Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seize the day

I love my life as a one-month-housewife. I don't have to go to work but I still get my salary. That's good about being a teacher. Relax, at the end of the month, just go to the bank to withdraw your money. Jangan mare. Stay at home. Watching tv, playing with my son, teaching him, fighting with him and the best part do the cooking. Pehhh. Ok lah. Don't worry, you won't get food poisoning. I went to Tampin pasar tani today for the second time this year. I was always not here during the school break (sokmo kelek Kelate, ambo ni oge Nik Aziz). I like Kelantan. The food is cheap and very yummee. The people, ok. They like to call me oge luar and my husband's grandma calls me Mek. I do not mind ( but sometimes I did feel like I was an alien). When I was doing my shopping, my husband became my spokesperson. If they knew that I was oge luar, they would charge me higher. My husband also begged me not to kecek kelate, he said that I sound like oge Siam. Oh whatever! I don't think for this break we can go back to Kelantan. My husband has to invigilate SPM exam and my appointment......I don't know whether I have made a right decision. I still want to try it. I know the risk. I really pray to God. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen to me. My husband told me that his friend's wife is paralysed because of this treatment. It's scary. When I start my treatment, I don't think I will use this blog. I don't feel to share my happiness, my pain, my worry or anything with someone. I just want to keep it to myself.

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