Sunday, November 8, 2009

Football fever

Last night, I watched football with my husband. He is Kelantanese. So, everytime when N.Sembilan scored a goal, I would raise my hand and shout something. Poor him. He looked so tense. I told him that N.S team deserved to win because they had many good players especially Zakuan and the goalkeeper, Sani. Kelantan team, they too depend on Indra and they couldn't control the pressure from their fanatic supporters. Aii, try again la next time. Lucky, they did not burn the stadium. Actually, football is my favourite game. I like netball and basketball but the satisfaction is more on football . When I kick the ball, it is like kicking someone, yes. You cannot imagine the feeling. During my time, there's no football for girls so I joined karate club when I was in Form 3. Until I got Brown 1 then I stopped. All because of SPM. My result was not that good when I was in Form 4, so my mum asked me to say goodbye to karate. Learning karate doesn't mean that I can defend myself. I had a bad experience before. A guy tried to do something bad to me. Lucky, I was not alone. My friend, ZBO took a shovel (there was a house under construction near us) and that guy ran away with his motorbike. She was my hero at university. Back to football. I don't know why they don't give us holiday tomorrow. I was so frustrated that I played football with my son and nephew today. I became the goalkeeper. They scored three goals......hai nasib,nasib

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  1. come on kafa the best is yet to come + LUCK !!!