Friday, October 1, 2010

Forgiveness is the best medicine

My birthday was on 23rd September. I am half Libra and half Virgo...that's why I am a bit weird. The best wish was from Pn. Soon. En Mohamad ( the new HEM) told me that Pn. Soon asked him my phone number. So, I sent her a message telling her that was my phone number. Then, she sent me a message, wishing me "Happy Birthday". Not only that, I got a a miss call and a voice mail from her. She had something to give me but she had a meeting at that time so, she asked me to get it in her room.. I was so happy but I didn't take my present as someone at the office said something...... When Pn. Soon called me, I told her that I took the present already and thanked her for it. Actually, I gave my present to that person. I felt so angry and hurt but it's not worth it to think of it. So, I am back to myself the next day. Then, last Wednesday was Pn. Soon's birthday. No happy birthday song for her during the assembly. She looked so sad. So, Kak Zana, Kak Midah, Syidah, Ros and I went to her room after the assembly but she was not there. When she came back, we sang Happy Birthday song to her. She was so happy and hugged us. I think I have to accept her business minded style. She is still a good and caring principal. Forgive her is the best medicine.......

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