Monday, March 29, 2010

A conversation with my boy

Ahmad: Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther
Mama: I like Ben 10
Ahmad: Pocoyo?
Mama: I think the blue boy is so cute
Ahmad: Pato?
Mama: You mean the duck?
Ahmad: Yes
Mama: Ok lah
Ahmad:He's cute. Mickey Mouse?
Mama: Have you done your homework?
Ahmad: Dah siap dah homework. Nak ice-cream...
Mama: No way!
Ahmad: Ummm...nak ice-cream jugak. Tak boleh?
Mama: Yalah...
Ahmad: Nak ice-cream sama roti 'tut'
Mama: We cannot eat that 'tut'. Tell me about your friend, Mimi Najwa
Ahmad: Miss Mimi Najwa. Give present?
Mama: What present?
Ahmad: Handbag, mama handbag.
Mama: Then, I have no handbag.
Ahmad: Pakai Ahmad punya.
Mama: That is not a handbag.
Ahmad: Ustazah tak datang
Mama: Why?
Ahmad: Demam. Ahmad main basketball dengan Mimi Najwa
Mama: How to play?
Ahmad: Ambil, lepas tu macam ni, macam tu, baling.
Mama: Come, we take a nap
Ahmad: Nak main Mickey Mouse
Mama: Where's Mickey Mouse?
Ahmad: Dalam komputer papa.

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