Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy teaching my chubby boy every night. He's a smart boy but he likes to play a lot. This year he did all his school work. I had promised to buy him PS if he can read very well. That's why, so easy to teach him now because he, himself wants to learn. Last year I told him that if his friend hit him, just called the teacher. This year, I change the rule. He still needs to call the teacher but hit his friend first. He has two strong hands, so make use of them. Last month, he had a fight with his friend. That boy pinched his chest first. He was so angry that he hit that boy five times. It's ok. His teacher just advised them not to do it again (I am very sure he doesn't dare to have a fight with my boy again). My husband did lose his temper once and slapped my boy. Both of them made mistake but I didn't like his way. How angry you are, please don't slap. Just hit his hand. I really hope my husband will listen to me. Tomorrow, my school will celebrate Pesta Ponggal. Cikgu Rajan had already asked me to become one of the judges and I accepted it at first. Ustaz told me that the muslims cannot join this programme. I explained it to Cikgu Rajan and he's so cool. Then, I had an arguement with Hayril. He called Ustaz orthodox. He will go to school tomorrow to help them with the PA system. Huhanesan asked me whether I will come, I said no. Now, I feel so bad. May be I will go there tomorrow just for a while. I don't know what my Malay colleagues will say about this on Monday.

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