Monday, November 22, 2010

Had to change my phone number. That girl called me and sent me sms day and night. It was still ok but when she forced me to wish her that, to wish her this I couldn't take it anymore. Only two teachers knew about my number, not even the school. May be next year I will use the old number back. Next, my dearest Chitra will transfer to malacca next year. I was so sad that I cried when I hugged her. She's like a big sister to me. She shared my laugh and my tears. I will miss her a lot. Lastly, the same thing happened again but this time another monkey. It happened on a day before hari raya haji. I stayed at my parents' house helping my mother cooking.He wanted to learn English (SPM candidate) and I was excited to teach him. Ya lah anak saudara katakan. I told him that I wanted to bathe first. Before taking my bath, I heard sound at the door. I jumped into the bathtub, pray to God he couldn't see me. After putting on my t-shirt in my room suddenly, I had bad feeling.I peeped at the key hole. Then, that boy pulled the curtain and his eye was looking at my eye through the key hole. I was so shocked that I asked him what he was doing. He just answered,"nak tanya mak su pasal kertas ni". I was so scared that I sat while praying. I didn't want him to see my legs. Until I heard my mother's voice why was he studying in the dark, I felt so relieved. I went to my mother's room telling her about him but as usual my mother asked me to keep quiet and don't tell my brother. She still wanted me to teach that boy. I did teach him but I didn't look at his face. I don't know. That night I told my husband and just like last time he kept quiet. The next day, while we were having dinner at my parents'house, my husband treated him nicely. Asked him to add more soup. It was hurt because I wanted to throw that soup bowl at the boy's face. I don' want my husband to punch him but at least showed that he was angry. I am very sure that boy thought I didn't tell anyone about it and I am very sure he will do it again. I just have to be very careful next time. Need to learn back my need la

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  1. 1 word : OMG !!!!
    u changed ur hp number?? awww... mean can`t contact d la??