Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi!sorry for being a bit emotional yesterday. May be because of the hormone changes...Lots of work to do. At school, at home...sometimes I feel to run away from all these but hey this is my challenge. Must face it only I have to take a deep breath when something unexpected happened. Fuuuh!!!lucky I have Christopher, Zainul and Haq to help me at the library.They were my ex pupils.Christopher helped me a lot. He painted the wall. He didn't want to take his lunch although I forced him to. He just want to make sure he finished his work first. Who said teachers and pupils cannot be friends. I don't like the gap. Yes, pupils must respect us but treat them like our own families. Share their jokes and problems. May be share their secret...Yesterday, someone tapped me on the shoulder at Giant. Only one person dared to do that. Yaah, Wang Siow Sing. While waiting for his STPM result, he worked there with his friend. He told me that he will come back to SMKTI when he has become an engineer. Fuiyooo...Last week Mr Tan asked me about Chong Chan Tung. I told him that I had no idea. Then he started pop pep pop pep, yalah he has a colourful life in KL......really enjoys himself there...No comment! Actually I do not keep his phone number. Someone told me something........bla!bla!bla! It's ok lah. As long as he can take a good care of himself. I will be very busy with my work, just stay cool ok!!!!

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