Monday, November 23, 2009

My mom, the best.

Nur Kasih's final first I didn't like this drama series at all ( it reminds me of my childhood). It's about 2 siblings with different characters and different looks. The father's affection was more to the elder one (the younger one thought like that, I also had the same thought). In fact he loved both sons, that's why he proposed Nur Amina (the best candidate for a future wife) for his second son although he knew that his first son loved (or admired) this girl. He wanted this girl to change his son's wild lifestyle. Sometimes, we don't know what the parents think and why they do this to us. My mom was strict with me when I was a kid. I thought she didn't love me. When I got number four in class, she asked me to get a better number. When I got number 2, she asked me why I couldn't get number 1. It was so frustrating. I did everything to please my mum. She changed my primary school so that I could study at boarding school. I thought she just wanted to send me away from the family. It was really sad. But whatever she did, she had made me becoming tougher and tougher. It also changed my personality. From an urban school(TBS) changed into a kampung primary school (Sekolah Pulau Sebang), mixed with the kampung students. I did enjoy my life there. Friends with Rubiah (her sister became my family's maid when I studied at boarding school), Hindun, Saadiah, Kamariah and the cowboys (they stole binjai for me), it was really a sweet memory. Thank you mom, you are my angel.

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