Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi! We went to Malacca to buy a few things for our Beijing trip. I had already checked the weather temperature. It will be -1 to 11 degree celcius in March. Haiii...lots of preparation to make. I am just worried about our health there, especially Ahmad. It's too cold. Not only Ahmad, I am also not that ok. I still have my cough and flu. I think I have to eat back telur ayam kampung plus honey. I don't know, after moving out, I just lost my appetite to eat those stuff. Right now, I just depend on dates juice (jus kurma). I know it's not enough. Last time, I must have these two things in my daily life, telur ayam kampung and chicken essence brand. May be I was too excited of living in a new place that I forgot to take care of my health. Ahmad, he's ok now. No more coughing, the main problem now is ME! This Thursday, I will become the duty teacher. It means I have to go to school. Sooooo boring. It will be chemistry paper (my favourite subject), only for F5 Science. Can relax a bit. Need to check the library's computer. Before the school closed, I thought I could ask Hyril to check it but I didn't want to disturb him. I did ask Ain, the technician to check but she liked to give excuses. Mangkuk betul. Habis camno. May be I will send the cpu to PC World again......haiiii don't know lah. SOMEONE HELPS ME PLEASE!!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello....it's a new me

I use back my old number. So far, that girl did not call or send me sms anymore, I think it's ok now. Not that I do not like her but it's too much. She's too obsessed. I think she hates me now but hopefully she'll be ok. Last night I watched Dalil Cinta. It's about a young wife who was very lazy to clean up the house and she did not know how to cook. The husband loved the wife so much that he could accept her as what she was. But tiap-tiap hari makan maggie mana boleh tahan beb....then the war began. I don't know but she reminded me of someone.....whoelse it's me but I was better than her, at least I knew how to make simple dishes. Pity my husband...he always bought me breakfast and we always ate outside when we were in Perak. I don't know, may be I was used to that way of life (since at boarding school until I finished my degree, everything was ready for me). I just ate. Someone would do my laundry, no need to wash my clothes (keluar duit aje). One more thing, I had a maid since I was small until I studied at university. Then, I learned from my friends in Perak a few recipes and I did change a bit. After that, I stayed with my parents. No great changes. Had a maid to do the work. Only when my husband bought this house, I fell in love with it. The house is new and beautiful that I don't want to see any rubbish on the floor. About the kitchen, it's such a waste if I did not use the big oven, the stove and anything. Haii...I have changed and I love it. It's a new me. Now, I am crazy about gardening. I am not good but I will learn...

Friday, November 26, 2010

So busy since last Sunday. Had visitors from Kelantan, my parents-in-law. They went back this morning. So far, I have no problems with them. They are like my parents especially Abah, he's so cool and fun.They are always nice to me. We took them to Malacca, Putrajaya and Nilai 3. I cooked fried rice, mixed vegetables, sup tulang, seafood tom yam, kueh udang, steamed siakap, daging goreng berlada, bla,bla, bla. Fuiyoo, couldn't imagine I could serve them all the dishes. I think they loved all the food that I cooked (they added rice that's the proof). Ma wanted to help me but I didn't allow her as she's not well. She just watched me and we did share our stories. I missed her company. This holiday, we just stay at home. Need to teach Ahmad. Today, he told me that he wanted to become a doctor like Abang Abu and angah. That's why he pushed himself to study. Last time he wanted to become a magician. Ok lah better than kak ta's son (ultraman). Ahmad didn't like my job. He pretended to vomit when I asked him to become a teacher. Sampainya hatimu. This afternoon I had a chat with Nyonya Grandma. She asked me to call her bibik. Her grandchildren greeted me so well but when they found out I was a teacher they went inside. Her grandson looked like baby robin. Lucky, they did not study at Taman Indah. I think this is the best place for me to live, I feel safe and peaceful. Bibik's family could accept me now. I don't like my husband's idea to build a wall around our house. I did invite bibik and her family to come to my house and she loved to. She never comes to this taman before. Oh ya, I would like to wish all the best to all Form Five pupils that I know. I know it's late but better than never.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Had to change my phone number. That girl called me and sent me sms day and night. It was still ok but when she forced me to wish her that, to wish her this I couldn't take it anymore. Only two teachers knew about my number, not even the school. May be next year I will use the old number back. Next, my dearest Chitra will transfer to malacca next year. I was so sad that I cried when I hugged her. She's like a big sister to me. She shared my laugh and my tears. I will miss her a lot. Lastly, the same thing happened again but this time another monkey. It happened on a day before hari raya haji. I stayed at my parents' house helping my mother cooking.He wanted to learn English (SPM candidate) and I was excited to teach him. Ya lah anak saudara katakan. I told him that I wanted to bathe first. Before taking my bath, I heard sound at the door. I jumped into the bathtub, pray to God he couldn't see me. After putting on my t-shirt in my room suddenly, I had bad feeling.I peeped at the key hole. Then, that boy pulled the curtain and his eye was looking at my eye through the key hole. I was so shocked that I asked him what he was doing. He just answered,"nak tanya mak su pasal kertas ni". I was so scared that I sat while praying. I didn't want him to see my legs. Until I heard my mother's voice why was he studying in the dark, I felt so relieved. I went to my mother's room telling her about him but as usual my mother asked me to keep quiet and don't tell my brother. She still wanted me to teach that boy. I did teach him but I didn't look at his face. I don't know. That night I told my husband and just like last time he kept quiet. The next day, while we were having dinner at my parents'house, my husband treated him nicely. Asked him to add more soup. It was hurt because I wanted to throw that soup bowl at the boy's face. I don' want my husband to punch him but at least showed that he was angry. I am very sure that boy thought I didn't tell anyone about it and I am very sure he will do it again. I just have to be very careful next time. Need to learn back my karate.....no need la

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Professional not emotional

Hi, I still have flu, bad cough and on and off fever. I know I need to see a doctor but later laa. May be after the Kem Membaca Week. Getting fed up with the school. I have no problem with the pupils and my colleagues, only I am not satisfied with someone. He should know how to treat us, the teachers nicely. We are professionals not kuli batak. I had an arguement with him. I didn't like his style at all. He didn't want to listen to my point of view. He just left. The best part was when I wanted to leave the school today, he could ask me why I did not smile. Can you imagine? Orang macam ni pun ada dalam dunia ni. Shuh..shuh...shuh...better forget about him, just spoil my mood. Now about my new life. I know my parents are worried about me, especially my father. Haiii....they forget that I am forty years old now. My husband is a wonderful man. He helped me a lot at home. Sometimes, he bought us food so I didn't have to cook all the time. I don't think to take a new maid. My last maid, Ira transformed herself to become like me. Her hairstyle, her t-shirts colour...really scary. Next year, I will go to Beijing with my husband and Ahmad. If everything is ok, we will go there in March, InsyaAllah. Just want to go somewhere, see new people and new things. I need to rest my mind. Adios......