Saturday, December 12, 2009

Relax, take a deep breath

Had an appointment with my doctor today. He wanted to give me two jabs but I was not ready. There are many things I have to do this month. Must spend RM1600 on new books or whatever next week (no problem but the school should inform me earlier), the cpu is still with the agent(do they need a long time to change the motherboard?), buy things for the new house aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...................stay cool ok. He gave me a letter already to pass it to Pn. Soon.
I need to discuss a few things with her. Take a long leave will give problem to the librarians. So far I can depend on Christopher, the Chew brothers, Uges and Hizryl ( Dr Hamdan's son. He is good at computer and pa system, only that he talks a lot and very frank). They have to be independent. They cannot depend on the teachers. I told Chew already that if he has any problems just see Pn. Soon or if he still cannot solve it then he can come to my house (the last solution). Whatever it is, I want the Form 5 librarians to focus on their SPM, it is more important!

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