Monday, November 29, 2010's a new me

I use back my old number. So far, that girl did not call or send me sms anymore, I think it's ok now. Not that I do not like her but it's too much. She's too obsessed. I think she hates me now but hopefully she'll be ok. Last night I watched Dalil Cinta. It's about a young wife who was very lazy to clean up the house and she did not know how to cook. The husband loved the wife so much that he could accept her as what she was. But tiap-tiap hari makan maggie mana boleh tahan beb....then the war began. I don't know but she reminded me of someone.....whoelse it's me but I was better than her, at least I knew how to make simple dishes. Pity my husband...he always bought me breakfast and we always ate outside when we were in Perak. I don't know, may be I was used to that way of life (since at boarding school until I finished my degree, everything was ready for me). I just ate. Someone would do my laundry, no need to wash my clothes (keluar duit aje). One more thing, I had a maid since I was small until I studied at university. Then, I learned from my friends in Perak a few recipes and I did change a bit. After that, I stayed with my parents. No great changes. Had a maid to do the work. Only when my husband bought this house, I fell in love with it. The house is new and beautiful that I don't want to see any rubbish on the floor. About the kitchen, it's such a waste if I did not use the big oven, the stove and anything. Haii...I have changed and I love it. It's a new me. Now, I am crazy about gardening. I am not good but I will learn...

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