Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baca aje lah

I went back to Kelantan last week, well guess what? My mother-in-law gave me a present for our new house ( 74 pieces Pie Rat dinner set and 3 casserole sets, ye lah menantu kesayangan jgn. mare). I was so happy. I did not have to spend money to buy those things. I felt like kissing her but that's too much so I just thanked her with a very wide smile. My husband and I did buy a few things but for the first time I did not buy tudung or silk material. It was a big sacrifice. There are two persons that I miss and worry, Chik (my husband's grandma) and Asri (His uncle's son). They are close to my heart. I told Chik that she has to get out of her stuffy room sometimes (they closed all her windows). She needs fresh air but the problem is who wants to take her out. She couldn't walk anymore. Even my husband didn't feel anything. I know she's old but she has feeling. Kissing her two hands and her forehead, I just prayed to God for her health. Asri, a six year old boy was supposed to be mine (his father wanted me to take his son when Asri was born). He has problem with his birth certificate. It's a long story but I don't like the way his step mother treated that boy. He is naughty but caining is not the solution. When I was there, he came to play with Ahmad. When I asked him to do something, he did it and when I asked Ahmad to do something, he did it for Ahmad. I asked him to call me Mama although he should call me Kak Nor. His father told my husband that he's going to send Asri to a private school next year. Can you imagine a seven year old boy lives in a hostel? His father is very rich but that son has no affection from a mother. Ok no more sad story. Today I went to school to see my 3A's result. Not bad. 3 students got A, 16 students got B, 11 students got C and 3 students got D. Boleh la, I know their level. Only this year I taught them English. Their Form 2 result was so terrible. Only a few got C, many got D and half of the class failed. I am proud of them. Well done!

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