Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So damn tired. Tired! Tired! Tired and tired. Don't know how to say it but I am so tired. My colleagues are the best. They worked hard to fulfill someone's crazy idea. But I have to admit that I got benefit from this project. The BBM room is superb. Bilik APD, library and Bilik Gerakan have airconds. Not forget to mention the sliding windows. Soon, we will have new curtains and skirtings for the library, Pusat Akses and Makmal komputer. Toche! Toche! Toche! I love my 3A librarians (Shin, Ying, Tan, Steven and one more girl- sorry I forget her name), they were so cool. Felt to hug all of them (including Steven) today. I didn't make the wrong choice. They did not mind when Pn.Soon scolded them this morning. Pn. Rohana was absent, so they wanted to go to the library to help me but this nyonya said that they must stay in their class. Ada ka patut? But these girls answered her back. Aiyaa, these girls are very smart. She should not worry about them. She should thank them for being so helpful. If there's a teacher in their class, I will make sure they do not miss their p&p. A few 2A librarians did help me. Oh yes. I did ask all the 5PA macho boys to help Pn. Zana to put tikar getah at BBM room and arrange the things like cupboards, books, old machine, computer, etc. They were so good especially Wong. I will give him a treat later (that's my promise). Thanks for the wonderful work...I really appreciate it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi!sorry for being a bit emotional yesterday. May be because of the hormone changes...Lots of work to do. At school, at home...sometimes I feel to run away from all these but hey this is my challenge. Must face it only I have to take a deep breath when something unexpected happened. Fuuuh!!!lucky I have Christopher, Zainul and Haq to help me at the library.They were my ex pupils.Christopher helped me a lot. He painted the wall. He didn't want to take his lunch although I forced him to. He just want to make sure he finished his work first. Who said teachers and pupils cannot be friends. I don't like the gap. Yes, pupils must respect us but treat them like our own families. Share their jokes and problems. May be share their secret...Yesterday, someone tapped me on the shoulder at Giant. Only one person dared to do that. Yaah, Wang Siow Sing. While waiting for his STPM result, he worked there with his friend. He told me that he will come back to SMKTI when he has become an engineer. Fuiyooo...Last week Mr Tan asked me about Chong Chan Tung. I told him that I had no idea. Then he started pop pep pop pep, yalah he has a colourful life in KL......really enjoys himself there...No comment! Actually I do not keep his phone number. Someone told me something........bla!bla!bla! It's ok lah. As long as he can take a good care of himself. I will be very busy with my work, just stay cool ok!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A tribute to Dato Yaacob Ideris

Hi! Someone sent me a message about Dato Yaacob's death (car accident yesterday). He was my principal at my former school. He's the best. He loved his pupils like his own children. When I was in Form 5, he made sure there's a show to entertain us. His style opened my eyes to study for my SPM (although I just had 5 and a half months to study). I didn't feel any pressure. Just want to study and give my first grade result to my beloved parents. I knew some of my friends didn't like to see my changes but this was about my family, my parents. I still had hu ha hu ha time with them but I knew my limit. First grade was my priority. Before the school closed, all of us had satay. He just wanted us to be happy. My last day at school, Jepun and I ran to see him. I thanked him for every thing he had done. He just said," dah jangan nakal-nakal lagi" and smiled. We shouted happily after he left us. Then, after a few years I had problem with my posting. I aimed to go to Sarawak but my mother didn't allow me. She was not well at that time. So, my parents and I went to Education Ministry at Damansara to see anyone to help me. We were sitting at one place didn't know what to do and suddenly I saw him. I called him,"Cikgu". He looked at me and smiled."Buat apa dekat sini?" I told him my problem. Then, he asked me to follow him. We went to his room and he kept all my letters. Before I left, he asked me to send his regard to all my friends. I closed his door and I saw a label on it, KETUA PENGARAH SEKOLAH-SEKOLAH ASRAMA PENUH. I was impressed. No wonder he's not a principal anymore. Then, I got the offer to teach at SMK Sains Selangor Cheras. My first school and all because of his help. Thank you and al fatihah for you, Sir. May your soul among the good ones. Oh my God! I want to cry again.......