Friday, March 19, 2010

Mak Tih Kelate

She is just a mother who works as a tailor (she works for my husband's uncle, the rich one). When she and her family were introduced to me, I just knew that they were poor. Her husband (my husband's another uncle) just "kerja kampung". What is so special about the family? She made me feeling so small when I walked with her. All because of her genius children. I am very sure she didn't teach her children (of course no tuition for them) but how did the children become so smart? They got a very good result in UPSR, PMR or SPM. This year, one of her children got 9A and 1B+ (SPM) and one of them has started working. He is a TELEKOM ENGINEER in KL and his future fiancee is anak Dato. What I heard, the family is very humble, the girl's mother didn't want Mak Tih to call her Datin. See! Such a lucky mother, "sejuk perut mak mengandung". That's why we cannot look down on unlucky people because we don't know their fate. May be they will become rich one day, who knows. BE NICE TO ALL PEOPLE......daa

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