Friday, November 26, 2010

So busy since last Sunday. Had visitors from Kelantan, my parents-in-law. They went back this morning. So far, I have no problems with them. They are like my parents especially Abah, he's so cool and fun.They are always nice to me. We took them to Malacca, Putrajaya and Nilai 3. I cooked fried rice, mixed vegetables, sup tulang, seafood tom yam, kueh udang, steamed siakap, daging goreng berlada, bla,bla, bla. Fuiyoo, couldn't imagine I could serve them all the dishes. I think they loved all the food that I cooked (they added rice that's the proof). Ma wanted to help me but I didn't allow her as she's not well. She just watched me and we did share our stories. I missed her company. This holiday, we just stay at home. Need to teach Ahmad. Today, he told me that he wanted to become a doctor like Abang Abu and angah. That's why he pushed himself to study. Last time he wanted to become a magician. Ok lah better than kak ta's son (ultraman). Ahmad didn't like my job. He pretended to vomit when I asked him to become a teacher. Sampainya hatimu. This afternoon I had a chat with Nyonya Grandma. She asked me to call her bibik. Her grandchildren greeted me so well but when they found out I was a teacher they went inside. Her grandson looked like baby robin. Lucky, they did not study at Taman Indah. I think this is the best place for me to live, I feel safe and peaceful. Bibik's family could accept me now. I don't like my husband's idea to build a wall around our house. I did invite bibik and her family to come to my house and she loved to. She never comes to this taman before. Oh ya, I would like to wish all the best to all Form Five pupils that I know. I know it's late but better than never.

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