Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marriage knot

Marriage knot. People nowadays think that this knot is not valuable anymore. If you don't like your couple or if there's no more understanding between both of you, divorce is the answer. So easy right. They never think of their children. But if you are not safe with your couple. He likes to beat you and your children, divorce is the best solution to escape from that beast. Sometimes I did have an argument with my husband but when I looked at my son, I just dropped my ego and would approach him first( pegi minta maaf le). I didn't want to think whose fault but just be humbled to my husband. Tak salah kan. Because after that, he also would apologise to me. Only, he didn't want to make the first move. Man's ego. My husband has his weakness and I am also not a perfect human being. Just be tolerate. He thought he couldn't be a good husband and a good father but I think I am the most lucky woman because I have the best husband by my side.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hi...the library computer is ok now. Ain helped me to fix it during the holidays (menyesal aku panggil dia mangkuk). My 3B class, not bad. Only 9 pupils failed (out of 35). The 5 stubborn Malay boys, 2 Indian boys (they were so weak, I couldn't help them)and 2 Chinese (pity Law Kai Yang. I really, really hope he could pass but he had problem on essay writing). The rest, no problem. Poon Khai Wei got C. Hai, he should listen to me. He didn't want to answer Section C (The phantom la). If not he could get B. The Malay boys couldn't accept me to teach them English (I did help them by translating the words but they just didn't want to learn). They prefer if I spoke B. Melayu with them. Next year I will teach 3B and 3C. Matila....No more Remove class. That Ah Tan will teach 3A and 3D. Ok no more story about school. Now, about my problem. Not everybody knows about this but I think it's ok to share with you. So far, three teachers had become my victims. First, Kak Jah. I went to see her at "bengkel KHB". After that I went to the canteen. I put my black handbag on the table and then I put another black handbag on it. Can you imagine..I carried two handbags from that bengkel to the canteen. Lucky nobody saw it. So, I returned the handbag to kak jah. She just laughed when I apologised. Second, Yati. I went to Bilik BBM with her. After explaining to her then I left. She came to the library and told me that she had lost her handbag. I told her that I didn't know and asked her to find it again in her room. Then, she came back and said that she still couldn't find her bag. All of a sudden, that lady screamed, "Hah, ni handbag saya." I was shocked. It means before I left her BBM room, I took her handbag and carried it to the library. I didn't realise it. The last victim(hopefully), Chiang. This is the worst. After checking the PMR result, I went home. I was so happy that I called Chitra to inform her the good news. Then I noticed that my jeans pocket was fulled of something. So, I took it out. It was a Nissan car key. I called school and asked kak sham who had lost a car key. I was so embarrassed that I went back to school to return it to Chiang. She's not angry. She just laughed. Luckily, she knew about my story with the handbag. She didn't expect me to take her key because we just chat only for a while in Bilik Gerakan. Haii...why did she put her key on the table. She's worried of losing her key because it is her new car key(Grand Livina). Instead of scolding me, she thanked me for returning it. Poor Chiang. She went home at 2.00 pm. Her daughter had to eat maggie while waiting for her mom to bring food home. I felt terrible. My husband asked me to be careful next time. He was angry at first but then he's ok. The problem is I didn't realise when did I take the things. I am not absent minded. I have a very good memory. May be, I have problem with one part of my brain. Nasib! Nasib!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Haiiii...so bored to think of my beloved school. Don't know. The enthusiastic is not there anymore. Lost my passion of working. No idea to do my PSS short term and long term planning. No more creative ideas. Puan Soon will get mad if she finds out about this. I really become like an old teacher waiting to retire. I still have two weeks to think of it. Need to wake up my brain. What should I do next year? Next week I will go to school to check the computer. Last time, I couldn't check it because it was raining. Bought the computer in 2008 but it always gives me problem. Changed the motherboard this year, still not that ok. Suddenly I would lose the things that I typed and pictures like graphics would come out. Had to shut it down and the next day the computer would be ok. Komputer mabuk!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A conversation with my son last Monday:

Ahmad: Mama, Ahmad tak pegi China boleh?
Mama: Why?
Ahmad: Sejuk sangat la, Mama. Ahmad batuk.
Mama: Habis. Mama nak pergi China......
Ahmad: Tak pe lah. Kita pegi China.

Haiiii...have to postpone my trip (so sad), all because of my son. I must listen to him. I cannot lie to him about the weather. He had heard my conversation with the sales girl at Travel Store, Jaya Jusco. Tak apelah. We can go there but only in August. The problem is next year we will celebrate Hari Raya in that month. Haiii...just wait for the right time to go there. So, my target for our vacation next year is INDONESIA. Indon pun Indon le...There's only one Muslim Travel agency at Tampin and the sad thing is we cannot depend on their service. I did go to that place but the door was locked. Both travel agencies that I had contacted are in Malacca. One travel agency has a website but it's not complete. No promotion about their packages. So, when I wanted to know what trip they will have other than China, I couldn't get the information. I didn't want to call them because they had told me that they would contact me this January to reconfirm about my booking. So, I tried to find another travel agency but that one has no website. Just leave the phone number for us to contact. I called this agency and the staff said that she would contact me later to tell me about the date for Indonesia trip. She didn't specify the place (was it Bandung, Padang, Bukit Tinggi or whatever) and not even the cost. So, what we have to do is...we will go to see that agent to get more information about it. Really burden the customers. Haii...if I have my own travel agency.....this kind of people, they don't know how to do business. MANGKUK!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forgive me, Ahmad

Hi! Busy with my life as a sifu(to my son), a gardener ( planted a few fruit trees and vegetables at our backyard) and a housewife. Ok lah. One good news. I have no more coughing. May be because of the gardening. No more coughing syrup or flu tablets. I am completely fine but I still have to be careful. I will bring my own drink anywhere I go. No more cold drinks. The temptation is there but when I think of the suffering, better to drink warm water or mineral water. Ahmad can read now but he still has another problem. He always takes off his shorts/pants before peeing and he will leave them outside the toilet. I have to teach him on how to pee with the shorts on. I had made a big mistake by pampering my son too much last time. Need to teach him to be independent. I had to be firm with him for certain things. I want to make sure he can survive if I am not around. He must know how to solve problems, he must know how to make decisions, easy to say "HE MUST KNOW HOW TO THINK". He cannot depend on people to decide his life. I explained to him the reason for every task I asked him to do. I never thought of this before. I forgot the age gap. I am 40 and my son is only 6. Another 20 years, I will be 60 and he will be 26. Pity him to have an old mother like me. I am so lucky my son wants to learn. It broke my heart to watch him working so hard to read the difficult words many times. He will have his reading twice everyday, morning (after gardening) and night. May be next week, I will start teaching him Maths. He also enjoys gardening but last time he pulled out my husband's dukong plant. He thought it was a wild plant. You should see my husband's face. Kah! Kah! Kah!