Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A conversation with my son last Monday:

Ahmad: Mama, Ahmad tak pegi China boleh?
Mama: Why?
Ahmad: Sejuk sangat la, Mama. Ahmad batuk.
Mama: Habis. Mama nak pergi China......
Ahmad: Tak pe lah. Kita pegi China.

Haiiii...have to postpone my trip (so sad), all because of my son. I must listen to him. I cannot lie to him about the weather. He had heard my conversation with the sales girl at Travel Store, Jaya Jusco. Tak apelah. We can go there but only in August. The problem is next year we will celebrate Hari Raya in that month. Haiii...just wait for the right time to go there. So, my target for our vacation next year is INDONESIA. Indon pun Indon le...There's only one Muslim Travel agency at Tampin and the sad thing is we cannot depend on their service. I did go to that place but the door was locked. Both travel agencies that I had contacted are in Malacca. One travel agency has a website but it's not complete. No promotion about their packages. So, when I wanted to know what trip they will have other than China, I couldn't get the information. I didn't want to call them because they had told me that they would contact me this January to reconfirm about my booking. So, I tried to find another travel agency but that one has no website. Just leave the phone number for us to contact. I called this agency and the staff said that she would contact me later to tell me about the date for Indonesia trip. She didn't specify the place (was it Bandung, Padang, Bukit Tinggi or whatever) and not even the cost. So, what we have to do is...we will go to see that agent to get more information about it. Really burden the customers. Haii...if I have my own travel agency.....this kind of people, they don't know how to do business. MANGKUK!!!

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