Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi! Just want to share you my story. First, my husband became a hero. He saved all my father's kittens for the first time ( he looked awkward when he held the kittens but he made me felt something, was it "kuch kuch hota hei" ?). Second, when we were at the food court, I thought he was looking at one girl. I was so angry. I told him that if he likes to see a woman without tudung, I can take off my tudung. Then he told me that he was actually looking at her father. That guy touched his daughter's thigh. WHAT! Haii, this is not right. That girl supposed sat next to her mom and the boy should sit next to his father. May be the father used to touch her, that's why she looked ok. Third, I helped my husband to clean up his backyard (the new house). Got a long scratch on my hand but I don't mind. I wanted to show him that I could also do rough work. The best part is I went to Seatly salon yesterday. As usual the three steps; cutting, dyeing and massaging. Sooo good. Other salons, they don't provide the massaging service. That's why I become her loyal customer. Then last night I watched Garjhini (Hindi movie). I don't know how to explain it. This movie can make you cry, happy and scared. We cannot say it is happy ending as the heroin was murdered and we also cannot say it is sad ending as the hero killed her murderer. I supposed to cry but I didn't. There's another romance movie that I like, Twilight (Part 1). Pehhh...the hero was a vampire but I don't look at his dark side. If you watch it, you will know why....

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