Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hi! In a good mood today. My husband and I washed our new house this morning. Oh my God! Lucky we have a maid to help us. Kalau tidak matilah! My Ahmad did try helping but he made us working harder. We dried the place already but he with his broom brought water to that place. We had to bathe him there. Then, my eldest brother and my parents dropped in. Ahmad was so happy to see them. He made noise, calling them. That area is so quiet. My husband loves the place. I love it too but I am afraid that we will disturb our neighbours. Well, you know me and my son (the hu-ha hu-ha type). Tomorrow, yes my appointment with Janice, my Dermalogica beautician. I cannot wait for someone to massage my face. She always made me sleeping while doing it. So good. I don't care what people said about this one but it's good for our skin. When I was at the university, my friends were shocked to hear that. They thought a tomboy like me won't care about this thing. Haii...I am still a woman. I love to touch my skin. My husband, no problem. As long as my face is ok, he doesn't mind to take me there and fetch me. Thank you.....

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