boy's face. I don' want my husband to punch him but at least showed that he was angry. I am very sure that boy thought I didn't tell anyone about it and I am very sure he will do it again. I just have to be very careful next time. Need to learn back my karate.....no need la

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Professional not emotional

Hi, I still have flu, bad cough and on and off fever. I know I need to see a doctor but later laa. May be after the Kem Membaca Week. Getting fed up with the school. I have no problem with the pupils and my colleagues, only I am not satisfied with someone. He should know how to treat us, the teachers nicely. We are professionals not kuli batak. I had an arguement with him. I didn't like his style at all. He didn't want to listen to my point of view. He just left. The best part was when I wanted to leave the school today, he could ask me why I did not smile. Can you imagine? Orang macam ni pun ada dalam dunia ni. Shuh..shuh...shuh...better forget about him, just spoil my mood. Now about my new life. I know my parents are worried about me, especially my father. Haiii....they forget that I am forty years old now. My husband is a wonderful man. He helped me a lot at home. Sometimes, he bought us food so I didn't have to cook all the time. I don't think to take a new maid. My last maid, Ira transformed herself to become like me. Her hairstyle, her t-shirts colour...really scary. Next year, I will go to Beijing with my husband and Ahmad. If everything is ok, we will go there in March, InsyaAllah. Just want to go somewhere, see new people and new things. I need to rest my mind. Adios......

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My upside down life

Hi! So busy with my new life....my nephew and my niece just got MARA scholarship, so proud of them. They can focus more on their study in Egypt. It's tough but I think they will do it well. I really-really hope they will become doctors one day. My life..ugh terrible. First, I had diarrhoea.Then, high fever for three days. Now, my son. He has an ear infection. He hasn't gone to school since last week. Yesterday I got a call from my parents at school. He had high fever. I was so worried. I drove so fast, lucky there's no accident. Today, I took mc. My son needs me. He didn't want my parents to give him medicine so I had to sacrifice. Last Saturday, I had party at my new house. I invited all the female teachers and a few male teachers. Many turned up. Chiang and Tan gave me a present. So sweet. I wanted to cook for them at first but I was scared. Cook for more than 50 guests, I don't think I can do it. The solution, I ordered food from Kak Chik Hamisah. Ayam masak merah and udang masak lemak. Tahu (tofu) sumbat, my mum and my niece(kak baby) helped me out. My husband was not at home at that time but it's ok. I have my mum by my side. Haiii...ok lah. They praised my food, yalah masak dekat dapur orang mestilah sedap. No mood. I am so worried about my son. I just want him to get well. He is my little hero, my best buddy and my life. One more thing, I am not angry at my "previous bad student" anymore. Just want him to get a good result in SPM, if he can..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hi....let's talk about freedom. Does it mean when we are 21 years old, we will get the freedom key? Bullshit..I don't know why some of the teenagers want to stay away from their parents? When I got the offer to study at boarding school, I felt like staying in the hell. Then, when I got my SPM result, I didn't fill in that Rancangan Bersama form (you have to take A level here first and if you are qualified,then they will send you oversea). The form.... I threw it away. I told my mother that I had lost it. She was so angry. She wanted me to study oversea. Yalah glamour babe...hantar anak dekat airport. I didn't want to. I am the type who prefer to stay close to the parents. If I want to go somewhere, I prefer to go with the loved ones . People will say that I am the spoiled child, up to you. Now, living with my husband together with my son, it is like the world heaven. My husband spoiled me a lot. I love doing the house work and I don't need ASTRO to entertain me. Watching my family is the best entertainment. If I have to make a choice between my career and my family, of course I will choose them. This is what I really want in my life. Someone to love and be loved.....grow up then you will know what I mean

Friday, October 1, 2010

Forgiveness is the best medicine

My birthday was on 23rd September. I am half Libra and half Virgo...that's why I am a bit weird. The best wish was from Pn. Soon. En Mohamad ( the new HEM) told me that Pn. Soon asked him my phone number. So, I sent her a message telling her that was my phone number. Then, she sent me a message, wishing me "Happy Birthday". Not only that, I got a a miss call and a voice mail from her. She had something to give me but she had a meeting at that time so, she asked me to get it in her room.. I was so happy but I didn't take my present as someone at the office said something...... When Pn. Soon called me, I told her that I took the present already and thanked her for it. Actually, I gave my present to that person. I felt so angry and hurt but it's not worth it to think of it. So, I am back to myself the next day. Then, last Wednesday was Pn. Soon's birthday. No happy birthday song for her during the assembly. She looked so sad. So, Kak Zana, Kak Midah, Syidah, Ros and I went to her room after the assembly but she was not there. When she came back, we sang Happy Birthday song to her. She was so happy and hugged us. I think I have to accept her business minded style. She is still a good and caring principal. Forgive her is the best medicine.......

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New life

Hi....I really miss my blog. I have a different lifestyle now. 50% career woman and 50% housewife. Last time I had a maid to help me, now on my own. Lucky, my husband helped me a lot. Especially the launder part. Cooking, no problem but now I am busy checking my students' paper so goreng-goreng ajelah ye. Neighbours, only 3 persons are nice to me. The imam's wife (kak Midah), Prem (he just finished his UPSR) and Nyonya grandma (behind my house/ not in the same taman). Really 1 Malaysia. Nyonya grandma was so nice. She reminded me of Chik in Kelantan. She's from Malacca so that's why she could speak B.Melayu very well. I told her that I was scared living in this place. She asked me not to worry. It takes time to adapt to a new place. She told me about her children and her chickens. I just chat with her as the rest of her family, just pretend that my family does not exist. Is it because of our house or is it because we are Malay? Haiii...never mind. Jamuan Hari Raya, I had it on the third hari raya. More than 100 guests came. I just invited my relatives and the neighbours. My friends, may be at the end of October, I will invite them. Everybody is busy so that will be the correct time. Jamuan for my librarians, cancel. But I don't have the heart not to give my Form 5 librarians a treat. So, all the 18 librarians plus Ngai will have their nasi ayam at the canteen during recess tomorrow. Just want them to be happy. It's their last year here....There's someone that I am worried. He's doing his SPM trial now. Just hope he will do it well.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today, I washed the windows with my hubby and Ahmad. So damn tired. Tomorrow, we will wash the house. Haiiii...CCT came to school today, may be he wanted to see his friends....last time he came here with his red hair but today he had worn earring (was it diamond?????). I was so busy with read2010 programme at that time but I did ask about his study. If only he can focus on his study, I am very sure he will do it well. I don't know why I still care about him. He is not Malay and he is not a Muslim but I just don't understand. Since he was at this school, when teachers said something bad about him, I felt to protect him. I don't understand but I really hope he will change. NO MORE DRINKING 'C' if he wants to live longer. Oh ya, next week I will move out to our new house. My contractor, Mr Pang is so nice to take out things there with his small lorry. So sweet of him. May be after this I will be very busy with my new life, so all of you...take care1

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lirik - Nur kasih

Lewat ini kurasakan
Kasih kian kudambakan
Resah hati yang kupendam
Pada takdir dan harapan

Detik waktu dan suratan
Siapa tahu ketentuan
Kumencari cahayanya
Dalam bayang kegelapan

Nur kasih
Nur kasih

Nasib hidup dan pilihan
Lain hukum setiap insan
Melayarkan perjalanan
Dalam maya kesamaran

Nur kasih
Nur kasih

Aku kembali kerana masih
Mencari yang hakiki
Sinar pasti
Janji suci yang abadi

Nur nur ya kasih
Oh nur ya nur kasih
Nur nur kasih
Nur kasih

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nothing interesting to share it here. I think this week we will wash our house and next week we will move out. I wanted to ask the boys to help me but they are having their trial exam so it's ok. Don't want to disturb them. I don't know how to say it but I do feel sad leaving my parents' house. Taking out a few things really breaks my heart but this is the choice I have made. I just hope every thing will be ok at our new house. I must be a good wife, no more hu ha hu ha (that's the boring part). That place is so quiet. When I went there, I hardly saw the wives outside. When I laughed with my son outside the house, only our laugh could be heard in that taman. Haiiii....lots of things to do. Ahmad, my little hero is so helpful. He helped me to carry heavy things. I have backache since I studied at university. I was too active when I studied at boarding school (karate, high jump, bla, bla, bla). So, this is the effect. An old woman told me that I will be paralysed one day because of it. I told Miss Tan about my problem and she asked me to have acupuncture on my back. Tak apelah...tungguuuuuuu!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I saw Hyril this morning but I just ignored him. I never asked him about his father, Dr Hamdan. I knew his father was not well but I tried not to ask about his father. Last week, my husband told me that his father was admitted again. No wonder I rarely saw him at the library. May be he helped his mum taking care of his father at the hospital. After recess, I went to Bilik Gerakan because we were going to have a meeting there. Then, I saw that boy with Ngai Pei Siang, crying. I knew something bad had happened to him. Miss Tan touched my shoulder and said,"pity that boy, his father passed away this morning". I was speechless, I just looked at him. Oh my God! He's just 17 years old, next week he's going to have his trial exam. How can he handle this situation? He's the youngest in his family. Although he told me many times that he is very independent but when you lose someone that you love so much, you cannot stop the tears from dropping. I didn't go to his house today. I didn't know what to say and I didn't know how to comfort or advise him. But frankly speaking, Hyril is like his father. He just says what he wants to say but he has a very good heart...........Alfatihah for his father, DR HAMDAN, the one and only.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Last night I had an arguement with my mum. I cannot share it here but what she said was really hurt. This morning, she asked me whether I was angry at her. I kept quiet. I didn't answer because I was afraid i would cry again. My eyes were already swollen. I didn't want people to ask. I just left her. Then, I went to PKG Tampin. Yamuna , Form 4 Science was chosen as Tokoh NILAM Peringkat Daerah. She beat SMK Syed Idrus and SMK Gemas (rural school category). TBS is in different category (urban school). I was so happy that I kissed my mum's cheek when I reached home. I love her so much. Only God knows how much I love her. I know I am not like her other daughters but I am still hers. Tak apelah. Relaks la macam tak biasa....oh ya I just want to wish Good Luck to all my Form Three (today my English paper, I really hope they could answer the questions correctly)and Form 5 pupils including my ex librarian, CCT (he will get his PSS certificates).Do the best as you are the best!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best friend.....

Let's talk about best friend today. I had a best friend before when I studied at university. Well, my best friend was a guy. A soft guy actually. His name is Rahman. He knew that I had a boyfriend at UKM so he didn't dare to be so closed. Then when it was over, I was so sad. So, my buddies took me to Cameron Highlands to make me happy. I was so shocked that someone called my name when we were there. It was him with his friends. He was so happy to see me but I was not in a good mood to chat with him. Then, he called me when I was at home (Tampin). He was a caring person. I could tell him my problem, anything. He did ask to marry him but I said "engkau pendek la". During my wedding, he came. That night he called me and said,"woi Lela nasib baik suamikau pakai tanjak, kalau tak pendek macam aku aje". He was so angry. I just simply said,"Dah jodoh". Then, I followed my husband to Perak. He came to visit me with my friends. My husband was not sporting at all. He kept holding my hand. I think Rahman understood the hint so after that no more. I did try to call him a few times but he never answered.......

Monday, August 2, 2010

So sad my house is still under renovation, may be after hari raya we will move out. I had already asked a few pupils to help me. Christopher, Baby Robin, I forget another boy's name (he's not a librarian but he's willing to help). These three boys had no problem to help me. It's up to my husband. If he's ok then I will call them. But if he has another way, I don't mind. The boys are so sweet. I had told them that I will pay if they help me. They said, "No need". Haii....about the open house. My husband insisted to have only kenduri kesyukuran. It means my relatives and neighbours are invited, but not my colleagues and his. So, I will listen to him. May be I will set one day for all my close friends (all ladies, my husband will get headache)to come, especially Chitra. I will cook tom yam soup, ikan siakap masam manis, bla,bla, bla.....seronoknya.

Friday, July 30, 2010

It's nice to say hello to someone you haven't called for a long time. BUT.....it's bad if you called that person just because you need her or him to do something for you. I have experienced with this kind of people and I really, really don't like it. Haiii.....it's so difficult to find people who are really sincere nowadays, even the people around me also I have to be very careful. I can be like them, using people for something. It's fun but I don't want to. Ok no more about this issue. Now about my dearest father. He's quite ok now. I was really scared when I found out about his illness. It's like the roof was going to fall on me. I told my students that I don't mind to lose a lot of money but not my father. He's such a good man. He never hit me. If I didn't get a good result, he would not scold me. He just said,"Tak apelah janji tak merah". Not like my mother. "Orang lain yang dapat nombor 1 tu mata ada enam ke, telinga ada empat ke?" My father, he's the great. He's like a mother hen protects its chicks. I always hid behind him when my mother tried to hit me (I was naughty when I was a kid). I am so afraid to lose him one day. What will I do? What about my life? It won't be the same..............

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Saturday I did ask Ahmad's friend, Aiman. "betulke Aiman ada pukul Ahmad?" He shook his head. Suddenly, another parent asked him."Oooh inike Aiman? Hari tu anak saya ngadu kena tumbuk dengan dia." Haiii...this boy can be a taiko one day. I looked at him and warned him not to touch Ahmad again. He just looked down. During playing the game, he tried not to look at me and I felt pity to him. He's just a small boy so I went to him and said,"kalau Ahmad ada pukul Aiman, nanti Aiman cakap dengan acik ye". He just nodded. I didn't want to ruin his day. He should enjoy himself. Who knows, may be he will become my student one day........pengsanla

Friday, July 23, 2010

Have problem with Ahmad. He likes to make up stories. It means he's creative. The problem is when he told me something about his friends, I don't know whether to accept his stories or not. Tomorrow, I will go to his tabika ( they have telematch) to ask his friends about it. Then, after the event my husband will take us to Malacca, apalagi shopping baju raya la. This year NO MORE BAJU KEBAYA. All baju kurung. Tak apelah, janji selesa. Actually, this week Pn. Soon asked me to apply for Guru Cemerlang (DG48). She would give me full support. I loved to do it. Then, I found out that I was not qualified for it.It was for the teachers who had experienced teaching the primary school before. So sad. No lah, just kidding. But I really hope they will open guru cemerlang for Guru Perpustakaan dan Media soon. I have more confidence. If not, I have to wait for another 3 years or 5 years (time-based). It's ok, it's alright. Norlela don't give up.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Remove students

This morning, my Remove students (Indian boys) had a fight in the library. All because of NILAM book. Someone tore his book so he blamed his friend to do it. They became more aggressive because they had audience. The Chinese boys jeered at them.....made it worse. I helped the small boy by using my hands to cover him. Then,his friend stopped. He realized that he didn't hit his friend but he hit me instead. Haiii...ok lah. Small matter. I like my Remove students this year. They are weak but they are nice. Every time after I finished my class, they would say "Thank you teacher, goodbye teacher, see you tumolo". So sweet.......

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We went to see our house today. The kitchen cabinet is superb. Ahmad loves his spacious bathroom. I love every single thing about this house. Had to add money for the kitchen drawers, the seaviewed divider, etc. Haiii.....it's ok lah as long as we are happy with our new house and we can pay it. Tak de hutang ye. We are so lucky to have Pang as our contractor. I told him already that if he did a wonderful work with our house, our neighbours will ask him to renovate their house later. This guy told me yesterday that someone had asked him to build a wall after settling his work with us. I am very sure, our Mr Pang will be so busy after this. Ok lah duit masuk maa......

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi! Today,I am in a good mood. Happy to get the Chinese girls' attention. At least they wanted to listen to me and answered the handouts. I don't mind if their answers were wrong but they must tried to do it. The Malay boys at the back, there's nothing I could do. I just ignored them. They were too stubborn. There's someone that I am worried, CCT. I don't know his performance at his new school now. I checked his blog, still the same one. Haiii....just hope everything is ok.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love you....

Sometimes when I was so tired or frustrated, I would look at my son and all my problems "boom bang boom" gone. We cannot say small kids have no problems. They do, only they don't know that is called a problem. Problems to have good friends, learning, bad health, how to make the teachers like you, bla, bla, bla. Easy to say all of us have problems. We must face it although it's so hard. When I read articles about commiting suicide, it's scary but now I know their feeling. They could not take it anymore, they are so tired with their lives, they just want to be free. Haii....tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow......

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hate him....

I don't like one male (malay) teacher at school. Before this, I had no problem with him. He always called me "nak" or La and I thought it's ok as he is like my father. Now, I don't feel comfortable at all when he's around. I don't like to see him at the library. Last Friday he said something that made me embarrassed. He should not say that as he is someone that we should respect at school. Haiii really gatal one. Today, I did not even look at him at the canteen. Haii cannot wait for my baju kurung from Su (my tailor). Hate wearing kebaya.....no mood today.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you.....

Hey....just want to express my gratitude to Hyril (Adi) for helping me to become the speaker on Movie Maker Course for SMKTI pupils. Rosman, Yusreezal and Ainul for their great job as the facilitators. Thank you so much. I think the amount of money that I promised to give them is not enough for what they had done yesterday. I really appreciate it. One of the participants told Adi that he can become a good lecturer one day. Cheeewah......

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Ahmad...

Ahmad is so helpful. Yesterday, he helped me to feed the chickens (my parents had gone to the orchard and my husband involved in camping at his school). Just two of us at home. Then, I asked him to feed the cat. He said, "Akuuu jugak". After that he wanted to play outside. I said nope. He said,"Mama ni boring lah". Ohhh boring ye, so I asked him to wash all the squids. I gave him a stool so he could put his feet on it. The squids were so clean, I was impressed. Then, he looked at me and asked, "Ada kerja lagike?" Haiii Ahmad, Ahmad. I love him so much. I will do anything to protect him. Last Wednesday, I saw scratches on his body. The next day, I took him to the kindergarten to see his teacher. I asked her to change my son's place. May be that kid and my son were just playing but I don't like it. They can play but please don't hurt each other..................

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Be exclusive, please........

Rita came to see me yesterday. She gave me a present (she just got her first salary), thanks for the beautiful notebook. Just hope she will be ok with her work and the new environment (she told me Nepal guys like to disturb her. I advised her to be careful with those guys). Hot story! More babies were abandoned by their mum. I am so scared with the girls nowadays. They don't know their limit with boys. Hugging the boys is ok to them. You can say that I am a conservative woman but yes I am. When a girl hugs a boy, I don't think the boy feels nothing. Haiiii....I never hug a man other than my husband and my father. You see, women must be exclusive then the guys will appreciate us. We can be friendly but we don't have to hug the guys (just pat the shoulder or his back is ok to me as long as not that close). No wonder, more guys today change their taste. They prefer man than woman. It's so easy to get a woman and her love. Just say "I love you" to that woman, give her a ride in his motorbike, give her a treat at mamak's stall (mee goreng ok lah) then she is all yours. I don't blame the guys if they dump this kind of woman. To all girls, please make yourself exclusive to the boys............love all of you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Form Five Librarians.

So tired but it's ok. Think of the money that I can save. Last time, I had to pay my maid (Ira)RM500.00 per month. Haiiii...now I can save RM6000.00 per year or more. Not bad. Thought of going to China next year with my family. My passport will expire in 2012. Ok lah. Need a break. Just think of work will give you pressure. I love my work. So many things I want to do at school. The problem is I need support from PIBG (money), Pn. Soon (she likes my ideas but she doesn't want to contribute money) and my colleagues (to work together). So far, only my librarians help me a lot. I will miss all the Form 5 librarians. They are the best. Christopher (the best cook), Ong (quiet but not bad with computer), JC (the bidan terjun helper), Chew (he can become a good leader, never thinks of himself), Uges( sometimes a bit poyo but he is nice), Professor (last time I liked to call him "my boyfriend". He was so shy before, now I think he can become a playboy), Shen (a gentleman), Brian (a softspoken boy, can become a good husband), Adi (he's genius but needs someone to control him. Afraid, he will break the rule one day) and Ainul (he and Yusrizal always made me laugh). I will miss all of them. Just hope I won't cry infront of them during the PSS jamuan.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I don't know why I am so scared of driving to school now. I always imagine bad things. Going to school, I've no problem. Every time when I reached school, I felt so relieved. Last time it was not like this...........

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Abang / Papa

I asked my son to give my father and my husband "Selamat Hari Bapa" card last night and they were so happy. He sticked his Tranformer sticker on my husband's card. Some sort like my husband is his hero. He drew a picture of my father with his hanging kopiah on my father's card. But this morning I forgot to wish them Happy Father's Day. Sorry....Then my husband wanted to take us out. Wherelse...Malacca lah. This time, he let us to choose our favourite dish at Jaya Jusco Food Court, then we went for a bullock cart (Rm10.00) and Trishaw ride (Rm20.00). Seronoknya...we really enjoyed ourselves. This is better than our Duck Tour last time. That Abang Beca was very friendly. He took us to a few shops at Jonker Street and one of them was bound feet shoes shop. I did read article about the shoes but I never saw them before. They were so small. I told that towkey it's better not to marry a wealthy man rather than being sufferred in those shoes. He just laughed. Thank you so much to my dearest husband. We love you and I am proud to have you as my hubby and my son's papa.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night I watched a drama"Gelora di hati Sara". It's about polygamy. The husband tried to be fair to both wives but I think it's not fair at all to the first wife. She's beautiful and smart but she made herself low to the second wife just for the sake of her husband. I don't know. I think polygamy is beautiful if the husband knows how to handle the situation. He should provide a house for each wife. No women can share their husband under the same roof. Make sure the wives' needs are fulfilled. If you take the first one to London, make sure the second one you do the same (but different time and different place, up to her). Women nowadays just need someone to take care of them. They don't need money because they do have their own. If the woman is materialistic, it won't be a forever relationship. When she gets fed up with the luxury, she will dump that man and find another man who she can share her life. I don't accept polygamy (I know God will reward the wife "payung emas" in heaven if she allows her husband to marry again). You can say that I am being selfish but I just cannot accept it. I always have my husband by my side so I cannot imagine when he's not at home (going to the second wife's house). That's my weakness. I'd told him already that if he falls in love with another woman, he must inform me first. I don't mind but he has to let me go.....so far he said NO.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Love is in the air........

No more maid. My husband and I couldn't accept what she did to my family, so sayonara babe! Will be very busy next month (Bulan Membaca and moving out to our new house). Lots of work to do. Pity my son. He really missed my maid. She did help me a lot but she liked to flirt ( really-really gatal one). Her good work was to cover the bad thing that she did. She was more hardworking than my previous maid. She never stole our money or took our things but she was interested in something else. Haiii...her aim was to find a good man to become her future husband. Lucky my husband was not in her list (may be she didn't have the chance to do that). Talking about my husband. I am so happy with him now. We shared so many things. He made me laughed a lot. It's just that both of us can accept each other, as what we really are. We are totally different people but that make our relationship so colourful or can I say, it's like ikan siakap masak tiga rasa (sweet, sour and hot)...............bye!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Saya telah membaca sebuah buku berkenaan dengan asal-usul bangsa Yahudi (Jew) dan sebab musabab mengapa mereka anggap Palestin adalah negara mereka. Buku tersebut telah dibaca pada tahun 2008 dan saya amat berharap yang saya masih mengingati ceritanya. Ada yang kata Yahudi adalah sebenarnya salah satu puak terbesar dalam Bani Izrael yang dikenali sebagai Yahuda. Ada pula yang kata semasa mereka menjadi pengikut nabi yang terpilih, mereka dikenali sebagai Bani Izrael tetapi bila mereka enggan mengakui akan kerasulan nabi tersebut mereka digelar yahudi. Tapi apa yang saya ingin terangkan di sini adalah Palestin memang kepunyaan asal Bani Izrael. Pada masa itu Bani Izrael adalah kaum yang sangat lemah maka tanah mereka dirampas oleh bangsa Palestin di mana rajanya adalah Jalut. Kemudian bani Izrael telah mendapat petunjuk untuk melantik orang biasa yang dikenali sebagai Talut sebagai raja. Maka berlakulah peperangan. Pada ketika itu, Talut telah membuat pengumuman iaitu sesiapa yang dapat membunuh Raja Jalut akan dikahwinkan dengan anaknya. Muncullah seorang budak dengan lastiknya yang berikrar akan membunuh Raja Jalut. Budak itupun menyeru Raja Jalut untuk bertarung dengannya. Bila batu yang dilastik terkena kepala Jalut maka matilah dia. Budak itu adalah Nabi Daud. Selepas itu Nabi Daud (known as David in Bible) menjadi raja untuk kerajaan Bani Izrael. Kemudian anak Baginda, Nabi Sulaiman (known as Solomon)memerintah kerajaan tersebut. Sehinggalah akhirnya kerajaan Bani Izrael diperintah oleh beberapa hakim. Hakim-hakim inilah yang melemahkan kerajaan tersebut sehingga ia dijajah semula oleh bangsa Palestin yang sangat kuat. Lemahnya bani Izrael sehingga mereka menjadi hamba kepada bangsa yang lain termasuk Mesir. Kemudian lahirlah Nabi Musa (known as Moses) sebagai penyelamat kaum tersebut. Maka baginda membawa keluar kaumnya dari Mesir sehinggalah kejadian Laut Merah yang terbelah menjadi jalan yang terbentang luas(Baginda menggunakan tongkat mukjizat). Malang buat Raja Firaun dan pahlawannya yang lemas di dalam Laut Merah tersebut semasa cuba mengejar Nabi Musa dan pengikutnya. Kemudian Nabi Musa meneruskan perjalanan bersama pengikutnya sehinggalah mereka sampai ke satu tempat (Palestin). Baginda mengajak pengikutnya masuk ke negara tersebut tetapi mereka enggan. Mereka meminta Nabi Musa menghantar seseorang untuk melihat penduduk di negara tersebut terlebih dahulu. Bila diketahui penduduknya terdiri daripada orang yang gagah dan kuat, mereka menyuruh Nabi Musa masuk ke negara tersebut dan berjuang seorang diri. Jika berjaya, barulah Nabi Musa boleh memanggil mereka masuk ke negara tersebut. Nabi Musa sangat murka akan sikap kaumnya sehinggalah turun ayat Quran yang maksudnya lebih kurang"Bertebaranlah kamu di muka bumi ini sehingga kamu menjadi bangsa yang kuat. Barulah dapat memasuki negara ini." Maka kesemua bangsa tersebut tidak tinggal di satu tempat. Mereka tinggal di negara-negara besar. Bangsa Yahudi adalah bangsa yang paling cerdik(genius). Disebabkan kecerdikan mereka, mereka dapat memegang kuasa besar dari segi ketenteraan, hiburan dan ekonomi tidak kira di negara Perancis, Amerika mahupun Britain. Bila mereka sudah menjadi bangsa yang kuat, mereka telah berjaya merampas Palestin semula setelah beribu tahun menumpang di negara orang. Memang benar Palestin adalah negara asal mereka tetapi mereka tidak wajar menzalimi penduduk Palestin terutamanya wanita dan kanak-kanak. Apa yang telah bangsa Yahudi lakukan adalah seperti mereka ingin menghapuskan bangsa Palestin di muka bumi ini. Ia seolah-olah mereka ingin membalas dendam untuk nenek moyang mereka. Ia suatu perbuatan yang sangat zalim dan tidak bertamadun!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Last week when he told me about his wife, I did give him advice. I don't want something bad to happen to this couple. Today, he told me that his wife still had bleeding. This time I didn't say anything. Just kept quiet. When I had my first miscarriage, I was in KL. My husband was in Perak. I didn't know I was pregnant. I did feel something but my friends said,"biasalah perubahan hormon". I wanted to see a doctor but it was still early. I was so active. I had night class at SMK Sains Selangor, teaching Form 5 students "Ekonomi Asas" (those boys didn't get good results in mid year exam, so within a few months I had to teach them this new subject, really crazy but one of them managed to get A1 in SPM). During assembly, I felt so painful. I thought period pain. My friend took me home. That evening, I went to the clinic near to my house. The doctor said that I had a miscarriage. I was so shocked and cried infront of him. He asked me to call my husband inside. I told him that I was alone. On the way home, I kept crying. I didn't care if people looked at me.....sorry, I don't like to remember this thing........

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life begins at 40

Going to be 40 this September....haiii sudah tua lah. When you are at this age, you have reached your maturity. They said this phrase is suitable for guys only. I don't think so. At this age, I think I have everything in my life. I have a loving husband, an adorable son, families that I can count on, a good career and assets (insurances, houses, plots of land, cars). What else do I want? God gives me everything ( except babies...never mind).....I should be grateful. When people did something good to us, we will become good to them. What about God? I was not a good muslimah. My husband always asked me to pray early but I never listened to him. I will pray Subuh at 6.40 am, Zuhur at 3.30 pm, Asar at 6.00 pm, Maghrib at 8.00 pm and Isyak before I slept. It was terrible. Just melepas batuk di tangga, janji buat. I don't know. Suddenly, I felt really bad. I should not do that. I am so lucky until today I am still alive. I should love God more that anything. When we are in difficulty, we will remember God. We think God is not fair by giving us this test. But what about if we are on top of the world, we think we deserve it without God's help. I tried so hard to get a baby this year. When I did the treatment, I took mc (going to take unpaid leave). I had maid to take care of me, I did everything to save my "baby" but God didn't let me to. It's beyond our control. Whatever happened in our lives, there's hikmah. We don't know that. Only God knows!

Pengubat Hati
1. Baca Quran dan maknanya
2. Dirikanlah solat malam
3. Berkawan dengan orang yang soleh
4. Banyakkan puasa
5. Zikir malam.

May God helps us to do all these.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No mood today. My son's not well. He had fever last night but now, he's ok only coughing. Haiii...thinking of the bonus that the government servants can get this year. We cannot give too much hope but please have mercy on us. Kah!Kah!Kah! Cuepacs asked for 2 months bonus...mimpilah. My friends asked about my plan for the holiday. No where. We cannot even go back to Kelantan, afraid that the contractor needs us to settle anything related to our new house. Sacrifice! Sacrifice! A stranger known as Mr Lonely read my blog. Thank you. I read his blog but I am so lazy to give comments. Sorry. Last Friday JC told me that he and Poon are cousins but why their first names are different. Then, he said that their mothers are sisters. Like that aaa. It's good to know other people's culture and custom. We must learn how to respect to other cultures and beliefs, then we can live in this country without prejudice........

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy birthday Ahmad...

Actually I was scared to celebrate his birthday. When he was 1 year old, we did have a birthday party for him. I invited my relatives and we sang a birthday song for him. After that Ahmad always got sick, seriously sick. Pneumonia, asthma, high fever that make me think twice to have another birthday party for him. When he was 2 years old, we took him to Putra Jaya for a lake cruise. 3 years old, we were in Mecca at that time. 4 years old, only at Cameron Highlands. Last year, we just had makan besar at my parents' house. No birthday song, no birthday cake and no wishes.........just makan tengahari! Last Sunday, I felt pity to this boy. I told my husband that it's ok if we bought him a cake but no need to sing a song or blow candles. So, at last after 4 years, he had his own birthday cake. He was so shy that I had to cut the cake for him (then my sister helped me to cut it nicely, thank you). Haii...my son didn't like attention. Sooooo shy (like me, so only a picture of his cake and a picture hugging my nephew, Id - he refused to cut his cake).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ketulusan Hati

I heard this song when I watched "Panggilan Agung" in Astro Oasis. I never thought we can dedicate this love song to our God. When we love someone too much, we forget that we'll lose them one day. If we love God, it will be an undying love.....an endless love.

Cintaku tak berdusta
Tak mengenal ingkar
Tak kenal nestapa

Cintaku hanya indah
Hanya bahagia untuk selamanya
Apa yang kurasakan ini
Persembahan untuk diriMu
Kau biarkan kasihku

MencintaiMu tak mengenal waktu
Tak mengenal puitis
Hanya tulusnya hati
MencintaiMu tak mengenal ragu
Keyakinan hatiku hanya untuk diriMu selalu

Friday, May 21, 2010

My dream house....

Starts the renovation. Frankly speaking, I cannot wait to see what it will look like. Expand the front, left side and the back......the cost, don't ask? Almost 9 years I live with my parents. I don't know, it's like lepas geram. When I was 13 years old, I left home to study at boarding school. Then, I went to university in PJ for 6 years and in Gombak for 1 year. Live in KL with my colleagues for 2 years. After that I followed my husband to Perak and lived there for 5 years. Actually, I really-really miss my mum. I want to be closed to her. People don't know that. When I was small, I was closed to my maid, Kak Nor. My mum was the famous fish monger (after I finished my study then she stopped working) in Pulau Sebang market. She always looked tired at home. If I needed anything, I just told my father. I didn't dare to ask her. I remember one incident when my mum wanted to cook something special for my sister. She told me that my sister liked that food. Then, I asked her,"Emak tahuke saya suka makan apa?" She said,"Tak tahu." I was so sad. I went into the bathroom and cried (until now I like to cry in the bathroom). I live with my mum because I want her to know me, her youngest child. I want her to know everything about me. I want her to know that I need her in my life. I was not lucky. So many things happened here. Before this, I bought a house near to my school but I rent it to someone. Can get money maa...I really want to live with them but it's better to live in separate houses. My husband knows my problem. He has been so patient. Ok...final decision, he bought my dream house. Thank you for helping me out! Don't worry. Our new house is near to my parents's house so, every day I can see my angels. Love both of you so much.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey! That's my brother, the judge.....

One of them is my brother, Bang Tih. My parents are so happy to see his face in the newspaper. Really proud of you bro!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good and bad news

Hi! Today Lisa and Farain came to school. So happy to see them. Thanks Lisa for that em,em,em. Not lucky because Cikgu Aziz was in the library so I couldn't have a long chat with them but thank you for visiting us. Yesterday someone told me something about our friend's wife. I was shocked but I tried to stay calm. It was bad news, really bad news. No wonder he was not around. He took his wife to the hospital for a therapy. She asked me to keep it as a secret. I won't tell anyone about this because I don't want people to keep asking him about his wife. I know his feeling. People will just say,"sabarlah" but it's not easy to accept the fact that someone we love so much is in pain! Today I got good news from another teacher, he's going to be a father. No wonder, he looked so happy. He didn't mind the students forgot to bring their NILAM books. He was like walking in the air. I never saw that situation before. After his students left the library, he went out. Then, he came back smiling. He looked at me and said, "orang rumah saya mengandung". Oh my God. I was so happy and asked him to take a really good care of her. Yalah. He told me that his wife's so sensitive now. Of course, that's normal. After three years of marriage, they will have a baby. Haiii...last time before I got Ahmad, when someone told me that news, it's like thunder....deboom. I felt useless but now I am ok. Two husbands who face two different situations. Just pray to God that nothing bad will happen to them...InsyaAllah.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The request!!!

On Mother's Day last week, my husband gave me a cake. It was a surprise. The best part was he fed me, haiii....I think my husband has changed. He's so romantic now. He takes a good care of me, giving me what I want but he was not romantic before. Then yesterday, we went to Jaya Jusco Air Keroh. I love eating at the food court there. My favourite spot is The Western Food. The chicken grilled with the black pepper sauce was so tasty. I don't like chicken chop because the chicken is like nugget whereas for this one, they grill a fresh chicken. Before going home, my husband went to the frame shop, may be he wanted to find something special for our new house. After that he went to the souvenir shop. I asked him what was he trying to find. Then he said,"For you". I was speechless. He bought me a teddy bear with roses. I got tears in my eyes. Just said,"thank you" to him. I think I should fulfill his only request, no more shirts or t-shirt. I like wearing simple, plain shirts. I like to look sempoi. I remember when I was a teenager, my grandmother looked at my faded jeans and shirt, asking me,"mak kau tak bagi duit ko, ni pakai barang lusuh ajo". Haiii...she didn't know my faded jeans was RM100 something and my Lee shirt was also like that. Yalah..I should change. Be a lady, but not now aaa.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day

Celebrated Teachers' Day at school today. Last night got a message from Chong, wishing me Happy Teachers' Day( He still didn't remember the date, he should become a teacher one day). Then got the second gift from Rita. Haiii...one is enough. She likes to give me presents. The best one is when I was invited to go to Remove class. The Indian students were so good. They bought a blue cake for the teachers who teach their class only; got bihun goreng, nasi goreng, sweets and Nips chocolate. I just took the chocolate, the rest I told them that the teachers would be given jamuan later, so I couldn't eat a lot. They decorated their class and asked Pn. Zanariah, their class teacher to cut the ribbon before entering. Sooooo sweet. I really enjoyed the programmes that incharged by Ngai Pei Siang. It's simple but he didn't burden the teachers and the students. All of us assembled at the hall, so it's not hot. After that, games. Then the teachers had jamuan at Bilik Gerakan. Lastly, students' performance and a kotak beracun game (he changed the rule, thank you), all at the hall. Haii.... teachers don't need presents. We can afford to buy them. I got 10 apples yesterday, until today all are still inside the fridge. Today I got another apple from Mr Vik. Then a girl came to see me, telling me that she's very hungry. I asked her to take the apple on my table. She asked me about her apple that she gave me yesterday. Haiii...I said the one on my table was from Mr Vik. If you are not sincere to give the teachers a gift, then don't give it next time. I looked at the positive side because she always helped me only that it's not nice to say,"my apple, teacher". You gave it to me and then you said "my apple"!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fly baby fly......

So damn tired. Think of running away from all this but I'm not a coward. How hard it is I must face it. The problem is I couldn't control my mouth anymore, I just said without thinking of other people's feeling. Soooooooooooooo sorry. I will try to stay calm, take a deep breath and just smile. The question paper is ready, one work done. Apples bought already, another work done. Still has other works waiting. Haiiii......I am so jealous with TBS and SMT. They have lots of money to spend. They wondered why I had to sell things at school. They got RM18,000 something for their PSS fund and RM7000 for Suwa (which they must finish it). I, on the other hand only got RM8300 for the fund and RM2200 (used to pay for the 4 newspapers and all the 8 magazines - January until October)...haiiii and our PIBG only contributes RM500 every year. Not like them, they got RM2000 at least from their PIBG. So sad. I have to accept that my school is so daif. I think if I get an offer to go somewhere, I will just accept. Last year, I always said no when Pn. Soon asked me to apply for a new post. I thought I was not yet ready. Kept thinking of my son. This time.....don't know but I really-really fed up with the situation.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My brain is going to explode! Too many things to think.....
a) Contractor..this is going to be the second and the last(hopefully). He's a young contractor from Tampin Jaya. He told us the price. I think it's ok but my husband was still not satisfied. He wanted to ask his friends first...oh whatever. Last time, I thought Chong (ex-librarian) as the contractor. Waah..I heard he has a new girlfriend. How many times he has a new girlfriend? Haiii..just hope he will do well in his SPM.
b) PSS....I want to buy so many things but Pn.Soon had told me earlier that I can spend less than 70% PSS fund. I get RM8300.00 every year. It means I can spend around RM5000.00. That is the money to buy books, computer ink, stationery, album, manila cards, bla, bla, bla.... Not enough. Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!
c) Buy apples tomorrow. I went to see the towkey today, she gave me 70 cents each. Ok lah...suppose to be 80 cents. I cannot buy small apples for my friends. It's their day, must give quality ones. So the profit that I got around RM100 something. OK LAH...rather than nothing. At least I can buy 4 original vcds for the library.
d) My son didn't want to take a nap in the afternoon anymore. After doing his homework, he just played, played and played. So, he slept early at night. I couldn't teach him reading and Maths. So worried about him. When we went shopping today, he danced when they played Lady Gaga song at that time. He wasn't shamed at all. Lucky, my students were not there. I asked him to choose presents for his teachers.....he pointed a machine gun toy!!!
e) My husband didn't like me wearing shirts (he told me that he's going to throw my favourite shirt one day, the black one). He wanted me to wear blouse. When I went to Malacca with my friends last Friday, I saw a very nice shirt. It's only RM22.00. Chitra asked me to buy and I wanted to but it's ok lah.....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday, Ahmad and I bought a card for my mum. I asked him to write something using his colour pencils. She was so happy that she cried and hugged my son. I cried too. I don't know why we became so sensitive. Last night, I sang one song to my son to make him sleeping. Suddenly, he took his bolster to cover his face. Then, I realised that he was crying. He missed my husband so much. I had to call my husband to comfort him. Both of us fell asleep until Hidayat (ex-student)sent me a message, wishing me "Selamat Hari Ibu" at midnight. Lucky he did that because I hadn't performed Isyak prayer yet. Thank you Hidayat. He helped me a lot to prepare props for my drama. I think he is studying at UITM now. So to all mums "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY". Be a mother is a gift from God. Appreciate your children as they are your greatest asset. I cannot imagine my life without Ahmad. He is everything...........

Man vs woman

Went to Shopping Centre with Ahmad this morning. Ahmad chose the books which are easy for him. I changed his books, he was very angry. He started saying," Ahmad nak mati. Mati dekat jel". I don't know where he learned the word jel. I told him that jail is for bad persons. We just walked as it's near to my parents' house (the real reason is I didn't dare to drive) . He was so tired that until now he's still sleeping. Poor my boy. Then, I sent a message to my husband because he didn't call me since this morning. He called me and said that he just finished his LDP and tonight he has another programme. I reminded him to call Ahmad this evening. He said ok. Women and men are different; physically (of course), mentally and emotionally. We have to tell men what do we want, if not they won't know. I remember when my husband said something bad, I was so sad. He didn't notice it. It was just a joke. He continued reading the newspaper like he didn't know that he had hurt my feeling. After a few minutes, I told him,"awak tak tahu ke saya tengah merajuk ni". He said," la apasal tak cakap awal-awal". See! They don't know that we are angry or sad. We must tell them. It's so difficult to find a man who looks at us and knows that we are sad, or whatever. I met one but he's not a man. He's just a boy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

MISS YOU.......

My husband has to attend a three day Form 6 course at his school. My son kept asking about him. Haiii...I still remember when we were in Perak, he had to attend Induction Course for three weeks at Setiawan (it took 1 hour to go there). We did not teach at the same school. So, when I reached home, I felt so lonely. I went to the kitchen, he had already bought me food. He had prepared everything, no need for me to go to the shop. I cried until night because I missed him so much. Then, around 10.30 pm, he came back. He told me that he felt someone calling him. He didn't like to see me crying so every night he would travel to keep me company. After that he had to attend another course in Kedah. Before he went there, he made sure someone accompanied me at home, who else my parents la. He will do everything just to make me happy. He pampered me too much. I remembered when I wanted to buy a story book. He's so tired to go to the shop. So, I wanted to follow my friend to go there. Straightaway, he said," No need, I will take you there". In 2002, when I told him that I wanted to stay with my parents after we transferred from Perak, he just agreed. He has his weakness (who was born perfect?) but he is perfect as a husband and a papa. Miss you, miss you and miss you......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This week, asked Shen to take photos for the cross-country event. He's ok and then Brian told me that he also wanted to help as he couldn't run because of migrain. EXCUSE!!! Professor ran without his glasses. I asked him whether he could run without them. He just smiled but Uges looked at me and said, "Don't worry, he will reach Malacca". Today, all the teachers had meeting for Hari Koperasi. I thought I wanted to have karaoke slot, one song we will charge 50 cents. The Form 5 librarians rejected my idea. Then, Christopher and Wee Chin agreed to sell cakes on that day. I will give them RM50.00 to buy the ingredients but I don't think I will take the profit (although I had told them that the profit was for PSS) . They just give me back my RM50.00, enough. Apples for teachers' day.......we received 172 orders, so far. Thanks to all students (the ones who ordered la), Cikgu Mohamad and Lisa Teo (you're still SMKTI sweetheart)....thank you so much. I can buy new vcds for the library.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I don't know why we have this subject at school. They know it's not an exam subject, that's why the students are not interested to learn. I really pity the teachers who teach that subject. It's really wasting time and because of it, some of us have to go back at 2.40pm. The worst is many English teachers have class at 2.00pm (no more mood to learn, think of our lunch at home) including me, my 3B. They have Pendidikan Islam and Pendidikan Moral which teach them how to become good. Why do we need Sivik if the students do not care to learn? During my time, we did have Sivik(because there's no Pendidikan Moral for the non Muslims at that time) but it's not every week. It's alternate with PJ. The Sivik teacher, I didn't like him. I was the class monitor in Form 5 Omega (I was appointed as my class teacher knew that by giving me work, I would become responsible). He asked me why I became the monitor, "pilihan kelas ke?" I looked at him and said,"pilihan guru". So, every time when we had Sivik( without waiting for the teacher), my friends and I went to the toilet and changed our uniforms. He would try to find us and when he saw us with the PJ uniforms, he just left. PJ was so cool. That's the time, I really had fun with my friends. We just went to the PJ store, took a ball and played our own version Captain ball. We didn't mind to play the same game every week. No need observation from the PJ teacher. This game has no rules, not like netball. It's a tough game, physically and mentally. Sometimes, I pity our students. The good ones will just think of exam only while the weak ones just think of finding work and get money. It's not a healthy situation at all!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monkey Business!!!

Went to Mustafa Original Nasi Ayam Gemas (near TBS). Bought 5 packs. Ok, not bad. Compare to Nasi Ayam Gemas (Osman's one, near Pizza Hut), the taste is almost the same but the original one, its rice (smell good) and chicken (nice and tender) are better. Yalah, the recipe belongs to Mustafa but this Osman, I really salute him. He sent his wife and daughter to work with Mustafa for 6 or 7 months. So, they learned how to make that famous chicken rice until they're expert. After that, he resigned and opened his own chicken rice restaurant. Haii...so easy. Now he has a few nasi ayam restaurants. Did he do the correct thing? Even, my husband's uncle also had the same problem. His best worker married to his rival's son. Before this, his uncle was the one who could produce cheap but quality songkok, now he has to share with that guy. Rezeki is from God. If you did something bad, worse thing will happen to you later. If not to you, may be to your family. Duit banyak ke sikit tak apa, janji halal. Hidup pun berkat.

Friday, April 30, 2010

My Ahmad

Today I took Ahmad to his school and fetched him. Asked his teacher about his performance at school. She told me that Ahmad didn't want to finish his work at school. When she asked him to write on the whiteboard, he refused. His teacher thought he didn't know how to write and I was the one who did his homework. I told her that Ahmad was different at home. I know Ahmad is a shy boy. When he sang infront of me, I asked him to do it in his class. He replied,"Ahmad malu." It's so difficult to explain. When I studied at kindergarten and primary school, I was like that. I was shy and quiet . I was not like what I am now. I still remember when I was in Standard 5 my mum took me, my second cousin, my brother and my sister to see this alim atuk (he had passed away) somewhere in Rembau. I forgot his name. He would touch our heads and read his pray. When it came to my turn, after finished reciting his pray, he looked at my mother and smiled. He said,"budak ni boleh tahan, mulut dia bising." Haiii...I was puzzled. How come this Atuk judged me like that. Now, I am like what he said. Back to my son. I think I will do something for him. If he is ok with my plan, I think he will change. But....it takes time.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi...it's so difficult to forget this blog. I miss it so much. I do have another blog but the excitement to express something is not same. It's like talking to a tree. So, I am back. Tomorrow, I don't have to go to school. Pn Soon had approved my cuti rehat. I really need a break. I can relax, watch tv, cook something special for my family, fuiyooo syoknye! The pity thing is all my friends will have makan besar (pot luck) at the staff room tomorrow. Chitra said that she will send something for me at home. No need laa, it's ok. I don't mind. All of them can eat the secret recipe cheese cake, the batik cake, the bihun and Geeta's vege food for me. But deep inside aa......uwaaaaaa!!!!Happy belated birthday to all my birthday friends including Geeta (April) and Mr Tan (January). I sang that song for both of them after meeting this evening but Ah Tan asked me to sing that song every time he's in the library. NO WAY!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi! This week was really bad. Yesterday, I nearly had an accident again. I didn't know how my foot slipped from the brake pedal and the worst was I couldn't find it. Lucky, I used the steering to control my car. Really, really lucky!!! It's like mati hidup semula. This will be my last post. The ones who read this blog, thank you so much. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad news. I don't feel the satisfaction of writing so I need another blog to express my views . I don't think it will be suitable for all. So, that's it.....bye! Take care.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lousy customers!

Business is not good this year. Only a few ordered photos. They want to buy dvd (Pesta Ponggal / Pesta Tahun Baru Cina movie). The problem is Ainul and Yusrizal don't know how to do it. Haiiii...and then apple for teachers' day. Only a few ordered the apples. They said,"mahal lah". Use your brain laa. It's not Chinese New Year that you can buy a box of oranges in a very good price. RM1.50 is cheap what. The cost of an average apple is around 70 cents, we will wrap it (the plastic), tie it up (the ribbon), write the message ( the A4 paper) and deliver it (the sweat) to the teacher or friend. They should consider all these. At least, for one apple the PSS can get 50 cents profit. If I want to think of the profit only, I will just paste the message on the apple (like "of Bunga Telur and Bally shoes" Form 1 short story). I should follow my instinct. Sell cup cake. Christopher volunteered to bake the cakes but I don't want to burden him. One more thing, Pn. Rohana didn't allow us to use ERT room, so where to do it. My parents' house, the students will feel shy. I think I will learn how to bake the cake first from my sister, so next year I will ask a few librarians to come to my house and we will do it together or the easy way, just order the cakes from any bakery and take the commission. The price......the students will still say "mahal lah". If you want something cheap. DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Behind the skirting....

I don't know how to tell about this one. A boy did something bad in the library during his class. His teacher saw what he did and she was very angry. Then when I came back, she told me about it. I was so mad. I wanted to tell Miss Tan but she asked me to give that boy one more chance. I kept looking at him. I think he knew that I know what he did. He looked down. Rasa bersalah lah tu. Haiii...if he wants to do it, do it at home. Don't do it here and don't use your friend's tut. Is he gay? He will infuence his innocent friends to do it. It's so terrible.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Today I helped Kak Tengku giving her ideas on how to upgrade her Bilik Gerakan. Cikgu Aziz did not satisfy with her room and said bad things to her. When she told me the story yesterday, she cried because she was so sad. I went to see him today to inform that the librarians(except Form 5) will help the teachers to clean up Bilik Gerakan, Pusat Akses and Perpustakaan this Wednesday. He knew that I did not like his way, scolding my friends but he said that sometimes we have to use harsh words to make the teachers wake up and do their duty. No comment! Now about my son, Ahmad. I don't think Ahmad is a slow learner but we must know how to make him understand. Like Maths, he solved the questions so fast because of his understanding. Only his writing, now I teach him the simple way on how to write G, d, m, N, n. He knows how to write the letters but "tak cantik". Last time, I taught him the letters r, h, T, I and y. He's ok with me. I did raise my voice sometimes(like teaching my Remove students) and at first he didn't like it but my opera voice made him to understand it faster. I don't want to compare him with his friends. May be some of his friends can read now. Who cares? When he was 1 year and 8 months old, a neurologist specialist(Hospital Seremban) did check his IQ. She asked Ahmad to draw circle and vertical line. He did both. She told me that he was like a 4 year old kid. I want Ahmad to enjoy his life as a kid. He is just 6 years old (Even, Albert Einstein was considered a fool at school). Let him play more, study less. The time will come when he really needs to focus on his study and I will make sure of that. But if he is still not doing well in his study, I won't blame him. May be he has a special gift.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Haiiii....yesterday, Lisa sent me a message about Adi. She's really angry with this boy and many teachers at school don't like him. He is sarcastic and arrogant. He likes to give bad comments about something. What Lisa said is true, he has to change. He told me that he was bullied at his former school that's why he left that school. May be because of his big mouth, the students didn't like it so they hit him. He helps me a lot at school, I really appreciate it but I think I cannot accept his attitude. He doesn't want to accept my advice. He said if the teachers do not satisfy with him, meet him face to face not through me. Now, let him do his work and he still can ask me if he has any problems but to be nice to this boy is zero. Sometimes I don't understand with this student. If he thinks he is so good at computer or technical things, he should think that they are other people who are better than him. No need to be arrogant, it's nothing to be proud of.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is my life now!

Sometimes, I don't feel to go to work. Have to face the same things, the same persons, the same place and the same food! I told my mum last time that I want to retire early but she said no. I don't know. I love teaching but I need something new. Oh ya about facebook. The students said that I should have my own facebook. I don't want to. Last year my old schoolmates, especially my group RRPG tried to find me. They thought I was still in Perak. All of them wanted to see me. One of them called the operator to get help. They were shocked to find out that I am here. Haii...I have my family now. My father, mum, son and hubby are my friends. I am used to that situation. After getting married, my world is with my husband. My friends did call me during my early year of marriage(they were single at that time) but when they wanted to see me, my husband said "no". Only last year, my husband gave me a chance to see my group. I was happy but I don't think we can be like what we were before. I feel weird if I walk without my husband(except at school). Last year, I went out with my colleagues(Chitra, Farain, Kak Ani and GSTT teachers) but only for three, four hours. I cannot leave my family for too long. May be that's why I don't need facebook. Blog is different. It's like I am talking with someone. I feel relax. Some of the things that I wrote in my blog (especially my teenage life), my family doesn't know about it. I don't know how to tell them. That's why, the comments that I got, I never reply. I just need someone to share it, not to discuss.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last night I watched football with my husband, N.Sembilan (Hobin Jang Hobin) vs Kedah. I was so excited that I sent sms to a few persons to make sure they support my team. Haiii....while watching the match, my eldest sister had a fight with her daughter. I couldn't focus on what I was watching because my ears wanted to hear what was it about. When I went to the bathroom, I heard my neighbour pom pang pom pang with his son(another fight). I really lost interest to watch it. I gave you one formula of my situation last night:

My sister's fight + football match + My neighbour's fight = Mambang mabuk minum brandi!
(taken from Pendekar Bujang Lapok's quotation)

Betul-betul kacau. Next time, if they want to fight, choose the correct time! Nasib baik HJH monang! Hidup Nogori!

Thank you God

We went to Mahkota Parade today. Need to buy a few woman's stuff. I know my husband and I had to be thrifty because of our new house. No more new clothes, new shoes, bla, bla, bla.....but last Thursday, I got a cheque babe (I paid extra for my income tax). Ok lah . It means I can go shopping, so that's what I did today. Sometimes, I think I am the most lucky person when it comes to my wish. Except to have babies, that's special case. I can accept it. The rest, just make a wish and I will get it. I am really grateful to God for everything that I have. My colleague, Kak Ta was worried thinking of her umrah. I told her that I miss Mecca so much. She asked me whether I was tested by God there. I told her that my first umrah, I got high fever. A very high fever. I couldn't get up. My mother was so worried and sad because we had to leave Mecca on the next day. I just thought of death. I didn't think of anything else but when my mum wiped my body with zam zam water, kept saying that I would get well and we would leave Mecca together, I was so touched. I remembered my promise to take care of my parents. Then, I don't know how I could get up and went to Masjidil Haram on the next day. My husband went to do his tawaf widak and left me alone (I got my period at that time). I was not scared at all because I know God would protect me. Then, I went to one place which I could see Kaabah from there. Suddenly I felt to throw up. A few Badwi women came to help me. One of them put her cloth so that my clothes would not get dirty. Another person rubbed my back. I did not know them but after that I felt quite ok and they kissed my cheek before they left. The second umrah was the best. I got everything that I want but my son, Ahmad, he always made me angry and sad. I just kept quiet or cried. I thought he didn't love me any more and I just prayed to God for his safety and his health. When we reached Malaysia, that night I got back my son. He hugged and kissed me. I told Kak Ta, I really miss Mecca and one day I will go there again to perform Hajj or may be one day I will live there. May God fulfil my wish. Amin!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad experience!

I did go to TBS when I studied form 6 but only for 2 months or 3 months, I don't remember. I was in 6 Rendah Sains 1( the first Science class la). It was in 1988. Waah so long. I just went there because my parents asked me too. It was a very social school. I got culture shock there. I did not wear tudung and hid my glasses inside my pocket(could not afford contact lenses at that time). Haiii...I didn't have many friends in my class, but I had many friends in 6 Sastera. They would wait for me and we would have breakfast together at the canteen. The boys were so rough, I mean the Malay boys. I was a bit scared of them but at school, the lower six boys would not dare to disturb me. The upper six boys took care of me. All because of my brother(now he's a judge). They knew my brother, so I was safe. There was one scary incident. One lower 6 boy told me that he would wait for me after school (the tongong one). I told him that my father would fetch me but what happened was my father didn't come. I didn't like to ride a bus, so I just walked with a friend. This tongong boy came with his group and started teasing me. He wanted to carry my bag. He tried to pull my bag but I didn't let it. We were like tarik tali. Nobody helped me at that time even my friend, she also scared to help me. Then, this group blocked my way. It means I had to follow their way. I was so lucky when we reached the recreational park, a few abang form 6 were already there. So, all the tongong boys left me and my friend. Haii...then when I got the offer to go to UIAM, I accepted it with all my heart as long as I could leave this school.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sampainya hatimu!!!

Yesterday my husband told me that my school got the second place in Kejohanan Olahraga. I was so happy.Waaaah! This morning I saw Farain and told her the good news. I told her that we beat TBS. My husband's school, SMK Dato Taha got the third place. "Eh, betulke?", she kept asking me and I said "yalah, my husband told me." During recess, I saw Uges and pretended to scold him. I said, "See, because of the 5 medals that our school got, we have to become the host next year." He looked at me with his tired face and said, "Teacher, we just got 1 gold medal."
Hairan bin Ajaib. I asked him again,"We got the second place right and we beat TBS this time". He looked at me and showed his 8 fingers to me. Haaa! Alamak, aku tertipu. I don't know whether Farain has told other teachers about this one, but until now I haven't called Farain to tell her the truth. Sorry le, my husband just made up the story to tease me. Haiii, I know my school is not good compare to his school but this is the school I like most. The students are naughty and their results also are not that good. As long as they do not burden their parents when they finish schooling...... it's ok with me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi! It's about Adi, my new librarian. Ok, he's Dr Hamdan's son. He's not like other students. He has his own principle and view. Not many teachers like him even Pn. Soon did scold him once. People will think that his father is a doctor that's why he's like that. At first, I had the same thought then....He is very independent. He's not the pampered type. I think I have to accept him as he is. We cannot change him. I know not all people can accept him but WE NEED THIS KIND OF STUDENT. He is damn good at computer. Computer is like his twin. I don't know other subjects. I never ask him.

Monday, April 5, 2010

H1N1 vaccine

So frustrated. The health minister asked us to go to any 104 Health Centres that provide H1N1 vaccine but he didn't give the list. I had to find it myself. Got the list already and I called the one who's incharged. The problem is the vaccine is only for 18-65 years old. It means my parents and my son cannot be vaccinated. I asked her if they do it at any private hospital, will they get the vaccine? Her answer is NO. That is the rule, only 18-65 years old. If the health centre gives it to someone not from the age range, may be that person will get health complication. Risky babe.....

Further information:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did not go to school this morning. Had to take a leave, Ahmad had fever. Now, he's ok but I still have to check his temperature. I have headache, may be I didn't have a good sleep last night. Every four hours I had to check him. I am so scared of H1N1. My son had asthma and pneumonia last time. H1N1 is the killer disease. Just pray that anyone I know and love won't get it. Take care.........

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ahmad's performance and my father's birthday

Both of them are more important than my life (my father and Ahmad). My father is the most caring dad. He's my protector. He never hit me. Even when my mother tried to hit me, I would hide behind him. When I argued with my mum, he would become the middleman. I did get a bad result once when I was in primary school, I didn't show my mum the report card because I was so scared. Scolding and nagging, no problem but caning(the belt or the twig) fuihh....When she was not at home, I showed it to my father. He was angry but he asked me to do well next time. No pressure at all. Now, he is 76 years old. He still helps me when I have problem. Took my son to school and fetched him, took me to the clinic when my husband's not around, checked me in my room if I was not well. He is like my right wing and my mother is my left wing. That's why I call them, my angel. I cannot be like what I am now without them. May God bless my angel.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ahmad and Jawi

Hi! Just taught my son reading and Maths. Ahmad, he is good at Maths but he doesn't like Jawi. The problem is I'm not good at it too. Mathematics and language, I have no problem. I can read Jawi but the written one is not good compare to my husband. The biggest problem is he doesn't want to learn Muqaddam. Before this, I thought to send him to learn piano with Yap Ying Hui's mother but my husband said no. All because he doesn't want to "mengaji'. He doesn't want Ustaz Hasnizi to teach him. May be that Ustaz is too fierce!!!Haiii...Ahmad is more like me. Sometimes, I prefer if he is like my husband. Ahmad is like my reflection. My husband asked me to show a good example to him but how? Speak softly, walk slowly, don't laugh too loud..... haii.... I don't want my boy to become "akua"(I learned it from my Remove students)....daaaa.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ahmad, Ahmad....

My son cut his own hair! Yesterday my husband bought scissors for him. He wanted to learn from Hakimi (the boy next door) on how to make a kite. Yalah, then he did something else. I don't know what his teachers will say but he is still a child, what do we expect! Lucky he just cut his hair not his tut........

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love, love and love

What will you do if you love someone? Do you have to change to win his or her love? Are you willing to sacrifice? When we agree to belong to someone, we want the person to accept what we are, that is it. Relationship is something that you cannot be selfish. Treat your partner as your best friend and lover then the marriage is like living in a heaven. You should feel relax and comfort when you are with your partner. You can speak anything from your mind. You can share all the good and bad news. If your partner is better than you, you must accept it. You should feel proud of her or him. The word "envy" does not exist in the marriage dictionary! Be a good listener then everything will be ok. Look at your partner, she or he is still the same person that you have been together for ages....

Monday, March 29, 2010

A conversation with my boy

Ahmad: Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther
Mama: I like Ben 10
Ahmad: Pocoyo?
Mama: I think the blue boy is so cute
Ahmad: Pato?
Mama: You mean the duck?
Ahmad: Yes
Mama: Ok lah
Ahmad:He's cute. Mickey Mouse?
Mama: Have you done your homework?
Ahmad: Dah siap dah homework. Nak ice-cream...
Mama: No way!
Ahmad: Ummm...nak ice-cream jugak. Tak boleh?
Mama: Yalah...
Ahmad: Nak ice-cream sama roti 'tut'
Mama: We cannot eat that 'tut'. Tell me about your friend, Mimi Najwa
Ahmad: Miss Mimi Najwa. Give present?
Mama: What present?
Ahmad: Handbag, mama handbag.
Mama: Then, I have no handbag.
Ahmad: Pakai Ahmad punya.
Mama: That is not a handbag.
Ahmad: Ustazah tak datang
Mama: Why?
Ahmad: Demam. Ahmad main basketball dengan Mimi Najwa
Mama: How to play?
Ahmad: Ambil, lepas tu macam ni, macam tu, baling.
Mama: Come, we take a nap
Ahmad: Nak main Mickey Mouse
Mama: Where's Mickey Mouse?
Ahmad: Dalam komputer papa.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hi! In a good mood today. My husband and I washed our new house this morning. Oh my God! Lucky we have a maid to help us. Kalau tidak matilah! My Ahmad did try helping but he made us working harder. We dried the place already but he with his broom brought water to that place. We had to bathe him there. Then, my eldest brother and my parents dropped in. Ahmad was so happy to see them. He made noise, calling them. That area is so quiet. My husband loves the place. I love it too but I am afraid that we will disturb our neighbours. Well, you know me and my son (the hu-ha hu-ha type). Tomorrow, yes my appointment with Janice, my Dermalogica beautician. I cannot wait for someone to massage my face. She always made me sleeping while doing it. So good. I don't care what people said about this one but it's good for our skin. When I was at the university, my friends were shocked to hear that. They thought a tomboy like me won't care about this thing. Haii...I am still a woman. I love to touch my skin. My husband, no problem. As long as my face is ok, he doesn't mind to take me there and fetch me. Thank you.....

Friday, March 26, 2010

So damn tired. Didn't have time to rest at school (except at the canteen, my hu-ha-hu-ha time). Sometimes, I am getting fed-up of doing the same work but this is life.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi! I read one article about Fauziah Latif, the famous singer. She has two kids but the kids are with the husband. She's all alone. She will call them every day and sometimes they will spend the holidays together. That's it. So easy her life. No wonder she involves in acting now. I don't know why it's so easy for her to let the kids with the father. I don't think I can do that. I know the father is very rich but she is the mother. She is more closed to the kids. Haiii... that's my biggest problem now. I cannot read or hear things that relate to kids. Why women nowadays don't like kids. Do they burden you? Look at the small faces. Don't you want to see them growing up? Go to school, study at university, have a girlfriend(or girlfriends?), have a good job, get married and have babies. I want to see my son to have this kind of life. I really pity the women who think career is more important than their child (or children). I just cannot accept it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Settled my AJK KERJA PSS meeting. We started at 5.30 pm and ended at 6.00 pm. This is because we had two meetings before, mesyuarat guru and PIBG. Never mind. We had a good discussion, some of the teachers gave ideas to help me (thank you). I did not have chest pained at school today. I stayed back until 6 pm. Lucky, I was ok. I really have to take things easy. It cannot be like last time. I could do so many things before in one day. Even in my Remove class, I played games(BINGO) with my students during the second period today, so I could sit. Jangan mare. In my 3B, I work hard to teach them. I really want them to pass. I think Poon Khai Wei is a bright boy ( a fast learner) only that he's lazy but he did his work and he attended my extra class. I thought to ask him to join Chitra's extra class so that he can get A or at least B. Other 3B students, most of them are very weak. I have to teach them the basics first.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A new recipe

Hi! Just learned a new recipe. I got it from Taste with Jason programme (AFC channel). I didn't know that we can steam prawns (the big ones, udang galah le). It's so simple. Just put salt and lime juice (he used wine) then steam the prawns. I haven't tried it yet.......actually I am not feeling well. I have chest pained. That's why I returned home early today. Suppose I wanted to stay back until 3 o'clock but I had to stop doing my work. It's not because of work pressure. I never have that problem. Yesterday I had an argument with my father. I did not agree with what he said. He did not understand my auntie's situation. Not all lucky like my father. He has everything. I felt so sad. My father did regret with what he had said to me. I was ok after that. Then, that pain attacked again last night. I thought to take mc but I remembered my work at school. I will try to slow a bit. I told my son tonight if something happen to me, he must be a good boy. He cried. He said that he didn't want to be like Upin and Ipin, they had no parents. I told him that he still has his papa.........

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mak Tih Kelate

She is just a mother who works as a tailor (she works for my husband's uncle, the rich one). When she and her family were introduced to me, I just knew that they were poor. Her husband (my husband's another uncle) just "kerja kampung". What is so special about the family? She made me feeling so small when I walked with her. All because of her genius children. I am very sure she didn't teach her children (of course no tuition for them) but how did the children become so smart? They got a very good result in UPSR, PMR or SPM. This year, one of her children got 9A and 1B+ (SPM) and one of them has started working. He is a TELEKOM ENGINEER in KL and his future fiancee is anak Dato. What I heard, the family is very humble, the girl's mother didn't want Mak Tih to call her Datin. See! Such a lucky mother, "sejuk perut mak mengandung". That's why we cannot look down on unlucky people because we don't know their fate. May be they will become rich one day, who knows. BE NICE TO ALL PEOPLE......daa