Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cerita rojak

Well, well, well today my husband asked me to find information about kitchen cabinet in Malacca. Now, we are having the year end sale, so at least we can buy the hood, stove and the oven first. Jimatla sikit. Oh ya, my husband's house loan has been approved and he also will get his 'durian runtuh' . Yesterday, when he came back, he told me that whatever I dream for the new house, I can have it. Fuiyoo, he is really my fairy god mother (he did not like me to call him that, so I said ok lah I call you my guardian angel but he still hasn't reached that stage.....please don't tell him). There is one thing I really want to have, a camera. The boy's father just paid me RM150.00 and I didn't have the heart to ask more. The boy who stole my camera was a very weak student, 4 SS2. He took it because he wanted to take his friends' photos but after Cikgu Isa made the announcement about my camera, he was so scared that he threw it somewhere. Of course when he tried to get it back, it was not there anymore. Haiiii, my husband said that I cannot buy a new camera until that boy has paid all. Last time, I saw a red, cute camera at Bintang Mas. I did ask the price. Not bad but the towkey asked me to buy the cheap one as he was afraid my student would steal it. He promoted Panasonic camera to me, only RM400 something. It's really irresistible!!!!

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