Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Computer and treatment

Today, computer at the library gave me problem. Just like last time, a weird picture came out. I could not ask students to help me as they had exam. What did I do? I switched it off. After a few minutes I turned it on. Wallah! It's back to normal. Lucky me. Now, I am busy completing my work because I'm afraid that I have to take unpaid leave next year. All because of a treatment which is not confirm yet. We will know the result this Saturday. And because of that treatment, I did not have a good sleep since last Saturday. Sometimes, I lost my focus. May be because I think too much. Like yesterday, I forgot where I put my spectacles (that's why I prefer contact lenses but the optometrist told me that I can put them on only for a few hours as my eyes are dry. I knew about this when I was in Perak. My husband was so happy when he knew that I couldn't put on my contact lenses anymore. He said it's good because I will look old, so no student will tackle me anymore). My niece, Raudah helped me to find them. Thank you, honey. Today, I forgot where I put my cleanser. Haii. Sabar ajelah.

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