Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today, my husband pulled my son's front tooth. He cried not because it was hurt but he loves that tooth. He forced my husband to put it back but then he changed his mind. Ok what, now he can eat his favourite fried chicken. The only problem is, he's scared that his friends will laugh at him tomorrow. Honey, they also have the same problem. Yesterday, I helped my father to lodge a report about his land tenant. Before that, his wife lodged a report that my father had hired someone to cut their banana trees because they haven't paid rent for 2 months. Are they crazy? I know my father so well. When someone stole his sandals at the mosque, he would just barefeet. He won't take someone's sandals to protect his feet. This tenant supposed to pay 3 months deposit to my father but he begged to pay 2 months. My father just agreed. A few years ago, we had a tenant who rented one of the houses. She had a log book. Sometimes she paid RM20.00, sometimes RM50.00 and sometimes nothing. Whenever she paid, she would ask my mother to sign.I told my mother that everybody will come here to rent her welfare houses. Another land tenant told my father that this guy had borrowed money from along. I'm afraid that they made up a story so that they can get easy money from my father. They are so terrible. I asked my father to cancel the 4 year agreement but they will ask money for that. I had checked the agreement.It gives profit to the tenant's side. My father should consult my brother (the judge)first before he agreed with it. But it's already happened. We will just wait.

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