Sunday, November 22, 2009

My baby, my hero

I don't know why my chubby son likes to say 'babi' now. Last time when he did that, my husband slapped his mouth. He learned his lesson very well. Sometimes, when I saw that animal on tv, I would say it and he would come to me and slap my mouth. He said, "hah ambik kau, janan tatap babi.' Now, ....he kept saying that word. When I danced with him, when he laughed, when he played.......anytime if he wanted to say it, he just said. He really enjoyed saying it. Haii, he also doesn't like my new maid. He threw a stick to this poor girl and made her hand swollen. He did many terrible things. He splashed water to my mum when she tried to stop him from bathing too long. 'Ambik kau'. My mother made a cane especially for him but he was still like a taiko. If he picks up the phone, he will say Hello tuntut(kentut)! I know he is naughty but his empathy is high. He cannot see me crying . He would wipe my tears and say,"Don't cry mama, Ahmad here". He called my father or my husband when I was in pain. Whatever people say negative things about him, he is still my hero. I think he missed my old maid, he is very close to me now, may be he is afraid that I will leave him like what she did. Poor my boy!

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