Monday, December 28, 2009

My Guardian Angel

I knew my husband when we studied together at UIAM, Gombak (Diploma of Education). Unlike other male students, he never disturbed me. He just looked at me doing nothing. I was just broke off with my boy friend ( we had been friends since 1984 until 1993, but we never went out together only sending letters, phones or he would visit me at UIAM, PJ. He studied at UKM, taking his ICT course while I studied at UIAM taking Business Administration). I wanted to be like Rabiatul Adawiyah, stayed single but my Mom kept asking me to find someone who could take care of me. I don't like guys who like to disturb girls. Easy to say, gatal lah. So, my husband was the best candidate. I asked my friend to tell him that there's someone admired him (asked him to guess who). My husband didn't guess, he just asked whether his admirer was from Kelantan or Trengganu. My friend said none. She told me his answer. Ok, I didn't mind (had to find another candidate). The next day, early morning, my husband went to see my friend. He said that he wanted to guess. Straightaway, he mentioned my name. My friend just smiled. Aiyoo that guy aa, he didn't mind that I was from Negeri Sembilan as long as he got me. Kah! Kah! Kah! I did ask my husband later why he never tried to tackle me. His answer really made me shocked. When he looked at me, he was so sure that I had a boy friend already so he did not want to waste his time. Haiii, I thought he didn't like to tackle girls. Tak pe lah, dah jadi suami. A few years later, on the way to Mecca, I fell asleep. I dreamed someone kissing me on the cheek (not my husband, I don't know who). I kept thinking of that mysterious man until last year, I performed Sembahyang Istikharah. After praying, I tried to sleep. I nearly had a dream but suddenly my husband's foot hit my foot. I was awake and my son started calling papa, papa, papa in a very sad voice. I thought I would get the sign by dreaming. Tak jadi mimpi nampaknya. Then, this year, one week before I went back to Kelantan, I went to a salon. While waiting for my turn, I took a magazine. I read one article about Bahasa Alam. It was like this. Although you have performed solat Istikharah, your mind is on the person that you like most. Of course, you will dream of him and you will blame God when it does not turn out well. But, it is not by dreaming only. You have to open your heart and your mind, then listen. For example, you want to open a business. So, you will perform this solat. After praying, suddenly you feel that you want to turn on a radio. At that time the DJ is interviewing a successful businessman. This is the sign. It means positive. Like my case, the sign was when my son crying for my husband. Haiii, I was so stupid trying to find a soulmate( that mysterious man) but my soulmate is actually my dearest husband. For the first time, I told my husband, " Saya cintakan awak". He kissed my cheek and hugged me. Soooo romantic.

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