Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lambaian Kaabah

I went to Mecca twice. The first one was to pray to God to have a baby/babies. The second one was I had made a promise to God that if I have a baby, I want to bring him here to see kaabah. Lots of things happened there. When I was there, I just thought of God's love and His forgiveness. Whatever I wanted to do, I would perform solat hajat and I got it. You must be so humble there because you are just a human ( HE CREATED YOU ). When my son was almost 3 years old, he still couldn't eat fried chicken, rice, biscuit......he could only drink his milk and porridge ( a very soft one) and he was always sick . He did not know the function of teeth. So, when we were in Mecca, I asked the organizer to prepare porridge for him. On our second day in Mecca before praying Maghrib, a woman gave him a biscuit. Before that, when someone gave him something he would give it to me and I would tell the person that my son didn't know how to bite. That night, he straightaway, put the biscuit into his mouth and I could not stop him. I asked him to throw up but he opened his mouth and sticked out his tongue, It was nothing. He finished eating the biscuit. I was so happy and really thanked God for this. The same day, the worker forgot to cook my son's porridge. One of them came to see me and I told him that my son could eat rice now. So, a few of them came and watched my son eating. They smiled and said Alhamdulillah. Next time, don't break your promise with God. Don't think of the money that you spend for your trip to Mecca. He will give you lots of money and a good health. I hope I can perform my hajj when my son is ten years old. It is a very special place in my heart and who knows may be I will work there one day, teaching the children English. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cerita rojak

Well, well, well today my husband asked me to find information about kitchen cabinet in Malacca. Now, we are having the year end sale, so at least we can buy the hood, stove and the oven first. Jimatla sikit. Oh ya, my husband's house loan has been approved and he also will get his 'durian runtuh' . Yesterday, when he came back, he told me that whatever I dream for the new house, I can have it. Fuiyoo, he is really my fairy god mother (he did not like me to call him that, so I said ok lah I call you my guardian angel but he still hasn't reached that stage.....please don't tell him). There is one thing I really want to have, a camera. The boy's father just paid me RM150.00 and I didn't have the heart to ask more. The boy who stole my camera was a very weak student, 4 SS2. He took it because he wanted to take his friends' photos but after Cikgu Isa made the announcement about my camera, he was so scared that he threw it somewhere. Of course when he tried to get it back, it was not there anymore. Haiiii, my husband said that I cannot buy a new camera until that boy has paid all. Last time, I saw a red, cute camera at Bintang Mas. I did ask the price. Not bad but the towkey asked me to buy the cheap one as he was afraid my student would steal it. He promoted Panasonic camera to me, only RM400 something. It's really irresistible!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My mom, the best.

Nur Kasih's final first I didn't like this drama series at all ( it reminds me of my childhood). It's about 2 siblings with different characters and different looks. The father's affection was more to the elder one (the younger one thought like that, I also had the same thought). In fact he loved both sons, that's why he proposed Nur Amina (the best candidate for a future wife) for his second son although he knew that his first son loved (or admired) this girl. He wanted this girl to change his son's wild lifestyle. Sometimes, we don't know what the parents think and why they do this to us. My mom was strict with me when I was a kid. I thought she didn't love me. When I got number four in class, she asked me to get a better number. When I got number 2, she asked me why I couldn't get number 1. It was so frustrating. I did everything to please my mum. She changed my primary school so that I could study at boarding school. I thought she just wanted to send me away from the family. It was really sad. But whatever she did, she had made me becoming tougher and tougher. It also changed my personality. From an urban school(TBS) changed into a kampung primary school (Sekolah Pulau Sebang), mixed with the kampung students. I did enjoy my life there. Friends with Rubiah (her sister became my family's maid when I studied at boarding school), Hindun, Saadiah, Kamariah and the cowboys (they stole binjai for me), it was really a sweet memory. Thank you mom, you are my angel.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My baby, my hero

I don't know why my chubby son likes to say 'babi' now. Last time when he did that, my husband slapped his mouth. He learned his lesson very well. Sometimes, when I saw that animal on tv, I would say it and he would come to me and slap my mouth. He said, "hah ambik kau, janan tatap babi.' Now, ....he kept saying that word. When I danced with him, when he laughed, when he played.......anytime if he wanted to say it, he just said. He really enjoyed saying it. Haii, he also doesn't like my new maid. He threw a stick to this poor girl and made her hand swollen. He did many terrible things. He splashed water to my mum when she tried to stop him from bathing too long. 'Ambik kau'. My mother made a cane especially for him but he was still like a taiko. If he picks up the phone, he will say Hello tuntut(kentut)! I know he is naughty but his empathy is high. He cannot see me crying . He would wipe my tears and say,"Don't cry mama, Ahmad here". He called my father or my husband when I was in pain. Whatever people say negative things about him, he is still my hero. I think he missed my old maid, he is very close to me now, may be he is afraid that I will leave him like what she did. Poor my boy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Donald Trump

Kata-kata beliau (taken from Utusan Malaysia, of course in B.Melayu):

a) Kalau anda tidak boleh menangani tekanan, maka adalah lebih baik untuk anda bekerja dengan orang lain dan ia tidak salah jika anda menerima gaji setiap bulan,
b) Usahawan perlu berdisiplin dan fokus untuk kekalkan kejayaan yang dicapai.
c) Usahawan tidak harus terlalu mudah percaya dengan orang lain
d) Memberi peluang kedua kepada orang yang melakukan kesilapan
e) Jangan memberi peluang kedua kepada orang yang menipu kerana ia memberi peluang kepadanya untuk menipu anda buat kali kedua
f) Anda perlu sentiasa percaya kepada diri sendiri bahawa anda boleh melakukan benda yang tidak dapat dilakukan orang lain
g) Tidak mudah putus asa dalam apa jua yang dilakukan.
h) Perlu naluri yang kuat (strong instinct)

So, what do you think? I do agree with him. I think a good IQ is not enough. If you are genius but you cannot cope with pressure, it will give you problem. Your EQ also must be good. We are considered lucky if we have both qualities.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My sweet Rita

I know Rita since she was in Remove class. She is Indian. I did not pay attention to this girl at first. I thought she was like other students. Then one day she told me about her family. I was so shocked. I thought she making up a story but she kept saying, teacher ini cerita betul punya. When I know about her background, I tried to be patient with her. She was a bit rough. She just said what in her mind. I just smiled. Always stayed cool. Last year she started calling me, mummy. I didn't mind at all. She always helped me. Carried my books, my notebook, did whatever to please me. She was like a genie. Whenever I had problem, she would be there. Last week, she did something bad to me. I was so angry. I didn't even want to look at her. I tried to avoid her. Today, after recess she came to see me. She wanted to say sorry. I scolded her because she supposed to be in her class. After I finished my class, I went to the staff room to send the answer papers. I saw her with other Form Five students. I did not know what happened to me suddenly I held her hand and took her to Cikgu Zamri's room. I apologised for what I had done. I saw tears in her eyes before I left. She came to see me in the library and both of us crying. I will miss this girl. She is a wonderful girl only I didn't see it before. I am so sorry. I really hope she will have a good life.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thank you God, thank you so much

We went to Mahkota Medical Centre this morning and the doctor gave us a new hope. I was so shocked that I laughed. I asked him again whether we can do it and he was very confident to say yes. May be, next month I will start with the injection first. Fuh, it is not a normal injection. Every day, at the same time I must get one injection on my tummy and on my tut! ( may be I will have it for one week or 21 days). Never mind, it is just a small matter.
I am so happy today that I would like to share 2 scenes from my favourite drama "Nur Kasih" .

First scene between Adam's father (ustaz) and his wife, Hajjah. He was wrapping presents for his two sons. He knew that he was going to die.
Ustaz: Isteri orang lain dapat emas, permata tapi isteri abang....... His wife hugged him and said: Isteri abang dapat abang.

Second scene between Adam and Caterina (his second wife). When Adam asked her why she still wanted to be with him although she knew he loved Nur (his first wife).
Her answer: I know I am not in your heart anymore but you are still in my heart. That's why I want to be with you.

Bye!Bye! Ya Nur, Nur ya kasih

Friday, November 13, 2009


Tonight, I would like to talk about my boy. Why do I call him my life? After 8 years of marriage, I got him. When he was 1 year old, he had pneumonia. He was in critical stage. I knew he was not well but when I took him to Klinik Al Azhim, the doctor said that he was ok. I was not satisfied, I took him to Klinik Bee in Seremban. The doctor just asked me to take him to any hospital. He didn't say much only he said that my son needed rest. But his look explained there's something wrong with my son.. I went home packed his clothes and mine then my husband took us to Hospital Pantai, Melaka. He was put in the observation room. The doctor gave him a very strong antibiotic (its colour was orange) as the normal one didn't help him much. We were there for 12 days. The nurses and doctor were so nice. The doctor called my son Romeo (may be because the young nurses like to go to our room to see him). On our last day, I asked my husband to buy flowers for the nurses. Before we left, they took turn carrying my son and of course the last one was Dr.Chong( I forgot his full name). Then, when he was 2 years old, he had high fever. I felt lost. I don't know how to explain it. Last time, I thought one child is enough for me so I can focus on my son. Now, I really pity him. He has no close friends, someone that can support him, share his problem and happiness. That's why I go for this treatment. It's very painful but I will do anything to make him happy. Hopefully, we will get a good result tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Computer and treatment

Today, computer at the library gave me problem. Just like last time, a weird picture came out. I could not ask students to help me as they had exam. What did I do? I switched it off. After a few minutes I turned it on. Wallah! It's back to normal. Lucky me. Now, I am busy completing my work because I'm afraid that I have to take unpaid leave next year. All because of a treatment which is not confirm yet. We will know the result this Saturday. And because of that treatment, I did not have a good sleep since last Saturday. Sometimes, I lost my focus. May be because I think too much. Like yesterday, I forgot where I put my spectacles (that's why I prefer contact lenses but the optometrist told me that I can put them on only for a few hours as my eyes are dry. I knew about this when I was in Perak. My husband was so happy when he knew that I couldn't put on my contact lenses anymore. He said it's good because I will look old, so no student will tackle me anymore). My niece, Raudah helped me to find them. Thank you, honey. Today, I forgot where I put my cleanser. Haii. Sabar ajelah.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Football fever

Last night, I watched football with my husband. He is Kelantanese. So, everytime when N.Sembilan scored a goal, I would raise my hand and shout something. Poor him. He looked so tense. I told him that N.S team deserved to win because they had many good players especially Zakuan and the goalkeeper, Sani. Kelantan team, they too depend on Indra and they couldn't control the pressure from their fanatic supporters. Aii, try again la next time. Lucky, they did not burn the stadium. Actually, football is my favourite game. I like netball and basketball but the satisfaction is more on football . When I kick the ball, it is like kicking someone, yes. You cannot imagine the feeling. During my time, there's no football for girls so I joined karate club when I was in Form 3. Until I got Brown 1 then I stopped. All because of SPM. My result was not that good when I was in Form 4, so my mum asked me to say goodbye to karate. Learning karate doesn't mean that I can defend myself. I had a bad experience before. A guy tried to do something bad to me. Lucky, I was not alone. My friend, ZBO took a shovel (there was a house under construction near us) and that guy ran away with his motorbike. She was my hero at university. Back to football. I don't know why they don't give us holiday tomorrow. I was so frustrated that I played football with my son and nephew today. I became the goalkeeper. They scored three goals......hai nasib,nasib

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today, I joined my friends to have lunch outside. Actually, this outing is only for female teachers. Sorry ye! The most important thing is kids are not allowed to follow their mummy. It will be a day for the mummies to be perasan jadi anak dara. I thought many teachers would join us. In fact, only Chitra, Kak Ani, Farain and I. The rest all were GSTT teachers but they were so cool. We went to Seoul Garden at Mahkota Parade. My dear Shahiza introduced us the place. The food fuiyoo, let me exlain. Each table, they will provide us with two things, a hot pan ( for grilling ) and another one is a bowl ( to boil the tom yam soup- it is like steam boat). You can choose anything you like. Prawns, squids, cockles, chickens which were marinated with different style like black pepper, ginger, etc., lamb and varieties of ball (fish ball, crab ball,whatever la... I don't like it). The dim sum......not bad, I love it. The sauce to dip the food, aiyoo I tell you the truth. It was better than Umbai Ikan Bakar. Each one of us had to pay RM31.00. The concept of this restaurant is you have to pay first then you can eat. It was really worth it. We were eating like "Hidup ini untuk makan" and it was not makan, it was more like mentedarah. Lucky, we did not invite the male teachers. If not, we could not enjoy the food like we did today. I was so happy and really enjoyed my day. I just hope many teachers will join us next time.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yahoo! I'm back

It is so good to be at home. kissing my son so many times really made me so happy. I don't know what to say about the course but I think they made a big mistake. They should know who're their audience and our need. They gave us a very good speaker but the problem is that lady just "syok sendiri ". She should focus more on how to use the DDC (Sistem Perpuluhan Dewey) so new GPM like me, will write a correct "nombor pengelasan" for each book that we are going to process. She taught us something we didn't bother to know. If the course is for one week, I don't mind. Hey babe, it's only a three day course. So the one that we really wanted to learn, she just took only 15 minutes to explain it. So, all the GPM teachers were still like "Si Buta Dalam Gua Hantu" but one good thing about this course is the food. I love it. Any way, I will miss my new friends like kak Bedah, Anita and the 1 Malaysia group. Hey, I will miss the fun that we shared. Thanks to Kak Chik and family to treat my son nicely during his visits. I really appreciate it. Terima kasih daun keladi.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bye! Bye! Tampin

I will miss this place. I will miss my fairy god mother(husband), my life(son) and my angels(parents). I thought I would feel sad to leave all of them but suddenly I just feel freedom. No more school works, just relax. Attend all the talks, listen if you want to and enjoy the meals. It is only three days but I think it is enough for me to rest physically and mentally. No need to go for yoga class. I am just worried whether I can sleep without my son or not. I do hope my son won't cry when I am not around and to my dearest hubby, please be gentle to our son. Remember, he is my LIFE. See you on Thursday. Adios.