Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My sweet Rita

I know Rita since she was in Remove class. She is Indian. I did not pay attention to this girl at first. I thought she was like other students. Then one day she told me about her family. I was so shocked. I thought she making up a story but she kept saying, teacher ini cerita betul punya. When I know about her background, I tried to be patient with her. She was a bit rough. She just said what in her mind. I just smiled. Always stayed cool. Last year she started calling me, mummy. I didn't mind at all. She always helped me. Carried my books, my notebook, did whatever to please me. She was like a genie. Whenever I had problem, she would be there. Last week, she did something bad to me. I was so angry. I didn't even want to look at her. I tried to avoid her. Today, after recess she came to see me. She wanted to say sorry. I scolded her because she supposed to be in her class. After I finished my class, I went to the staff room to send the answer papers. I saw her with other Form Five students. I did not know what happened to me suddenly I held her hand and took her to Cikgu Zamri's room. I apologised for what I had done. I saw tears in her eyes before I left. She came to see me in the library and both of us crying. I will miss this girl. She is a wonderful girl only I didn't see it before. I am so sorry. I really hope she will have a good life.

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