Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My upside down life

Hi! So busy with my new life....my nephew and my niece just got MARA scholarship, so proud of them. They can focus more on their study in Egypt. It's tough but I think they will do it well. I really-really hope they will become doctors one day. My life..ugh terrible. First, I had diarrhoea.Then, high fever for three days. Now, my son. He has an ear infection. He hasn't gone to school since last week. Yesterday I got a call from my parents at school. He had high fever. I was so worried. I drove so fast, lucky there's no accident. Today, I took mc. My son needs me. He didn't want my parents to give him medicine so I had to sacrifice. Last Saturday, I had party at my new house. I invited all the female teachers and a few male teachers. Many turned up. Chiang and Tan gave me a present. So sweet. I wanted to cook for them at first but I was scared. Cook for more than 50 guests, I don't think I can do it. The solution, I ordered food from Kak Chik Hamisah. Ayam masak merah and udang masak lemak. Tahu (tofu) sumbat, my mum and my niece(kak baby) helped me out. My husband was not at home at that time but it's ok. I have my mum by my side. Haiii...ok lah. They praised my food, yalah masak dekat dapur orang mestilah sedap. No mood. I am so worried about my son. I just want him to get well. He is my little hero, my best buddy and my life. One more thing, I am not angry at my "previous bad student" anymore. Just want him to get a good result in SPM, if he can..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hi....let's talk about freedom. Does it mean when we are 21 years old, we will get the freedom key? Bullshit..I don't know why some of the teenagers want to stay away from their parents? When I got the offer to study at boarding school, I felt like staying in the hell. Then, when I got my SPM result, I didn't fill in that Rancangan Bersama form (you have to take A level here first and if you are qualified,then they will send you oversea). The form.... I threw it away. I told my mother that I had lost it. She was so angry. She wanted me to study oversea. Yalah glamour babe...hantar anak dekat airport. I didn't want to. I am the type who prefer to stay close to the parents. If I want to go somewhere, I prefer to go with the loved ones . People will say that I am the spoiled child, up to you. Now, living with my husband together with my son, it is like the world heaven. My husband spoiled me a lot. I love doing the house work and I don't need ASTRO to entertain me. Watching my family is the best entertainment. If I have to make a choice between my career and my family, of course I will choose them. This is what I really want in my life. Someone to love and be loved.....grow up then you will know what I mean

Friday, October 1, 2010

Forgiveness is the best medicine

My birthday was on 23rd September. I am half Libra and half Virgo...that's why I am a bit weird. The best wish was from Pn. Soon. En Mohamad ( the new HEM) told me that Pn. Soon asked him my phone number. So, I sent her a message telling her that was my phone number. Then, she sent me a message, wishing me "Happy Birthday". Not only that, I got a a miss call and a voice mail from her. She had something to give me but she had a meeting at that time so, she asked me to get it in her room.. I was so happy but I didn't take my present as someone at the office said something...... When Pn. Soon called me, I told her that I took the present already and thanked her for it. Actually, I gave my present to that person. I felt so angry and hurt but it's not worth it to think of it. So, I am back to myself the next day. Then, last Wednesday was Pn. Soon's birthday. No happy birthday song for her during the assembly. She looked so sad. So, Kak Zana, Kak Midah, Syidah, Ros and I went to her room after the assembly but she was not there. When she came back, we sang Happy Birthday song to her. She was so happy and hugged us. I think I have to accept her business minded style. She is still a good and caring principal. Forgive her is the best medicine.......