Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forgive me, Ahmad

Hi! Busy with my life as a sifu(to my son), a gardener ( planted a few fruit trees and vegetables at our backyard) and a housewife. Ok lah. One good news. I have no more coughing. May be because of the gardening. No more coughing syrup or flu tablets. I am completely fine but I still have to be careful. I will bring my own drink anywhere I go. No more cold drinks. The temptation is there but when I think of the suffering, better to drink warm water or mineral water. Ahmad can read now but he still has another problem. He always takes off his shorts/pants before peeing and he will leave them outside the toilet. I have to teach him on how to pee with the shorts on. I had made a big mistake by pampering my son too much last time. Need to teach him to be independent. I had to be firm with him for certain things. I want to make sure he can survive if I am not around. He must know how to solve problems, he must know how to make decisions, easy to say "HE MUST KNOW HOW TO THINK". He cannot depend on people to decide his life. I explained to him the reason for every task I asked him to do. I never thought of this before. I forgot the age gap. I am 40 and my son is only 6. Another 20 years, I will be 60 and he will be 26. Pity him to have an old mother like me. I am so lucky my son wants to learn. It broke my heart to watch him working so hard to read the difficult words many times. He will have his reading twice everyday, morning (after gardening) and night. May be next week, I will start teaching him Maths. He also enjoys gardening but last time he pulled out my husband's dukong plant. He thought it was a wild plant. You should see my husband's face. Kah! Kah! Kah!

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