Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jodoh, maut, rezeki di tangan Tuhan.

Lots of work to do at school. Yesterday, I nearly had an accident. I didn't notice that car. Suddenly, it was in front of me. I was really,really lucky, thank God. Sometimes, we should appreciate whatever we have in our lives. Last week I told my husband that I don't want to be nice anymore. A stranger asked me something important (outside the postoffice), I just told her"Saya tak tahu", although I knew it's not true. I did feel guilty a bit. When I was a teacher in Perak, one student told me that I couldn't have a baby because I was too nice. So, is that the real reason why I had a miscarriage recently? None of us knows the answer. When I saw Cikgu Rohani (7 months pregnant) and Cikgu Fatimah ( gave birth last December) at school, I smiled at them but deep inside, it's hurt. But last night, when I remembered that afternoon incident, I wondered what will happen to me if I die . I don't want to be put in hell. May be, having baby is my weakness. If not, my life will be so perfect. This is to remind me that no matter how hard you work for it, the result is not in our hands but we must keep praying. We don't know our future. God knows what is good for me and what is bad. We don't know our lives' secret. "Jodoh, maut, rezeki semuanya di tangan Tuhan".

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