Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marriage knot

Marriage knot. People nowadays think that this knot is not valuable anymore. If you don't like your couple or if there's no more understanding between both of you, divorce is the answer. So easy right. They never think of their children. But if you are not safe with your couple. He likes to beat you and your children, divorce is the best solution to escape from that beast. Sometimes I did have an argument with my husband but when I looked at my son, I just dropped my ego and would approach him first( pegi minta maaf le). I didn't want to think whose fault but just be humbled to my husband. Tak salah kan. Because after that, he also would apologise to me. Only, he didn't want to make the first move. Man's ego. My husband has his weakness and I am also not a perfect human being. Just be tolerate. He thought he couldn't be a good husband and a good father but I think I am the most lucky woman because I have the best husband by my side.

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