Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our examination

Examination........why do we have to sit for an exam? Just want to know whether we are among the excellent students or the weak ones. That's it! You just memorize the answer and of course you will pass. If you do not read, you will fail. During my study at university, I seldom attended my classes. My friend would sign for me ( I taught her my signature). Attendance was very important. Only during exam or test I would attend. Then all my friends would look at me and said"Engkau sama kelas dgn.aku ye. Tak pernah nampak pun." I managed to pass all papers except one, Financial Management 1. As usual I did not attend his classes, I thought I could pass but this lecturer was different. He made sure the students used his way to show the working. I got the correct answer but my working was different. So, he knew I did not attend his classes, apa lagi fail lah. It's ok. But what I want to emphasize here is some of the students are not like me. They are not good at memorizing. They do read but they cannot remember. I think they are special because they have different talents. These students are good at technical. I am not good at it. Somebody must show me how to do it first (at least twice) and then I have to practise it. It's so difficult for me. So, I think our examination system at school is not fair to this kind of students. It's really a waste if we just ignore them. Students like me just know the theory but students like them know how to apply it!!! Who's the best?

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