Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi! We went to Malacca to buy a few things for our Beijing trip. I had already checked the weather temperature. It will be -1 to 11 degree celcius in March. Haiii...lots of preparation to make. I am just worried about our health there, especially Ahmad. It's too cold. Not only Ahmad, I am also not that ok. I still have my cough and flu. I think I have to eat back telur ayam kampung plus honey. I don't know, after moving out, I just lost my appetite to eat those stuff. Right now, I just depend on dates juice (jus kurma). I know it's not enough. Last time, I must have these two things in my daily life, telur ayam kampung and chicken essence brand. May be I was too excited of living in a new place that I forgot to take care of my health. Ahmad, he's ok now. No more coughing, the main problem now is ME! This Thursday, I will become the duty teacher. It means I have to go to school. Sooooo boring. It will be chemistry paper (my favourite subject), only for F5 Science. Can relax a bit. Need to check the library's computer. Before the school closed, I thought I could ask Hyril to check it but I didn't want to disturb him. I did ask Ain, the technician to check but she liked to give excuses. Mangkuk betul. Habis camno. May be I will send the cpu to PC World again......haiiii don't know lah. SOMEONE HELPS ME PLEASE!!!!!!

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