Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lambaian Kaabah

I went to Mecca twice. The first one was to pray to God to have a baby/babies. The second one was I had made a promise to God that if I have a baby, I want to bring him here to see kaabah. Lots of things happened there. When I was there, I just thought of God's love and His forgiveness. Whatever I wanted to do, I would perform solat hajat and I got it. You must be so humble there because you are just a human ( HE CREATED YOU ). When my son was almost 3 years old, he still couldn't eat fried chicken, rice, biscuit......he could only drink his milk and porridge ( a very soft one) and he was always sick . He did not know the function of teeth. So, when we were in Mecca, I asked the organizer to prepare porridge for him. On our second day in Mecca before praying Maghrib, a woman gave him a biscuit. Before that, when someone gave him something he would give it to me and I would tell the person that my son didn't know how to bite. That night, he straightaway, put the biscuit into his mouth and I could not stop him. I asked him to throw up but he opened his mouth and sticked out his tongue, It was nothing. He finished eating the biscuit. I was so happy and really thanked God for this. The same day, the worker forgot to cook my son's porridge. One of them came to see me and I told him that my son could eat rice now. So, a few of them came and watched my son eating. They smiled and said Alhamdulillah. Next time, don't break your promise with God. Don't think of the money that you spend for your trip to Mecca. He will give you lots of money and a good health. I hope I can perform my hajj when my son is ten years old. It is a very special place in my heart and who knows may be I will work there one day, teaching the children English. InsyaAllah.

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