Friday, November 6, 2009


Today, I joined my friends to have lunch outside. Actually, this outing is only for female teachers. Sorry ye! The most important thing is kids are not allowed to follow their mummy. It will be a day for the mummies to be perasan jadi anak dara. I thought many teachers would join us. In fact, only Chitra, Kak Ani, Farain and I. The rest all were GSTT teachers but they were so cool. We went to Seoul Garden at Mahkota Parade. My dear Shahiza introduced us the place. The food fuiyoo, let me exlain. Each table, they will provide us with two things, a hot pan ( for grilling ) and another one is a bowl ( to boil the tom yam soup- it is like steam boat). You can choose anything you like. Prawns, squids, cockles, chickens which were marinated with different style like black pepper, ginger, etc., lamb and varieties of ball (fish ball, crab ball,whatever la... I don't like it). The dim sum......not bad, I love it. The sauce to dip the food, aiyoo I tell you the truth. It was better than Umbai Ikan Bakar. Each one of us had to pay RM31.00. The concept of this restaurant is you have to pay first then you can eat. It was really worth it. We were eating like "Hidup ini untuk makan" and it was not makan, it was more like mentedarah. Lucky, we did not invite the male teachers. If not, we could not enjoy the food like we did today. I was so happy and really enjoyed my day. I just hope many teachers will join us next time.


  1. Tak pecaya ah..sebab takde gambar..hehe

  2. kak lela.. i'm peeping your new blog!huhuhu...huhu tp rugilah xjoin kiteorg bowling lepas tu..huhuh..:P