Monday, March 8, 2010

My father went to the police station today with my mom. They met Sergeant Mansoor, the one who handles this case. It is called commercial crime. He was nice to my parents. He said that there's nothing to be worried. The couple cannot afford to pay RM300.00(3 months rent), how are they going to pay a lawyer RM3000.00. Haii.If they tell the truth that they cannot pay the rents because they don't have money, I am very sure my parents will give them time. They didn't have to make up a story that could ruin my family's reputation. But this morning before going to school, my parents asked me to be careful. I know their daughter. I taught her when she was in Remove class (before she went to Pendidikan Khas). I think she still remembers me because when she saw me at the police station, she looked down. I am not sure whether she is still SMKTI student. It's ok. I won't scold her if I see her at school. Hey! Happy Women's Day to me!

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