Monday, March 22, 2010

A new recipe

Hi! Just learned a new recipe. I got it from Taste with Jason programme (AFC channel). I didn't know that we can steam prawns (the big ones, udang galah le). It's so simple. Just put salt and lime juice (he used wine) then steam the prawns. I haven't tried it yet.......actually I am not feeling well. I have chest pained. That's why I returned home early today. Suppose I wanted to stay back until 3 o'clock but I had to stop doing my work. It's not because of work pressure. I never have that problem. Yesterday I had an argument with my father. I did not agree with what he said. He did not understand my auntie's situation. Not all lucky like my father. He has everything. I felt so sad. My father did regret with what he had said to me. I was ok after that. Then, that pain attacked again last night. I thought to take mc but I remembered my work at school. I will try to slow a bit. I told my son tonight if something happen to me, he must be a good boy. He cried. He said that he didn't want to be like Upin and Ipin, they had no parents. I told him that he still has his papa.........

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