Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Professional not emotional

Hi, I still have flu, bad cough and on and off fever. I know I need to see a doctor but later laa. May be after the Kem Membaca Week. Getting fed up with the school. I have no problem with the pupils and my colleagues, only I am not satisfied with someone. He should know how to treat us, the teachers nicely. We are professionals not kuli batak. I had an arguement with him. I didn't like his style at all. He didn't want to listen to my point of view. He just left. The best part was when I wanted to leave the school today, he could ask me why I did not smile. Can you imagine? Orang macam ni pun ada dalam dunia ni. Shuh..shuh...shuh...better forget about him, just spoil my mood. Now about my new life. I know my parents are worried about me, especially my father. Haiii....they forget that I am forty years old now. My husband is a wonderful man. He helped me a lot at home. Sometimes, he bought us food so I didn't have to cook all the time. I don't think to take a new maid. My last maid, Ira transformed herself to become like me. Her hairstyle, her t-shirts colour...really scary. Next year, I will go to Beijing with my husband and Ahmad. If everything is ok, we will go there in March, InsyaAllah. Just want to go somewhere, see new people and new things. I need to rest my mind. Adios......

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