Friday, March 5, 2010

Relax sekejap......

I don't feel to go to school today. Better listen to ustaz. The best part is, I can relax at home. Fuuih....syoknye. My son is playing outside with my maid and my husband is at school (Sport's Day). Today I would like to talk about guys. The first one, my ex-boyfriend. He's good and very patient. But in my third year, he ( in his final year) wanted to go out with me (he had RX-Z motorbike at that time). I did not like it. If something happened to us....He waited for me at PJ Hospital University hoping that I would change my mind but I still didn't come. It doesn't mean that I didn't want to go out with him, I didn't like him but guys have different perception. They want us to proof our love. Then, came a girl (same university with him). She asked him to help her finding job. Someone told me that they always went out together. I called him and he said yes, to help that girl. He said that we had been friends for a long time. He and that girl were not serious. I was so angry that I said "friends for a long time doesn't mean that I want to marry you". That's it. FINISH. I heard that he married to that girl. Then the second guy, a Korean. Aiyoo, he's so cute. He always looked at me in class. I just smiled at him. After class, he would wait for me and we would walk together until I saw my group. I loved to see when other students looking at us. One day I asked him whether he's going back to Korea during the break. He said no. I asked him why. He had to study because he failed two subjects. Alamak! Cancel! The third guy, a Pakistani (this one at UIA Gombak). He asked his adopted family to call my mother. He wanted to be serious with me. My mom said ok aje. But I did not like him. He kept saying ana, anti, ana, anti. I didn't feel comfortable at all. Cancel! I think enough for today. I feel sick!

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