Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A real gentleman

Malay guys! Mat Rempit, Peragut, Mat Fit(drug addict), Money boy, all the bad remarks are for them. I am Malay (not completely Malay) but I don't know why they choose this kind of life. It is so hard to find good Malay guys out there. When I was 21 years old (if I am not mistaken) I met a very honest Malay guy. The story begins like this. I was having my semester break so I just stayed at home. My mother was worried about my elder sister in Perak. Her husband had to attend a course and she was alone with her two children. My mother asked me to go there to accompany her. I had fever at that time but I didn't want to argue with her so I just agreed. The next day I went to Pudu to buy a ticket. So, I got the ticket but the bus departed around 4 pm. It means I reached Ipoh around 10 pm. Actually, my sister just moved out to another house. I just knew the address only so what should I do. Get a taxi! Yes. There were a few taxi drivers and I asked any of them to take me to my sister's house. I told them the address. While they were yelling, asking who could take me there, suddenly came a young guy. He told me that he knew the place. Ok, great! I asked him to find a phone booth for me because I needed to call my mother( haiiii at that time no mobile phone babe). He waited in the taxi while I was making the call. Then our journey started. He told me that he wanted to go to his friend's house. I was so shocked and I asked why. You can't believe his answer. "Sebenarnya saya tak tahu jalan ke rumah kakak awak." What! He had to lie because he wanted to save me from bad drivers. I didn't trust him. I kept holding the back door. "You try to do something bad, I will jump". My heart cried for help. As he could read my thought, he said, "Jangan takutla. Saya memang nak bawa awak ke sana". He told me that he was a politeknik student and this was his part time job. After hearing that, I felt a bit relieved. When he reached his friend's house, he asked me to wait in the taxi. After a few minutes he came and smiling he said that he knew the way. I did not smile back. I was scared. At last, we stopped in front of someone's house. He asked me to stay in the taxi. He honked first just to make sure it was my sister's house. My sister came out and I told him "ya, tu kakak saya". I was so damn happy that I forgot to thank him (he didn't ask me to pay double). He was really a good guy. If we have one million guys like him, we don't have to worry about our safety (especially girls/women). I hope that guy has a very good job and a very happy family. He deserves it.

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