Saturday, December 18, 2010 bored to think of my beloved school. Don't know. The enthusiastic is not there anymore. Lost my passion of working. No idea to do my PSS short term and long term planning. No more creative ideas. Puan Soon will get mad if she finds out about this. I really become like an old teacher waiting to retire. I still have two weeks to think of it. Need to wake up my brain. What should I do next year? Next week I will go to school to check the computer. Last time, I couldn't check it because it was raining. Bought the computer in 2008 but it always gives me problem. Changed the motherboard this year, still not that ok. Suddenly I would lose the things that I typed and pictures like graphics would come out. Had to shut it down and the next day the computer would be ok. Komputer mabuk!

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